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Douglas Cliche Part Two
[255 words]
Richard Lynch
[July 2000]
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Douglas Cliche Part Two
Richard Lynch

He emerged in broad daylight, a gleam in his eye
and a spring in his step as he ran.
He was up on Cloud Nine and felt never-say-die,
and he set about making a plan.
When he gave it some thought, he stopped dead in his tracks.
He had heard Opportunity knock,
and he knew that he had to get down to brass tacks,
so he wended his way toward the dock.

It turned out that the vessel was easy to find,
for the numerous cases of rum
and a bunch of large men, all with axes to grind,
made the ship stick out like a sore thumb.
There were mountains of pirates, all armed to the teeth,
and recruits waiting with bated breath
to be licked into shape and then stowed underneath.
It all seemed like a fate worse than death.

Like a bolt from the blue, Douglas shuddered with fear
as he kept his eyes glued to the deck.
He'd be risking his life for a budding career;
that was quite a reality check.
The Grim Reaper could come with the greatest of ease,
Douglas saw from the depths of despair.
He could catch a sharp sword or an unknown disease,
and it left him quite up in the air.

He was hemming and hawing and stuck on the fence
when along came the pirates from town.
By their hue and their cry and their swords filled with dents,
Douglas knew they had let their hair down.
They had sowed wild oats and had caused lots of strife,
and they probably shot from the hip.
Douglas knew at first blush he could handle the life,
so he hightailed it onto the ship.

To be continued...



"Richard, So "kewl" to see Douglas not intimidated and challenged by the opportunity! Douglas sees pass the hurdles and only the goal line (the galley) and its amazing how unintimidated he feels because of the challenge that lays ahead rather than the hurdles he must jump. He's not scared of the pirates and he's not scared to meet the obstacles. That takes drive and determination and guts. And now let's see if he will meet the challenges of "pleasing the pirates appetite" for food rather than for destruction and evil doings... Perhaps "taming their appetites" will tame their souls.. As you can see >>, I've become an admirer of your works, Richard... Perhaps this poem is a reflection of the appetite YOU need fulfilled....or the "hunger and drive" you share with your writing... " -- Helen J. Scherrer, Marietta, GA, USA.


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September 2000

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