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A ballad concerning man and meaning.
[378 words]
Olef Ransom Saulles
[November 2004]
[email protected]
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Olef Ransom Saulles


The men ate a paste, made from fish, which was spread on hard bread. The foodstuff was sweet and buttery.
The sky was lead grating the earth, howling friction. The others remain undaunted. I am quiet, wishing I always were. The water bites cold, it is clear and running. The wood creaks and is thrown. Nobody is struck. The expanse, the pressing sky, I am tense.
To another I offer, "My language is English."
The sea is calm.
"What else." My neighbor.
"No other languages."
"No. I know. I meant, ah, of course, English. Of course."
I am looking into the water, searching for fish. The body looks inviting, water, though I know the cold, but cannot feel it. And must not.
I sweat, the salt burning my eyes, I wipe my brow but it continues. I cannot see and no one is concerned.
"Fish on!"
 One of the poles bounces up then is yanked back down as spool expels line. I prepare the net, nervous and repeating silently to myself, ‘net the fish, head first into the mesh.’
Rushes of murky green, foaming - high excitement.
Silver sides ripple in beat sun columns, the sapphire births. No mammal heaving or blinking or focused, time stills.
The fish lies captured; gill arches extended, thick ruby blood running from pink tissue onto the pearl belly, through flooring.
The captain commands my neighbor, "Heft her." He does not stray from his position, nor inquire about yours.
Open, gray water. The stiff beans creak loudly, heavy. The pulled grains reach me.
The fluid splashes cold. A good memory captures me. Thank you God.
Later, the horizon mocks. The hours lay, fat and juicy. In the swell of rich tides hours burn stingily. The flag raised buries me. I only want a woman. The simplicity laughs, the regret floods.
"Friend . . ."
"What is it?"
"I need to talk."
"You need to sleep. You’re gonna lose it, gonna lose control."
"No. No, that won’t happen . . . tell me something."
"In a hundred years you’ll be dead."
Me, dead. I . . . I am the shadow of my life, afraid of death.
"Hmm . . . Maybe. God! I want to live! Live! Live!"
I obey. I don’t obey.
Hung winds bring on the season; bring on departure.



"First of all please accept my sincere apology to write such a matter Well, I am Japanese and have been looking(searching) for someone whose name is Jeremiah McCurdy. He was working as a Summer counselor in 1998 in Idyllwild. Jeremiah was 20 years old at that time and he was a student from UCLA. He enjoy poetry a lot and a very smart person.He gave me a book, titled "Western Wind" and I appreciate his kindness because this book gave me a chance to have noticed me a lot of beautiful Western poem. But when I see a lots of his comment on the each paragraph, I gradually realized this book must be a very important for him therefore I really want to get him back this book, "Western Wind"...but Unfortunately I don't have enough information. I really need someone's help. If possible I would like to know the any information of Jeremiah McCurdy. I cannot find appropriate word to express how I feel. I would like to appreciate for reading this and I will be so delighted if you have any information. I think my English is not good enough to explain, I am sorry. Sincerely yours, From Japan, Maya Yamashita " -- Maya , Tokyo, Japan.


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