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Please Read My Poem - Again
The inspiration for this poem came to me after reading several poems (good and bad) posted on Storymania, as well as their reviews. The poem is directed primarily at the very young, talented writers who have posted their work and reviewed the work of others.

With revision made to comply with some very valid criticisms of the original offering. What the reviews compelled me to do is exactly the purpose of the poem itself.
[195 words]
Richard Koss
Richard Koss, other titles
[November 2001]
[email protected]
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Please Read My Poem - Again
Richard Koss

We create, we write, we post our poems
In hope you�ll read them and perhaps
you�ll say a few nice words or more
but if you don�t, we won�t get sore

We want to please, so we sometimes beg,
show me yours and I�ll show you mine.
Egos filled with false inflation,
deflate in mutual admiration

�Oh, just loved your poem, you write so well.
Great, the way you brought that out.�
Though they missed it, you don�t mind.
You just thank them - �You�re so kind.�

So on and on and back and forth,
the stroking seems to help us write
with newfound lust�.. we�re energized.
Not really just�.. more patronized.

Some have not yet learned, and maybe never will,
to write within themselves, to draw from real life.
Why rush to get there? Let patience lead the way.
In time, the years will tell us exactly what to say.

We all hear different drummers, follow different paths.
What seems simple to some is quite complex to others.
Some dwell upon life�s mysteries, seeking to unwrap,
while others look upon their work as ordinary crap.

Please read my poem and its alright
if you don�t feel it�s meaning.
And if you should think it�s not so hot,
go on, reach back, take your best shot.



"That poem SUCKED! ;-D Truth hurts, eh? In all seriousness, nice aspect. This has been on my mind for a while, but it's not too pressing a matter. Storymania had degenerated into crap lately. No one reviews...I mainly post just for my novels to be copyrighted so I can send them off to various people without being scared of plagiarism. But a good message nonetheless. Some of the rhymes seemed forced. The fluidity of each stanza is barely there. Work on rhythm and rhyme, if you've got the time...peaches and limes...I'm straining to find...a rhyme...for rhyme....God help me...:-D" -- Tyrant.
"Cool ideas. I'm kinda guilty of the not reviewing thing meeself. I liked the poem enough, and though I agree with the idea I think the execution could have been handled a little nicer. Like Tyrant said, some rhymes seemed a little forced, but on the whole a decent poem. not as good as mine of course..." -- Michael Hunter, Cos Cob, CT, USA.
"Now! That's more like it, Tyrant and Michael. I really appreciate your honest criticism and just to show you how much I agree,(the rhyme was forced and fluidity was almost non-existent)I have revised the poem under "Please Read My Poem - Again." Although it's not perfect, I think it's much improved. Maybe my point would have been better made in the form of an essay. When we choose poetry, we are limited by our choice of words, especially if we use rhyme. By the way, I do have a lot of respect for your opinion Tyrant, and although some writers may find that your reviews make them feel as though you're trying to live up to your pseudonym, I find them to be "firmly" objective, sort of like tough love." -- Dick Koss.
"Please Read My Poem-Again...I'll give you props for the title. Were you the genius behind "I Still Know What You Did Last Summer?" Anywho, thanks for all that, but I can be an ass to some people. But I usually reserve my assiness for titles that truly deserve it. :D *Coughfreeperiodcough* I'll be checking out your sequel." -- Tyrant.
"I didn't even realize this WAS the revised version...I'm so silly. Anyway, there are still some issues with fluidity. The second stanza...the admiration bit...just doesn't fit. I don't know how to describe it, really...it just doesn't feel right. Read it out loud and maybe you'll see what I mean. It's all in the syllables, really. If you don't see it, maybe I'm wrong, but I dunno. Maybe you should just try and write it prose. You'd probably get a lot more across, though it might lose it's playfulness and read more like a lecture. Use your own discretion on this one." -- Tyrant.
"I get what you're saying and what you wanted for the readers to understand in your poem, and the idea is really cute and all, but I agree with them. A thing that will possibly help your rythem is a thesaurus. Instead of ruining your rythem with an extra syllable, like the four in "oridnary" try using the two syllable-just-as-good "normal" so they words will positively roll of your tongue, and give you some great reviews to support you on your way. Good job!" -- Kimberly De Liz.
"Thanks to all of you. I think I'll give up on the poem. I guess I made my point. I was going try one more version called "Please Read My Fucking Poem-Again" but I changed my mind." -- Dick Koss.
"Why don't you name it "Please Read This New Poem I Wrote...It's Not the Old One...I Swear"?" -- Tyrant.
"Found this poem somehow, messing about read it right through, and it kinda cried out "I lack basic rhythm, stlye and technique! But if I allude to that fact and anyone speaks of how dull and dreary, limp and inane my poem has been I can quite rightly say, 'That's what I wanted! Your jibes and hostility It's not that I lack the basic ability!' It's just what I hate about people sometimes pre-empt the strike and you'll always be fine. " -- Phillip, Chicago.
"Stumbled across this entry which must have been posted quite a while ago. My question to Phillip from Chicago is this: If a poem lacks basic rhythm, style, and technique, is it still a poem? Does an author not have individual license to ignore the parameters of these elements of poetry and if not, who determines what is correct rythm, as well as the adequacy of style and technique? Poetry is not just the beauty of words put together in a classical or creative format, spiked with metaphors and similes, it is about a theme or a story or just making a point. I think the author has made his point and ironically, amateur critics who are annoyed by the inferior construction of the poem, have not only missed his point, they have made it for him. " -- Jules.


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