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Here Kitty, Kitty - A Memorium
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Here Kitty, Kitty - A Memorium
Something I wrote some time ago, a tribute to a dear companion who has reached the end of her time here on earth. though written in quite a wise ass way it's really meant with love.
[128 words]
[January 2007]
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Here Kitty, Kitty - A Memorium

now I have a cat
who's probably a rat
dressed up in a clever disguise
eats just this, won't get near that
and sleeps at the drop of a hat
guess sleeping is hard
cause she wakes with a yawn
then time for a little nap
middle of night
seems just about right
for her to be wide awake
jumps up on the bed
does a dance on my head
then skips out of there in a shake
if i read a book or simply relax
damn thing's right there on my lap
but perish the thought
she'd come when i call
or do what i want her to do
with a wiggle of her ass and a flip of her tail
just watch her trot down the hall
well here's a little message for her
and you shouldn't have any pity
been watching her closely lately
and wondering about bar-b-que kitty



"I remember this one...sorry to hear about her passing though." -- mattie.
"I love cats they make nice pets. sorry to here about your cat" -- Jeanette .


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