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November Vibe
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November Vibe
[360 words]
Rob Parrish
18 yr old student at Illinois State.
I am really into Henry Rollins.
[November 2000]
[email protected]
All You (Poetry) - [249 words] [Mind]
November Vibe
Rob Parrish

    3 a.m.
the clock bleeds
my mind pulsates
I am so alone tonight
but the room is so crowded
the realization that I have to wake up in 6 hours
My eyes keep flashing towards the clock
slow..red numbers
my eyes start to scope the room
stereo playing,
always radiohead
the fan blows cold reassurance
my mind steals a frame
momentary glitch
baby on the floor crying
3:12 a.m.
It's a dark slither outside
my body is nestled in the covers tonight
warm cotton, intoxicating sheets
let me deprivate,
let me wonder
about me
about you
about it all
digital morning splendor,
crashing sunrise,
birth of orange..
black heat fumes,
night exhaust
walk hand in hand with the sidewalk blues
mind playing a slow saxophone
my eyes scream silently from my second story window
I see it all from here
My vision escapes me
I wrap myself in the four walls tonight
embodied by plaster
tonight, i lose myself in the white
talk to me ceiling
what am I feeling
what am I doing here...
early morning crucifixiation,
slit-eyed beast,
friday morning yawn
I roll on my side and try to spot my breathes
not cold enough
not comfartable enough
my bed talks sleep
my eyes become heavy
It feels like someone is grazing a dry brush over them
Tonight, I want to crack it open
I want to find the treasure inside the black box
lurking for madness
swaying for insanity
bury myself under the covers
and tense up
under warmth
under pressure
I haven't said a single word in more than two hours
two hours of myself,
two hours away
away from what...
I miss her
I haven't seen much of her in the past two days
staring down at her eyes
kissing her forehead
whatever happened to the nights where my chest was her pillow
Her absence hollows me
the tease of loneliness
the air lingers of depression in here
I stare at the wall next to me and see some old photographs.
polaroids of her,
laying in my bed.
This black and white says so much
I wish her lips would come alive on mine
I miss her taste
Just one more kiss
on more and I would sleep easy tonight
3:29 a.m.
She's too many sidewalk steps away
she's lost in the dream
sleeping silently
thinking of her makes me cold and lonely
I can't get the last kiss I gave her out of my head
My room dances with memories of her laying here
next to me
Imaginary shadows of her walking through the door,
us holding each other,
close, so close
but so far away
Tonight, I sit here alone



"Pretty cool... nice word usage... I noticed the word 'comfartable'.... ^_^ nice work man, do it again i'll check it out" -- Kimberly De Liz.


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© 2000 Rob Parrish
November 2000

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