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The Day The Levy Broke
I am a RN in RI. I could not go to New Orleans to help, because people depend on my care here in RI. I wanted to do something in addition to donating to the Red Cross. So I used my words. This is to the Victems/Advocates and Survivors of Hurricane Katrina...God Bless.
[776 words]
Dawn Matley Maselli
[September 2005]
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The Day The Levy Broke
Dawn Matley Maselli

The Day The Levy Broke

August 2005

Hurricane Katrina

wanted no man alive.

The Good Ol Boys

said Head to the Dome

For those who can't get out on your own..

and they left us here all alone.

And we are prayin

We are the United States

We will brave the wind, the storm

and the man-made mistakes.

The storm stole all our material things

But we're grateful

for the hope that life brings.

Yes, we are grateful for the hope that life brings.

And now we're waitin

August 2005

Levy gave way

wanted no man alive.

Water rising all around us

Who has got a cell phone?

Man, they left us here all alone

They left us here on our own.

But, we're still prayin

We are the United states

We braved the storm, the levy

and the man-made mistakes

Can't let child see dome horrible things

But I'm grateful for the hope

that life brings.

Yes, I'm hopeful for the hope that life brings.

And now we're waitin

The Dome is dark and all are scared so

Mama's gettin weak cuz her sugar is low

Whispers don't let child see me go

But child knows when mama goes

A child always knows when Mama goes

And now we're greaving

Sorrow that washes despair

Tears sheddin natural wash mama here

All the reasons to US are unknown

Father, take her to your heavenly home

Father take her to you heavenly home.

And now we're realing

Next day no water supplyChild looks up to me with searchin eyes

"Daddy I'm thirsty" in a weak voice

To a papa I don't have no choice

The Good Ol Boy can't her her voice

And now I'm Looting

I survived the tragedy

Now I got to do right by my family

How exactly grateful do you want me to be?

Life's force caused my destiny

And I'm gonna do right by baby

And now I'm fightin

Child lost mama, her strength and her home

Plans out there made but we're all alone

Mama;s not here no more in the Dome

This shelter is her resting stone

Babies Blanket is her resting stone

Baby stoking the resting stone

And now we're prayin

September 2005

We're doin our best just to survive

Please cry baby so I know your alive

This is changing me deep down inside

We're all changing way deep down inside

And now I'm angry

Takin babies and wives from the man

Never thought this could happen in Our Free Land

Can't get my head around it to understand

Chaos everywhere here for the man

Just gotta do the best that I can

They say I'm looting

Cameraman and the new on TV

Film me taking supplies for baby

How exactly grateful do you want me to be?

While your watchin me on your TV

They call me looter and Refugee

Darlin, looter and a Refugee

But I'm still prayin

Bad water surrounds little ones

I know New Orleans has mightier sons

We're takin water, food and some meds

Surviving in this homestead

My shoulder now is babies bed

Strong shoulders now for babies bed.

And I'm still hopeful

Go ahead and call me Refugee

A looter, a black man that you see on TV

But I'm no Good Ole Boy Judgeing from a safe place

I'm a papa lookin in babies face

A widowed papa lookin in babies face.

And now I'm prayin

We are the United States

Braved wind water, and the man-made mistakes

Katrina came and slapped the Dome's nose

We survived, then filthy water rose

At least we're together I suppose

I need strength God only Knows

And now I'm hopeful

Baby clinging to me for life

Got to hang on cuz I promised my wife.

I'm a good Papa and a God lovin man

And I'm a damn good American

Yes, I'm a damn good AQmerican.

So we sit here in this filth for awhile

Don't judge US cuz we're all God's child

I lived through this tragedy

With what's left of my family.

I'm grateful for the life of baby.

And now I'm thankful

Those who saw the reality

Of people caught up in this tragedy

Forced the country with stategy

Forced the help to come for my baby

I'm as grateful as a man can be.

And now I'm grateful

Neighbor forced them to get up and DO!

Showed the Good Ol Boy what I already knew

Said if TV can get in so can you

Not just a good TV crew

If one can get in so can you

What one man can do

Another can do.

We are the United states

Neighbors prayin and angry bout manmade mistakes

Got to save the child for God sakes

To save my family this is what it takes

Thank ou lord and the United States

I thank you neighbor

Pray for me and the child

I'll be grateful for your love for awhile

Remember I'm the writer

and the reader will sound

And in this we're forever bound

Yes, in this we are forever bound.

And we're still prayin....

written by Dawn Matley Maselli

copyright 2005


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September 2005

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