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Drinking And Driving
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Drinking And Driving
It's supposed to be like a mini commercial for parents to teach their kids about drunk driving and how bad it is. So it's set up as a small child dragging a stick against a metal gate when a car comes around the corner and hits the child on the side walk then drives away.
[128 words]
Alyssa B
[February 2007]
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Drinking And Driving
Alyssa B

Dragging a stick against the gate.
A car takes a sharp turn determing fate.
You hear a scream.
You see a crash.
You feel a jolt.
You drop your cash.
As your falling to the ground.
Your face turns from a smile to a frown.
As you lay on the side you close your eyes in silence and die.
Who knew drunk driving could be that bad.
Who knew a hit and run could be so sad.
You did and you know it because you learned it each and every day. Then you went and took somebody's life away. So its now or never it's up to you to determine your own child's fate. Because they could be just like me dragging a stick against the gate.

*Talk to your kids about drinking and driving
It could make all the difference*



"Dear Alyssa, Hope a lot of people read your poem to get the message across- Poetry. Sometime the person survies and have to suffer with the result of their stupidity with driving dangeriously be it a joy ride or drink and driving - the worst is when they hit and run and are not caught and they have given so much grief to the the family. (I was heartbroken in reading about a boy who was in a hit and run). Perhaps you would want to read about my poem, God is working another mircle". I feel very very sorry of the family in seeing a once lovely boy who has lost half his life. Also l am glad something is beinging done regarding using mobil phones whilst driving. I hate it. " -- Amy, Hayes, UK.
"Quiero su poema que lo fue muy bueno. He leído algunos de sus otros trabajo también. ¡Yo los quiero mucho! Sigue así y mantiene escritura. Querría ver más con su historia. ¡Espero que usted actualice pronto! El poema es muy inspirador que espero que los otros lo lean y tomen lo en y entiendan manejar bebido cuán horrible es realmente. ¡Mucho respeto! Janisa" -- Janisa , San Piedras, Puerto Rico.
"Hey I like your stuff...I been reading it all and its actually really good...I hope more people read this to get the message across. I see death alot and its hard but I hope one day people understand and this world gets its closure...Keep up the good work and update us soon!--Josh" -- Josh, Long Beach, California, USA.
"I liked this. very strong message and a very important one. drinking and driving is very dangerous and you may get a way with it, but there will come a time when someone dies and it is something you have to live with for the rest of your life. " -- kate kerrison.
"jonny18" -- jonny19, jonny3, jonny9, jonny6.


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February 2007

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