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The Killing Heart
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The Killing Heart
I'm not exactly sure what it's about. Just started writing. You decide. Fiction.
[106 words]
Christy Mack
[September 2002]
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The Killing Heart
Christy Mack

A place to die...

Is my heart.

Over and over,
A million times more,
I've died.
And then I am forced to be re-born again,
Only to suffer and be murdered.

Be murdered by my own innocent little heart,
That can't let go of this person.
Why can't it let go,
The more it holds on,
The more I bleed.

Bleeding, bleeding,
Crying myself to sleep and I wish I could say,
That my heart is empty.

It's not,
It's full of darkness and pain,
Killing me, I can't stand it.

If only I could say my heart was empty,
If only I could say it would stop beating.
Stop beating me,
Won't stop beating me,
Please stop beating me.
So I can die and stay dead.



"SWEET JOB!!! dont change it it is awsome!" -- Christina McClay.
"I can feel your pain-I've also been there-good job!" -- Kim Baccellia, Foothill Ranch, Ca.
"Well done, you can't "beat" that!" -- EC Allen.
"I agree with the rest, well done " -- Janae Anthony.
"Great job! This brought tears to my eyes. I am seeing my own thoughts and feelings in print. thanks! " -- JM, Michigan.
"Wow, I've been there, I couldn't have said it better." -- patricia, new york.
"Poignant, powerful, palpable." -- Jon Sims, Arlington, VA.
"Excellent work. I think you'd enjoy reading a few of mine that are along similar lines." -- R. Bennett Okerstrom.
"Impressive, clear and concise...great work! Really touched home..." -- Karen.
"You captured the feeling well! I've been there. Sucks, huh?" -- Tessa.


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