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Blasphemy Impotence
[156 words]
The wounds are hidden so you cannot feel the pain
For I have chosen the path of misery and sorrow

And my skin will continue to wither and decay
My happiness is »¤«SeVered»¤«
[August 2006]
[email protected]
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Blasphemy Impotence

Angels clawed with burnished wings
Still loyal, kiss the seal of ignorance
Bent upon knees and harrowing
Promise the fever of overkill

Our time is short as the horsemen ride
The foul breathed chorus begins to howl
Damnation and a day has passed
This divine night in genocide we live

And yet in those frozen moment won from grief
That creeps to wreathe the cold sun
In drapes enwove with death shed wings
I thank god for the nothing I have become

I only bestow another fall from grace
Whip lashed from the gates heaven held
Half naked and insane and destined for a spiteful fate
Wherein evil sought the shamed to win the hand of darkness
And set me in my rightful place

I shall bow no more to the dogs of the lord
Tearing at my carcass heart
I shall fall to my knees only at the keyholes
Of virtues slipping deceptions into bondage masks
I now live for the suffering
Only he knows my hate



"Cheer up love! To be fair, feeling bad kickstarted my urges to write, it took me a long time to be able to create anything with words unless i felt truly awful. Now I think I understand happiness as well as sadness, hope things turn out the same for you in the long run...." -- Iain Spittles.
"I think we all know what it is like to write from negative feelings. This was great, loved it..." -- Byron.
"This was very well written...loved the imagery. Writing when I feel negative feelings is my way to cope with those feelings and express myself with words no one wants to hear" -- mattie.
"A beautifully written peice, loved the religous imagery. Peace " -- Hugh.
"Welcome to SM Samara! You have some serious talent here, don't let it go to waste ok? Great read, superb." -- Josh / AxeY.
"Thank you all very much" -- Samara.
"a great song,rather than just explaining your feelings to other people you give them leads with your metaphors,and the titles quite inviting aswell,i dont think anyone can scroll past your song and not click into it,and i dont think anyone who reads it could possibly have a negative word to say about it." -- Stuart Mould, Birmingham, England.
"I love your work, it is very enticing and you have a good vocabulary, I imagine you must read a lot. Which I feel is pretty useful/ essential when it comes to this art. The imagery is also good as has been said and your complex use of words means that you have to really think about what the poem means and I really like that, a good brain exercise." -- Dave Sutton.
"Well, you do love the word don't you? ANd you love to juxtapose them in odd phraseology with a talent that tells me you do read. However, this one is so obtuse, so complex, that simple-minded folk just don't get it. At least I don't What are you saying? Ue your substantial craft to clarify with cystalline poignancy, instead of obfuscating with conundrums." -- dee.


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