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Our First Pet by Amarjit Bhambra About a cocktel which we had for 11 years and one of our first pet. [128 words]
By The Sea by Amarjit Bhambra Its were we all like to be. [82 words]
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The Rude And The Polite by Amarjit Bhambra - [35 words]
My Faith In God Is Unconditional by Green Emerald - [271 words]
Wrapped Up By The Sky by Snowflakesoft Just wish to meet someone who's like the sky... [119 words]
My Favourate Flower.....An Orchid. by Amarjit Bhambra They are beautiful and smell nice,,,,, [48 words]
My Great Grand-Dad by Green Emerald - [245 words]
Honour by Green Emerald Recently there have been a lot of stories on the News regarding honour killings, it made me think, so I ... [113 words]
You've Changed Me by Alia Harold - [149 words]
You Love Her by Carla Thomson - [120 words]
Wrings Of Change by April M Hansen Its about casting out the evil things in your life This is one of my early poems when i was a ... [70 words]
Where Is It? by Carla Thomson - [53 words]
What Is Important To You? by Andrews - [32 words]
Untainted Beauty Wanting.......... by Cynara Moore This poem depicts a girl of our modern day society, who is considered sort o... [136 words]
U Blew It by Jay Little Just as I got on the computer I came up with this,straight from the head. [150 words]
Turn Down The Sound by Carla Thomson - [62 words]
Time Goes By by Kate Kerrison Sometimes time just seems to slip by so slowly and then splat you turn round and 5 years have gone... [115 words]
Thinking Of My Past by Carla Thomson - [81 words]
Things My Heart Misses by Jessica Barth - [76 words]
These Tears Of Blood by Chloe L Batey I started to think of the idea after I got in trouble one night, but there was a block... ... [49 words]
There Now by Andrews - [56 words]
The Yun And The Yin by Amarjit Bhambra So you know what it means? [59 words]
The Waves They Tell Me by Amarjit Bhambra - [1,250 words]
The Thigh Boots by Amarjit Bhambraaa A teen girl who became our friend when we came to England in the early 60's. [87 words]
The Tear by Katherine Smith - [269 words]
The Owl by Amarjit Bhambraaa - [52 words]
The Move by Andrews - [45 words]
The Impact Of Her by Jay Little The feeling of a girl thats still with me to this day,yet she has been gone for awhile. [656 words]
The First Shower Of The Year by Snowflakesoft It's about the exuberance of the first droplets of rain on dry ground, the smell, ... [80 words]
The Drums Of Jericho by Sasu - [173 words]
The Age Of The Less Forgotten by Carla Thomson I don�t really understand it, even though I wrote it. these words just came to me... [83 words]
Thank You God... by Bhambra For answering all my prayers...... [118 words]
Some Things I Thought You Should Know. by Rochelle Lynn Schriner-Stowell October 5th (tommorrow) is me and my fiance's one year anniversary so ba... [311 words]
So Angry by Alishia A Farfaglia - [298 words]
Rhapsody Of The Night Rain by Buxton Evolve from a dream, awaken, see your love, but do not be mistaken. [458 words]
Red Bride by Green Emerald - [127 words]
Raven by Rae - [83 words]
Questioning Identity by Cynara Moore This poem is sort of self explanatory in its title. It literally depicts someone questioni... [159 words]
Picture by Carla Thomson - [101 words]
One Single Rose by Jay Little How one thing can bring joy to many other,but only if you let it. [159 words]
One Man by Matthew Mark Gill With God All Things Are Possiable Can only do so much. [209 words]
Once I Thought Hypocrisy by Randall Barfield I,too, have felt the knife. [50 words]
Old Quake by Randall Barfield One Halloween he grabbed a knife Then hid behind the door... [119 words]
Nothing More From You by Noel States Just another silly unrequited love type poem. [174 words]
Nik Nany by Matthew Mark Gill Crying Eh Great poem with a messege. [86 words]
Never Ending Desires by Green Emerald Pay Day!Goes faster than it comes!We're never satisified by what we have, we're always too... [182 words]
