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In The Heat Of The Moment
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In The Heat Of The Moment
[184 words]
[October 2010]
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In The Heat Of The Moment

In the heat of the moment

I did not mean what was said and done .
I know it will be hard to move on, or even forgive me, please say you forgive me.
I will wait for you all eternity if need be, if that's what it takes.
The meaning of love and life is so different now that I have even had the
pleasure of knowing you in my own life.
I feel truly honored and so humble.
Will you say the words I so long to hear?
I close my eyes it is so dark.
I feel a warm and strong hand on the side of my cheek, rubbing the tears out of my eyes ever so slightly so not to startle me.
I hear a voice the voice I have come to think so much of, say the very words I longed for whispering into the side of my right ear. Its okay don't worry.
I open my eyes you're here, really here!I said
He kissed my forehead and the tops of my eyelids and said of course I am, there is no where else I would rather be.


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