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The Hick Poem by L Chapman I'm a Hick....this is my poem [288 words]
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The Muse
The 30 Seconds Poet by L Chapman - [123 words]
Sleep by L Chapman Another stupid poem [220 words]
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Darkness by Kishore Daswani It is a poem about being alone, and the feeling that nobody cares if you are dead or not. [113 words]
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Americas Burning, Excerpt. by Olef Ransom Saulles From a longer, unfinished poem. [239 words]
The Sound Of Lovers by Adagio A look at the sadness of lonliness against the contrast of love [147 words]
The Hunger Cult by Martin Rutley Short poem about greed, immorality, and coporate murder in a dying world. [80 words]
The Cartoon Vandals by Martin Rutley The new religion? [66 words]

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The Muse
My poem that breaks down my view towards women, that they are not just objects, but queens that roam the earth.
[198 words]
John Thomas Barragan
I am a 22 year old film major at UCSC, I enjoy all forums of entertaining, poetry, hip-hop, music, acting, etc..., I am trying to get exposure to help with a foundation I have in the works, the Annabelle the Ant foundation, this foundation will help with disease research, rape prevention, and physical and mental abuse prevention. My favorite color is blue.
[September 2000]
Annabelle The Ant (Children) An 80 line poem/children story about a little curious ant and her over protective mother, and the adventure she has, the struggle, and how she overcomes adversity and is reunited with her mother. [716 words] [Motivational]
The Muse
John Thomas Barragan

If beauty had a name it would be yours.
You are the woman I haven't met yet, and every girl I've ever seen.
Shall I compare thee to a SUMMER's day or not even bother
as it would do you no justice.
You are the mother of my children, the keeper of my heart,
and I see your smile on the faces of every woman that has
walked the earth, is walking the earth, or who has yet to grace
the earth with her pressence.
You are the reason painters paint and sonnets are sung.
My complete opposite, that completes me as if you were myself.
I have not found you yet, though you have already found me, we had
lunch last week, talked on the phone, passed by eachother on the street.
Or if you haven't seen me yet in physical formthen you've held
my hand in a dream like I have held yours. To be near you,
to kiss and hug you. To be a virgin that has made love to you an
infinite ammount of times. To have only really kissed three women
yet have shown the passion that gave Cassanova his fame.
Like the truth you are out there.
So I write you these words and hope you read them again.



"I'd hate to burst your cute lil' bubble and all, because I appreciate the gender flattery, but we women are not all THAT great. Some women are just... wrong. And ugly. But, if someone wrote that for ME, I'd blush like a merry schoolgirl and probably marry him without another single thought in my lil' blonde head. Damn stereotype! But I like your high view of women a lot, and it shows times HAVE changed." -- Kimberly De Liz.
"I thought that the poem made little if no sense. It did nothing but remind me of a commercial. Good thought though. The only thing that ruined it for me was the way he talked about the girl as if he didn't know her at first then like he knew her. If the author had kept it the same thoughout then it might have made more sense to me." -- Andy Howard, Normal, Illinios, USA.
"Well done! The contradiction used is a very effective tool!" -- Camryn Chase, NS, Canada.


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© 1999 John Thomas Barragan
September 2000

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