Mysterious Comfort by April M Hansen A very special person to me. [152 words]
My Love Tell Me by Alishia A Farfaglia - [117 words]
My Husband by Green Emerald - [64 words]
Miracles Do Happen by Kate Kerrison Waiting for the miracle to happen. [66 words]
Mind Cages by Req - [14 words]
Mental Art by Amarjit Bhambra Picture painted via da Mood. [100 words]
Loving Me Loving You by Green Emerald Loving me Loving You Is this the best you can do [136 words]
Love Defined by Andrews - [45 words]
Little Words by Tamsin Butler I wanted to see if I could do a rhyming poem about life, would really appreciate any comments :) [256 words]
Life Wasted Sitting by Carla Thomson - [99 words]
Life Can Take You Up And Down by Amarjit Bhambra - [103 words]
Just Like Your Dad by Amarjit Bhambra - [61 words]
Jam Sandwiches by Kate Kerrison In a very silly mood when I wrote this. [34 words]
Irreality Showing by Kendall Wilt To all the lazy, unmotivated, selfish existance individuals who let the world slip through th... [71 words]
In The Shadows by Cc - [111 words]
In Out by Amarjit Bhambra Figure it out A Hiku - meaning a small four line verse poem. [24 words]
I'm Not Gonna Be Beat by Alia Harold - [77 words]
I Miss How We Used To Be by Jessica Barth - [131 words]
Horror Haiku by Kendall Wilt Oh how terrible. [13 words]
Hate The One You Love by Green Emerald - [177 words]
Granite Miles by Buxton A poem about my Home City of Aberdeen in Scotland. [129 words]
Gone Forever by Nikky Epperly - [58 words]
God Please Help Me by Carla Thomson - [51 words]
Get Out Of My Head by Carla Thomson - [205 words]
From Womb To Tomb by Snowflakesoft Just about the feeling of what life is... [117 words]
Fly Like A Sparrow by Carla Thomson - [64 words]
Everyone's Crap by Carla Thomson - [249 words]
Empty Hearted by Jessica Barth - [112 words]
Don't Restrain My Inner Beauty! by Cynara Moore - [116 words]
Don't Look At Me by M Q Walters No need to don the mask...don't look at me. [181 words]
Does Anybody Need A Pray, Let Me Pray For You... by Bhambra I like to help, heal or pray to get anyone out. of their troub... [164 words]
Do Yea Remember Those Eyebrows Gil? by Amarjit Bhambra Some of the funny things that happen to us in life.... [131 words]
Distress by Rebecca H Toner Its quite a intensely depressing poem! [236 words]
Dawn Of Dead Dreams by Buxton A 17 year old man dies in 1915 on the peninsular. His war has finished. His life has been f... [239 words]
Congratulations by Carla Thomson I wrote this for an art project at school... we have to make 3-4 card and this was one of them... [55 words]
Changes In The Wind by Jay Little How changes can happen yet how you learn to flow with it. [169 words]
Cages by April M Hansen FINDING YOURSELF. [89 words]
Broken Inside by Noel States This poem really just came to me when I was upset over the fact that the boy I liked did not like... [62 words]
Boys Vs Girls! by Green Emerald Who's more important? Aren't we supposed to be equal? [106 words]
Boing! by Kate Kerrison Anticipation, waiting for him to arrive and boing go my heartstrings. [85 words]
Blue Thorns by April M Hansen Wrongdoing of mother. [175 words]
Best Of Me
Back Through The Trees by Randall Barfield This evil took place both day and night. [50 words]
As She Waits by Aa Farfaglia Waiting for the responce of someone you are telling you like. [123 words]
Apple by Sasu - [156 words]
Alice by Gene Boris - [821 words]
Alarm Clock by Carla Thomson - [91 words]
A Peice Of Spain by Amarjit Bhambra I have not been back to Spain since 27 years! [65 words]
A Missing Part by Curious - [28 words]
A Little Something To Think About by Katherine Smith - [94 words]
A Life A New by Andrews - [68 words]
A Girl's Best Friend by Samantha R Little - [143 words]
A Fleck Of Sand by Carla Thomson - [115 words]
A Card For My Love by Carla Thomson Ok... this isn't a card I sent to anyone... and no one sent this to me... i wrote this for m... [92 words]

