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Horizon Of The Black Sea
I hope you guys enjoy this piece. It is based on a deeply moving event that I witnessed with a person I do not know very well...

[325 words]
Mike Piotrowski
[February 2012]
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Horizon Of The Black Sea
Mike Piotrowski

I listened to this young man once,
Very handsome and well dressed,
One would think he never had a care in the world,

Sitting there he smoked a cigarette passionately,
Inhaling deep into his lungs,
He let the smoke slowly flow through his nostrils and lips, the vapors creeping up the contours of his face,

The sun was bright and shining,
Through the window it created shadows and rays of light that intermingled with the smoke filled room,
His eyes glazed with redness,

Watching him as he sat silent, lost in contemplation,
Melancholic expressions filled his youthful complexion,

Barely audible words came out of his mouth, as if from some long forgotten abyss,
He began to explain, starring blankly,

" I stepped slowly into the numbing coldness of the black water, reflected with hues of grey from the sky above. I advanced forward inching me way deeper into the freezing depths of the dark liquid, patiently swallowing me whole. I could no longer feel the soft ground underneath me, adrift I silently waited. I starred up to the grey clouds above, the black water below and just simply thought. I never felt so lost in my life, so confused. I gazed out at the shore then I looked at the never ending horizon of the black sea. Two paths crossed me that day, I chose... ",

His deep stare deeply fixated on the window,
He sat in his chair expressionless,
A single tear streamed down his cheek,

Now visibly shaking he picked up another cigarette,
Reaching for a drink at the same time,

So young was this person I thought,
Full of youth, potential and possibility,
Though he carries an unknown burden to everyone except himself,
While he might smile to others, and even kiss his lover on the lips,
He will always be alone,
Struggling to stay afloat,

Contemplating on which path to take...

The shore or the never ending horizon of the black sea,


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