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The Owl & The Cat
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A Lost Love Is Hard To Find by R Duncan This is about a broken heart, trying to find it's lost love. [109 words]
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Poem For Poet's Sake by T J Rintoull A poem about the poet - striking out westward in search of something new. [99 words]
Pencil, Scissor, Or Razor by Angel Of Hope I wonder what emo kids feel... They just want love, right??? [130 words]
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In The Shadows Of Wisdom by Emuobosa Akpodono Most times, one has to look deeply inward to tell the true situation of things... [49 words]
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A 2nd Poem About Anthony Ainley by Randy Johnson DEDICATED TO ANTHONY AINLEY WHO DIED MAY 3, 2004. [88 words]

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The Owl & The Cat
This was written between two soulmates over the internet each writing a line in turn, we have never met personaly, but our souls are entwined in eternity. Rikki Duncan & Irene Bruce
[393 words]
R Duncan
[November 2012]
A Lost Love Is Hard To Find (Poetry) This is about a broken heart, trying to find it's lost love. [109 words]
A New Flower In The Garden (Poetry) A poem about my sister Helen who passed away this year.And how God had picked her for his garden as she is a special person. [87 words]
An Addict, Not Me (Poetry) I wrote this on the aftermath of the death of singer Amy Winehouse from a drug over dose on the 23rd July 2011 [272 words]
And Then I Cried Out ''Why'' (Poetry) This is about the addicts cry "WHY" when they realise the depths that they have sunk to through having an addiction [175 words]
Come Buy A Poppy (Poetry) A poem about an old soldier standing on a street corner with a collection can and a tray of poppy's and how people walk by and ignore him. [111 words]
Crying Without Tears (Poetry) Poem about suffering from a broken heart, and being alone and all dried out. [85 words]
Enough Enough Enough (Poetry) A Short poem about the need to stop the destruction of our planet. [86 words]
In His Brilliance (Poetry) A short poem about how we look at God but can't see him for his brilliance because we look with our eyes and not our souls [129 words]
In The Fields Of France (Poetry) A Poem inspired by a photo I saw, of a poppy next to barbed wire in a field.The poem is about The Poppy Fields of France, where many a young soldier laid down his life, for our freedom reminding us to... [176 words]
Lest We Forget (Poetry) This is a poem about remembrance day, and why we would should never forget the reason. [91 words]
Look In The Mirror (Poetry) A poem about addicts and how they see themselves when they look in the mirror at their reflection. [116 words]
Mother Hear Me. (Poetry) A short poem about saying your last goodbyes to your mother [80 words]
The Fallen (Poetry) This is for all our fallen soldiers [141 words]
The Pain Of Seeing You Leave, Is Less Than The Pain Of Watching You Suffer (Poetry) I wrote this after my sister Helen died, we had fallen out for 4 months over something trivial and hadn't talked or saw each other. and I spent the last seven days of her life, looking at her laying i... [162 words]
The Tears I Cry (Poetry) I was inspired to write this, when I saw a photo of an old soldier, who was wiping a tear away from his eyes. [81 words]
The Words Are Not Enough (Poetry) A short emotional poem about our fallen soldiers [52 words]
Their Memories Must Live On (Poetry) A poem about keeping the soldiers memories alive after they are dead. [164 words]
Why Did You Take That Knife To Town? (Poetry) A poem about the knife culture that we live/die with. [134 words]
The Owl & The Cat
R Duncan

          The Owl and the Cat

"Rather laughter tears of the river flow, than on the banks of misery and woe"
"The depths beneath the water cleanses, the surface bright the sun reflection".
"And when we're finaly in a flow, some bugger builds a dam"
''But laughingly we splash and punch the barrier away...."
"No buggers gonna build a dam, and spoil my life today"
Swept along by storms hands, disturbing the equilibrium of calm".
"The rivers flows onwards down, sometimes so still, sometimes no sound".
 ""In a peagreen boat the owl and the cat sip heavy on the rum "
'The cat say's to the owl, keep your eyes of my bum".
""But I'll let you come round the front and play with my drum.....".
"At this the owl pulled out his drum sticks, come over her cat i'll teach you some tricks".
"Tricks I don't need said the cat in a flurry, Real luvin for me.....please ....I'm furry...no hurry".
 "Ill take my time said the owl wi' a grin, the vodkas mine yours is the gin"
"Now bobbing freely about, taking each wave as they come"
"The rush to reach the sea hard fought, the perils overcome".
"So merrily tipsy on an island they landed, Let's hope the tide does not leave them stranded "
"The owl held the cat as they sat in the sand, watching a sunset oh so grand"
"The cat stretched, relaxed, was a wonderful view"
"The owl to said the cat i love you, the cat replied i love you too"
"They held each other, closed their eyes, drifted to a new paradise, where the streets are paved with gold"
"And they knew in their souls the truth be told, true love conquers all, no need to withhold".
"The owl and the cat began to croon, '' by the light of the silvery moon''"
"And trust, loyalty and honour are everyday songs, sung for the joy of hearin there tune...."
"Where truth and honesty abide, where anger, hurt cannot survive".
"Where pain has left no fear exists no loud shouts no angry fists"
"Where desire is fulfilled, longing assuaged, where every new day turns a new page"
"where sunsets are hourly star twinkle and sing, where belief gives power to do anything"
"Satisfied and relaxed they lay down to sleep, cuddled together, a warm cosy heap".
"In their sleep they did dream, and the dreams they entwined. so they both were as one sharing each others mind"

Rikki Duncan & Irene Bruce


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