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Best Of Me
The best relationship of my life...I miss him...
[808 words]
Crystalrae States
-I am a student at Cedarville University. I am majoring in multi-age physical education. I enjoying writing, as so my friend recommended that I put some of my stuff up here. So I hope that whoever reads this enjoys it. Please leave me some feedback!
[August 2006]
Drift (Songs) - [208 words]
Fly On (Songs) I wrote this out of frustration with my parental units [188 words]
Heartfelt (Songs) - [137 words]
It's A Good Place To Be (Songs) Basically life tends to rip you apart and attempts to break who you are. Sometimes it does, and sometimes that makes you a better person. [136 words]
Lonely Won't Let Go (Songs) - [193 words]
Night, Baby (Poetry) -This was written for a boy I left back home. [166 words]
No Love Like Apathy (Songs) - [157 words]
Old Style (Songs) Just about being who you really want to be. [117 words]
Would It Be? (Songs) I wrote this a few years ago pertaining to a boy that I thought I wanted to be with. [122 words]
Best Of Me
Crystalrae States

Two searching hearts seeking a companion,

and both not knowing that they would find,

that special someone on the occasion.

You were standing there by yourself,

I was alone as well.

Though there were people passing through,

all my eyes and mind were focused on was you.

I decided to approach,


We threw out our names,

and began to walk.

A warm feeling began to creep up inside,

one I couldn't quite describe.

We began spending countless hours together,

laughing, carefree, time;

time that I never thought existed.

It did with you.

You bought me flowers,

You called me everyday,

You asked to hold my hand.

You made me believe in something I had not wanted to know was real,


You told me you loved me.

For the first time I knew it was real.

I told you the same.

We ran with that love, so pure, and true.

All I wanted was to be with you.

I scrambled to get my life together,

everything was falling apart.

I tried not to let it show,

but you knew.

You always knew.

As the tears fell down my cheek,

You would wipe them aside.

You wouldn't let me cry,

You told me I was better than tears,

that crying only showed they had got the best of me.

I trusted that statement,

I never let them see me cry.

I had a dream,

They killed it.

You knew.

You always knew.

You told me to leave them,

that I could make it on my own.

I knew I was too weak.

Why did you think I was strong?

Was it because I didn't cry?

It was because You told me not to,

I never shed a tear.

I had no one left.

I sat there alone.

Afraid, lost and discouraged.

The tears finally fell.

They kept coming.

They didn't stop.

I screamed.

The sobs grew harder.

I laid there on my floor,

wondering why?

You promised.

You said forever.

I believed you.

But now, the hollow words,

hit the unwelcoming walls,

as I repeat them to myself,

I love you, I love you.

I began to question the meaning.

What is love anyway?

Love is merely an expression,

to describe a feeling that one can not.

Love is not real,

for if it were, you wouldn't have left me.

I taped up the box today,

the one with all our memories.

The corsage from prom,

the pictures of us,

the wilting rose petals,

the cards,

I sealed it up.

I didn't cry.

Even though you weren't there,

I didn't want you to have the best of me.

I saw you with her today,

and it hurt me.

But I knew that you hurt as well.

As you glanced my way,

I knew you were lying to yourself.

Your hand stiffly holding her hand,

in habit form.

Her hand doesn't fit yours right,

and her lips aren't tender.

She doesn't make you laugh,

Your eyes, twinkle less,

As your gaze turned away.

I knew.

I always knew.

My life in pieces, scattered about,

And now You, were one of them.

In great efforts I attempted to find our pieces,

and place them back together.

My silent tears at night confirmed it impossible.

But I fought it,

You taught me that,

Never give up on something worth having.

I always fought for you.

They told me we wouldn't work.

They never supported us.

I told them they were wrong.

That they couldn't possibly understand.

I told them that I loved you.

They laughed.

Their laughter burned my ears.

We didn't work, because they wouldn't let us.

You saw me with him today,

and it hurt you.

But you knew it hurt me as well.

I was lying to myself.

His hand doesn't fit right,

and his lips aren't as tender.

He doesn't make me laugh,

but he lets me cry.

When we talked to each other today,

it made me remember,

I had forgotten,

how much I missed you.

We laughed, and joked,

like we always used to...

It almost seemed like it was before.

Oh to have before,

the sweet silent nights,

of looking at the stars.

Our walks around the block,

the bike rides for ice cream.

Oh to have before,

snowball fights,

sitting on the dock,

swimming in the lake,

laying in the hammock.

Oh to have before,

long talks in the row boat,

watching movies,

playing ping pong,

and being together.

Oh to have before


I try not to leave messages,

I try not to call.

Sometimes I just can't help it.

I want you to know.

You always do.

But not anymore.

You don't know.

You don't know how I've failed.

You don't know how I've tried.

You don't know how I hurt.

You don't know me.

And with that, a tear falls.

Just know, that you got the best of me.


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