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The Mirror Image
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Death By Gunshot by Angel Of Hope What I think will be on my friend's tombstone. [22 words]
Death By Constipation by Angel Of Hope What I think should be on Elvis Presley's tombstone. [10 words]
Death By A Girly Voice by Angel Of Hope What I think will be on Justin Bieber's tombstone. [39 words]
Code Red by Alberto Pupo An alert to all [91 words]
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The Mirror Image
a redux now corrected
[134 words]
Alberto Pupo
[December 2000]
[email protected]
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The Mirror Image
Alberto Pupo

 The Mirror's Image
Alberto Pupo


Do you like what you see?
All the pent up lust inside.
All that frustration deep in me.
The dirty thoughts and dreams I hide.

Can you see me chasing and lusting
A silent Satyr on the hunt fun.
Do you continue blindly trusting?
In the terribly perverse scum?

How many skirts to chase.
How many drinks to imbibe?
How many intimate parts to taste?
So difficult for me to decide.

How unfaithful can one be?
Have I lost all sense of hope.
To one day find morality.
A sudden glance a bold stroke.

Wrap it up in beautiful metaphor .
Nothing more than wild vice.
Do you like what you see? a whore?
No emotion cold as ice.

But it is the warm soft flesh I crave.
The beautifulefemale touch
Must I misbehave.
The libido can at times be too much.

Alas is ths all fantasy.
Or just a slice of my reality?


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December 2009

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