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The Din by R Bennett Okerstrom 42 strong words. [42 words]
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Downtown: Coney Island Footlong
Don't Fall On My Living Roots by Omar Longoria I drank to much last night... my head. and then you call me. [109 words]
And Then You Wouldn't Want It Any Other Way by Omar Longoria close your eyes. see the snake. one red eye and one green eye. 7 mi... [69 words]
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He Knocked The Budgie Over by Joe Gallivan A humorous poem inspired by an assignment at a Creative Writing class [238 words]
Dreams by Melloson Allen - [124 words]
Downtown: One Eye by R Bennett Okerstrom Part two of a series referring to Downtown Detroit's homeless population. [223 words]
Downtown: Mr. O.D.C. Preacher by R Bennett Okerstrom Part three of a series referring to Downtown Detroit's homeless population. [261 words]
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Us by R Bennett Okerstrom - [182 words]
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The Rhyme Of Eternal Triangles by Richard Koss A poem that describes in a silly, funny way, the futility of wanting someone wh... [223 words]
The Greatest Of All by Mason Cole A work of triumph about a personal hero of mine. [381 words]
The Form Of Poetry by Mason Cole Peotry is an undefinable thing in technical terms. This piece is meant to help describe jus... [318 words]
The Eyes Of God by Janae D Anthony The omniscience of God. [190 words]

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Downtown: Coney Island Footlong
Part four of a series referring to Downtown Detroit's homeless population.
[635 words]
R Bennett Okerstrom
A collection of my work from circa 1995 to the present. Some dark and deep, others bright and cheerful.
[December 2014]
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Downtown: Coney Island Footlong
R Bennett Okerstrom

    Dining Downtown is forever a challenge. How much do you want to spend? How much time can you spare? What kind of scenery do you prefer?
Sometimes it is necessary to forgo the comfort of the likes of the Summit, perched high above the city as it slowy revolves atop the Renaissance Center; rubbing elbows with General Motors executives who are bypassing work to have a "businessman's luncheon."
Sometimes one has a craving for a genuine coney dog courtesy of one of Detroit's finest establishments.
Strategically placed where LaFayette and Michigan come to a sharp point at the heart of the city, American Coney Island serves hundreds a day.
Rarely a vacant table exists, often you share a large table with other patrons. With Michigan Avenue to the North and LaFayette Street to the South, windows surround you to all sides but the West, where the dogs are cooking by the hundreds on the enormous grill.
It is a grueling summer afternoon when we enter the restaurant. Jerry catches us on our way in and directs us to two of the few open seats left. Before we can even sit down, Jerry puts in our order, yelling in broken English, "Three on one, no mustard, light onion! Two on one, no onion, two fry!"
Ok, so we're regulars. No Summit for us.
Our lunch arrives within three minutes of crossing the threshold. Various customers wonder how we are served without even ordering, but nobody complains because their meal, has too, arrived in a flash.
People watching. That's what you do when you eat Downtown.
As I lift my chili dog to my lips, I notice a figure out of the corner of my right eye. The man stumbles into the building. He asks where the restroom is.
Quickly, as if previously ordered to do so, the entire waitstaff approaches the man and tell him to leave. "Bathroom is for the paying customer. You pay or you leave!"
The man, clad in a long overcoat and beat up shoes, argues to no avail. Who wears an overcoat on a hot summer day? The homeless. If you leave your coat, you lose it.
The tall, black man exits through the door which we had entered only a few minutes before, spewing obscenities all the way out. Several customers complain because they have young children with them. What can a business owner do when the vagrants come knocking?
Typically, the proprietor of American Coney Island will feed the less fortunate. But not this individual. This particular man has caused trouble before.
While drunkenly weaving down the sidewalk towards the vertex at the edge of the building, this disgraceful Neanderthal unzips his trousers and exposes an appendage like nothing anyone has ever seen before.
The man smiles as his 12 to 13 inch hose begins to spray his waste all over the plate glass windows that line the LaFayette side of the building.
Customers scream in horror. Children begin to cry. My partner and I contemplate intervention, but opt to remain within the safe confines of the restaurant.
The waitstaff is unaware of the source of the clamour. Management asks us what is wrong. We point to the man, his penis in both hands as he arcs a long, stream of excess alcohol and water across the sidewalk and onto the glass. As usual, there are no police when you need them. But what would they do anyway?
After the owner yells in both English and what appears to be Greek, the man moves further down the sidewalk, the golden shower continues to flow. Gasps of complete terror echo throughout the room. Now at the apex, the man stops. He puts his giant piss pump away and walks across Michigan Avenue as if nothing had even happened.
I finish my coney and laugh. Such is dining downtown.




