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It Will Come To You by Neil Southern It always does.. [162 words]
How Can Anyone Believe In God? by Neil Southern Why would a loving God allow such pain? [85 words]
Maw by Neil Southern A sad life, a sad end [136 words]
Paw by Neil Southern Life was simple then [210 words]
Just Imagine by Randall Barfield Dedicated to the One with the scarred hands. [59 words]
Father, What Hath Thy Done? by Chris Lockley This is a poem about someone who has a dark past, had his friends killed off, and i... [129 words]
Your Daughter by Cody Lee Talks about how a girl's parents don't approve of a guy who their daughter really loves, he's rea... [201 words]
You Gave In by Cody Lee About a relationship that is being torn apart by the pressures around it. [290 words]
Years Later by Audrey Kohout A scene once seen from a car window. [118 words]
When The Time Comes by Neil Southern Can the acceptance of death overcome pain and fear? [81 words]
What Would You Say? by Neil Southern Are we ever alone? [92 words]
This Is Love by Bk Kinsel Just sweet love, love. [97 words]
Third Nerve by Sinfonia - [56 words]
Things Have Changed by Neil Southern Getting older isnt easy [152 words]
They Live Within Me by Brian J Hankins Caution...may scare you!!!! Or get you to thinking [137 words]
The Universal Poet by Michael Potter Some words on taking your own poetry to seriously. [35 words]
The Politics Of Resurrection by Doc Byron - [91 words]
The Monday Morning by Dylan Barbour A poem about the morning [122 words]
The Hill by Neil Southern I have often thought of my life as a hill where the early years seemed to be a slow clinb up and more ... [170 words]
The Dead Finally Died by French - [37 words]
The Cantos Fascism Poor Nudity In Hinton W.V. by French French - [36 words]
That One Girl by Andrew Detar - [89 words]
Tale Of A Closet Poet by Kc Briggs - [91 words]
Song O' Times by Vaishali Shroff About some unchanged melodies that take us back in time to live the same moment all over again! [194 words]
Senses by Jaymie N Dillon - [6 words]
Security Matters by Alberto Pupo The words to ignite [100 words]
Remembering The Night by Michael Perry Poem [150 words]
Reasons For Happenings by Elise Simmonds Its a short poem i was doodling at home and someone said they liked it. Its really about... [99 words]
Poem 1968 by Michael Potter Short poem about dreaming of a lost love [71 words]
Parched Of Laughter by Kendall Wilt This is a celebration of selective humour [73 words]
Nothing Stopping Me by Cody Lee Tells about a guy who won't give up on his true love for a girl, no matter the cost. [269 words]
New Comedy Material- Feedback Greatly Appreciated by Gino Russo I wrote some new material for my stand up act. Plese let me k... [366 words]
My Writing Lately by Carla Thomson It sucks [145 words]
My Only Friend by Neil Southern My dad once told me to hang on to a true friend as there wouldnt be many. [156 words]
Melancholia Darkness by Alberto Pupo As the title implies [69 words]
La Epica by Alberto Pupo Whatever it is, it has become [168 words]
It's All As It Was by Neil Southern Do you ever question existence? [138 words]
It Takes Just One To Tango by Vaishali Shroff A source of inspiration to make a better world for everyone to live! [205 words]
It Still Hurts by Wayne Insane This is a poem I wrote when I was bored a few weeks ago - it's title is 'It Still Hurts' - now r... [14 words]
In An Instant by Neil Southern Reflections on the futility of relationships [111 words]
If The End Is The End by Neil Southern People hang on to the belief of Heaven & Hell. What if the end really is the end? [108 words]
I Just Cant Get U Off Ma Mind!!! by Omair (Mark) Ali Dedicated to ma x,, nooshin nassiri!!! [364 words]
I Hate It When... by Latoya Maracinno Short Little Poem [44 words]
Hidden Treasures by Seema M Salman This is a poem I have written about my personal experiences and my way of dealing with good ,b... [76 words]
For The Moment by Michael Perry Poem [86 words]
For Onece In A Lifetime, You Find What You Have. by Andrews - [229 words]
Faries On An Ordinary Day by Dg Williford What you think is real is just a whisp of a dream [147 words]
Drunk On Rain by Michael Potter Feeling ectascy brought on by rain. [48 words]
Desire by Seventh Star This is a poem that i wrote about someone and i know everyone can relate to in one way or another so che... [87 words]
Delusion by Aurora - [125 words]
Deceit by Neil Southern Are there things you can never discuss with anyone? [74 words]
Da Truth by Jonathan H Alston (Last Name) Young Prophet (Pseudonym) You know how the truth always comes back to you no matter what you do? Well, I wanted to write about ... [142 words]
Cuthbert Mot by Neil Southern Seems gibberish. Can you work it out? [131 words]
Cry When I Smile. by Trish Mallen - [249 words]
Beg by Alberto Pupo Plead [68 words]
Angry Housewife by Dg Williford Dg Williford Musings on the raising of a mass murderer [156 words]
An Offering For Hades by The Black Cloaked Poet - [265 words]
A Red May Rose For Thee by Randall Barfield - [45 words]
A Nothing Love by Bk Kinsel A poem that is about a relationship that is about to end. [150 words]
480 557-9436 by Sinfonia - [1,609 words]

