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Psalms Of A Hypocrite
No time to pray.
[521 words]
Janae D Anthony
[January 2001]
[email protected]
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Psalms Of A Hypocrite
Janae D Anthony

            Psalm of a Hypocrite

I will thank Him on a Monday, when I wake to start my day
But after that I did not think, of the grace He brought my way
I traveled down a widen road, not caring if He's there
Radio blaring in my ears, as if I even care

The day is over, I did not say, Lord thank you for this sleep
The night goes on, I'll wake tomorrow, for Tuesday I'll soon meet
Yet once again to travel down, that same old widen road
I did not thank Him for this day, nor thank Him for my soul
Wednesday came, I dragged myself, yet thru another day
I traveled down this road of life, being selfish all the way
I did my daily job in haste, saying, I wish this day end
I can't wait till Friday come, to hang out with my friends

When I woke up, I looked and saw, Wow, Thursday sure came fast
Another day, struggle hard to work, how long will this day last
Just one more day, cave in to man; be a slave to my desires
Not taking time to thank the Lord, cause the devil made me a liar

Friday, Friday, what took you so long, my weekend is about to began
The day is over, the night is set, I'll go sit, and be around friends
Drinking, Thinking, Partying, and Cards, not worrying about tomorrow
That is the day, that I'll sleep in, and grieve not of my sorrows

Saturday came and I'm hung over, to much partying last night
Looking for that Tylenol, to end this wicked flight
The pain, the pain, Lord Jesus help me, I'll never do it again
I call on you, my Lord, my Savior to make this severe pain end

Saturday over, and then I think, the Lord deserves his day
I will not drink on Sunday, for this is my time to pray
But here I am, cup in my hand, turning up that one last drink
Preparing for, tomorrow comes, no sooner then you think

As I sit and think, the Lord my God said; He will not forsake me
It was not He, yet I who chose, to live life and just be
I decided not to take time to pray, in my daily cares and woes
But I took a Monday to thank God from freeing me of my load

But why I say, just that one day, when God has gave me seven
Seven days, I took one to pray, but one won't get me to heaven
So here I am, in my present state, trying hard to make that change
Thinking it's hard to praise the Lord, while life is filled with pain

But Jesus stands at the door and knock, He's waiting for me to hear
He's waiting for me to open up, while He is lingering near
If I continue to sit and play with my life, Jesus will pass me by
I'll only have myself to blame, and that one big question, WHY?

Is it that hard to put Jesus first, before I start my day
It's simple words like Thank You Lord, to make things go my way
I only seem to praise the Lord, when I feel myself getting sick
But I should praise Him everyday, and stop being a hypocrite



"WOW! Being religious, this really touched me. I bet this'll have an effect on other people as well. Nice job, but you should check your spelling/grammar a little. :):)" -- Christy Mack.
"thanks christy, I have re-reviewed and you were right. I have made the changes, and thanks for the nice review" -- Author.
"Bless you this is a beaitful poem." -- Jon.
"Hello, my name is Toni and I am the head publisher of a small new publishing house called Serendipity Press, we're looking for talented poets to publish in the first edition of our new magazine ; Musings. I wanted to know if you would be interested in letting us use one or two of your personal favorites. This is no joke, there is no pay, but you also don't have to pay a reading fee, and you get a free copy when its printed in December. So get back to us when you make your decision and I look forward to printing your work! :-) Sincerely" -- Toni J L:ynch, USA.
"Thanks Ms Lynch, for finding my work so accepting for your publishing company, feel free to use anyone that you like, and if you want more, I will gladly e-mail them to you..once again thank you" -- author, USA.


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