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Infinity Of Evil And Others
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Infinity Of Evil And Others
More dark poetry.
[741 words]
Steven K Mitchell
Adirondack Mountains born and raised...44 yrs. old... avid athlete... created five interlocking, symbiotic criteria which eliminate the need for the CONCEPTS of nouns, verbs, etc., by maintaing clarity and freeing writers from sequencing constraints inherent in traditional grammar.
[September 2000]
[email protected]
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Infinity Of Evil And Others
Steven K Mitchell


swimming sudden death

benign behemoths dissapearing

wide wings descending


Where myriad sea-creatures coldly fight
in a savage world FOREVER night

And where HE strangely sits, unheeding
with eternal heart still bleeding

HIS troubled mind is dreaming
pondering, planning, SCREAMING

For evil days, soon to come
when blood and tears will run

and the mortals dwelling above
who stain the ground as scum

will satiate the growing anger
in HIM who hates FOREVER

Other times HE can remember
When with Gabriel HE was a member

of the shining, winged brigade
Serving GOD, who all things made

Knowing GOD MUST be obeyed
Yet, HE was not afraid

So magnificent was his being
drunk with power, he was reeling

from his deepest soul revealing
foul dreams of glory stealing

GOD read HIM as an open book
and all dimensions infinite shook

For the wrath of GOD is terrible to behold
Righteous vengeance the bringer of pain and woe

GOD'S hand entered HIS immortal soul
then twisted proud spirit from angel to mole

creating a mockery of the BETRAYER'S goal
by leaving HIM king of a forsaken hole

To rule an infinity of perverted dreams
forever in filth and disease

Placed far from the gleaming gates
in an endless trap, with no escape

Worlds of thinking creatures in HIS reach
who willingly into unholy flames leap

For ALL in this life-cycle are flawed
Dregs in the handwork of GOD

HE is now their master
and HE contemplates disaster

for the beings of one small, sodden planet
named Earth by those who span it

Insignifigant animals with vicous hearts
evil and confusion the sum of their parts

Vainly thinking they possess real power
Crudely destroying beasts and flowers

All good in this realm eventually sours
Moments of peace can be measured in hours

Yet, NOW comes the time of true insanity
when HE mercilessly destroys humanity

Pronouncing a death sentence
forever repeated as human's achieve sentience...

HE rises now
from the bottom of the sea

anticipating destruction
with perverse glee

For what is to be
ALWAYS will be

and from this reality
HE will NEVER be free

So begins the task at hand
The murder of each women, child and man

Mercy plays no part in the scheme
for SATAN is the stuff of nightmares

not dreams...


Under the Timeless Moon

In a locked bedroom
twin hearts
pump crimson life

Negating death

Blood races in fragile flesh
tender, lonely spirits enmesh
in soothing, perfect union

Holy, heated lust

Murmurs caress the infinite
finally climaxing in a soft crescendo
of sweet, satiation sounds

Mad, musical magic

Sperm is warm
thick and smeared
like blood

Like Blood

The past is seeping
and my tortured soul is weeping

The past has proven
The Beast to be real

He lives
in fantasy and flesh

His sirens will sing
of haunting, black things



In the tall grass of evening
a demoness sings

to mad, deep-night poets
of the nature of kings

Her sibilant voice bears poison
like the scorpion's sting

inspiring dark visions
and the knowledge they bring

Death flys by softly
on featherless wings

Faintly a bell
in the church steeple rings

As it sounds
a sweet sadness

in my mind becomes madness

Feels Like

Love, feels like peace, soft light, joy, fragile bliss, kiss
slipping away, through your fingers, lost
love, feels like love, feels like...

Fear, feels like sweating, retching
trapped, no escape, dying, rotting
fear, feels like fear, feels like...

Hate, feels like mash, destroy, maim, kill
steaming blood, writhing maggots
hate, feels like hate, feels like...



Sheep follow
mindlessly, and without responsibility

For thought is a burden which crushes free will
under fallen pillars of possibility

When reality lies buried
sheep stand confused

So shepherds erect new pillars
to control actuality

by sheltering the sheep
under a stone sky of dead-gray

Stealing sheep dreams, sealing sheep fates

Still they follow, mindlessly
while shepherds follow The Beast, thinking he KNOWS

He knows nothing!

Follow, follow


Amidst worlds
without end

over eons
of human tragedy

a cold orb has witnessed�

scarlet juices
offered endlessly

in trackless jungles
and timeless deserts

by ghastly worshippers
their flint knives

dully arcing into
human breasts

Over eons
of human tragedy

amidst worlds
without end

the mystical moon bore mute witness�

as flesh melted
seared from the bones

of oriental children
women and men

as lives were

in the mad
magical mushroom

so carelessly unleashed
by heartless neophytes

Amidst worlds
without end

over eons
of human tragedy

the forever spinning sphere
now expectantly

watches me�



"They're all pretty damned interesting, actually. ^_^ The first kinda starts out with a scary haiku vibe, then all of a sudden it's a Donovan B'Jore/Edger Allen mix... interesting.... nice work man" -- Kim D.
"Thank you Kim, your kind words are much appreciated. My new sci-fi/horror novel "The Return of Poe" is available now at http://www.eBooks2Go.com and there is lots of free fiction and poetry, as well as two writing contests at my message board http://pub31.ezboard.com/bmoonvisions Steve Mitchell" -- Steven K Mitchell.


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October 2000

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