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[128 words]
Aatika Noor
[May 2010]
Barish (Foreign) I think that some body is always weeping and this is the cause of rain! [16 words] [Adventure]
Bohat Takleef Deeta He (Foreign) Painful moments of life. [65 words]
Deer Kitni Lagti He! (Foreign) Nothing took time...... [74 words]
Fasl Mohabbat Ki Pak Chuki He! (Foreign) Its about how the sorrows and dissatifaction eradicate from life just becoz of one PERSON. [101 words]
Fursatoon Main Phir Milna (Foreign) Its a poetic peice related to pure emotions. [112 words]
Gham Khuar Meharban Koi To Ho! (Foreign) - [64 words]
Ghazal( Aaj Hawa Ne) (Foreign) - [63 words]
Ghazal Kia Yahi Mohabbat He! (Foreign) Its a question, who will reply! [74 words]
Ijazat (Foreign) Life is too difficult to live when its instructed! [31 words]
Izhar Ke Maani Kia...? (Foreign) There is a stage of understanding when WORDS are useless... [52 words]
Jawab Of Fursaton Main Phir Milna After 3 Years.... (Poetry) time passed and the things changes... [91 words]
Junon-E-Ishq (Foreign) Ye ishq he kia...? [16 words]
Khamooshi (Foreign) Feelings, nothing else. [10 words]
Main (Foreign) I THINK , SO I M! [82 words]
Mohabbat Azmati He (Foreign) - [81 words]
Mughe Bhi Muskurana He! (Foreign) This is about the pure smile which is no doubt a gift of God. [114 words]
Tumhare Baad (Foreign) - [13 words]
Unwan (Foreign) Kitab-e-umer ka itna sa goshwara he... tumhain nikal ke dekha to sub khasara he! [95 words]
Waham (Foreign) I feel but it was.... [29 words]
Wapsi! (Foreign) - [152 words]
Yaad (Foreign) - [32 words]
Zindagi Ki Talash (Foreign) Living without life is an experience which is as painful as it can't be described... [81 words]
Aatika Noor

Hey mera bakht mughe intizar kerna hey
Aur aik baar nahi, baar baar kerna hey

Ae mere dost mera imtehan aia hey
Mughe khizan main bhi mausam bahar kerna hey

K ab to seekh gai hon hunar main geney ka
mughe dinon ko bhi pal main shumar kerna hey

hey aik shab k jisko guzarna hey mughe
hey ik khaleej mughe jisko par kerna hey

meri khataon sey kuch loog roth bethey hain
ab unsey rabta phir istiwar kerna hey

baat bigrey bhi nahi, waqt bhi guzar gaye
tareeq aisa mughe ikhtiyar kerna hey

ye dil main sarey ghum kub tak chupa k rakhain gey
guloon ney titlioon ko razdaar kerna hey

abhi to dhoond k lana hey roshni ki kiran
Rida-e-shab ko abhi tar ytar kerna hey

Ae Noor hal-e-dil sheron main tum nahi kehna
k sher kehna to sub Ishtihar kerna hey



"Asalamualikum to all respected readres. This is my pleasure taht u serve your time in reading my words. I will be really obliged if u also comment in few words Aatika" -- Aatika, Karachi, Pakistan.


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