"Review: Mr. Bennet, recently had the pleasure of reading your less-than-glowing reviews of my work. Gotta say, as a critic you're unconvincing. Although, after perusing your so-called "poetry", I'm less than surprised. Just to let you know, the two stories you cynically "ripped into" have previously been published and praised by people who are employed in writing as more than just an online deadbeat poet. I urge you to think more before you spread unneccessary cynicism. obviously you didn't like the work, that does not mean, however, you are in any position to judge it. And after looking at your novel, I would stick to flying planes. At least in that occupation you haven't crashed and burned like the piece you've submitted here. Good Day. " -- Dan R, Rockville, Md.
"Dan, You have confused me with this last reviewer named "Bennett." Sorry that you did not like my work, but it was not I who gave you that last review. Although I do not fly planes, I will make every attempt to not "crash and burn." Good luck finding the real "Bennett" who deserves to be thrashed by you. " -- R. Bennett.
"Dan R. is just jealous. Your work is written very clearly and allows the reader to develope a mental image that puts them at a table in that very restaurant and allows them to see the entire event, not only through your eyes, but through their own as well. Well done!" -- Tara.
"Very well written work. In fact, the entire Downtown series is well written. I enjoyed reading your work and look forward to the next portion of the series. " -- Ivan.
"What a transparent cock-sucker that Dan R. is. Hey, he's not our cousin it? I'm still looking for your novel! We got to go out for dinner. The pissing scene it reminds me of a time..." -- olef ransom saulles.
"I recall the infamous pissing on the bridge in NYC incident. It's unfortunate that those cars below weren't ready for a golden shower." -- R. Bennett.
"I wonder if Manhattan is ready for my return? " -- R. Bennett.
"I don't know about Manhattan, but I know that Detroit is ready for your return. You belong there." -- JM.
"Thanks JM, but I never left. I still live in the largest suburb of Detroit and I work in Detroit. The Manhattan references are personal. You wouldn't understand." -- R. Bennett.
"I enjoyed this piece alot, having never been to Downtown Detroit, it gave a real feel for what it must be like! Excellent work and a solid Ten,,,Looking forward to reading more from you as time permits." -- Monte, USA.
"Thanks Monte. Detroit is a lot nicer than it's reputation. You should visit the city sometime. You'll be surprised." -- R. Bennett.
"Thought I'd go back and review what I have read of your work ... I found this series to be visceral and immensely readable ... you are very talented, R. Bennett" -- Judith.
"This provokes a rather disturbing visual. Your other pieces in this series are much better. " -- Ms. Deelite.
"If this produced a rather disturbing visual then it did exactly what I intended it to do. The object of this piece is to put the reader there, in the restaurant, with me as I observed this happening. I'm glad it reached you in the way it was supposed to. " -- R. Bennett.
"Yo RB! I agree with Ms. Deelite. But if thats the way this piece was intended, then you've accomplished what you set out to do. Good work. By the way, thanks for the constructive critisism on Vampire Wedding. I always welcome it from you. Doc" -- david doc byron, vincennes, usa, ind.
"Thanks Doc. I would never post negative criticism. I like to try and help (even if some people with the initials T.L. don't like it!). Your work is always enlightening. " -- R. Bennett.


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