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Problems by Rose Trimovski It isn't really rhyming or anything but it talks about problems and ways to handle them. [74 words]
Tears Of Forgiveness by Rose Trimovski It's a sad song. [92 words]
A Million... by ~Blythe~ - [178 words]
Private Contemplation by ~Blythe~ - [157 words]
Me. Myself. I. by Li Who am I, I don't know! And I don't intend to find out. [97 words]
Upon Meeting The Devil by Laurette M Laliberté Delouise It is a short poem about a dream (nightmare, really) that I had. I wrote it as soon as I... [67 words]
Lime by Lime This is about how you only understand things when its time. [72 words]
Frenetic Thoughts, A Collection
Only In Dreams, A Collection by Lissa N Metz-Gomez Only In Dreams Tell Me The Coming Storm [172 words]

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Frenetic Thoughts, A Collection
Frenetic Thoughts - About selfish love. Love that only exists because either or both of the couple 'need' it. I guess its about how couples who are together on a casual basis use each other and cause all sorts of damage without realising it. I was attracted to this particular guy because he could handle my "frenetic thoughts" I guess theres always got to be a reason for being with someone. Anyway, you can interpret it as you like!
Have You Ever - About wondering what another person thinks and trying to convince them you're okay. About all those feelings you start to feel when you get upset.
Delerium - Couldn't, Wouldn't, Can't - My friend committed suicide, after promising he wouldn't. I guess thats just it. I will never understand suicide, and for me that makes dealing with it that much harder. It tends to bother me in the middle of the night more than anything, the more I think about it the harder to grasp it gets.
Grievous Bodily Harm - About one of those relationships that manages to "rip you to shreads" when you're not looking. How there is a difference of loving for the sake of being loved rather than loving purely and simply because you want to.
Lament - For Aaron - One of those teenage things!!! Says alot about my life and sometime I spent with a guy I now know I shoudn't have! But it was a learning experience, and although the poem may seem vindictive and cold it helped me!!
The Music Plays So Loud - Written for my ex bf, cos all he gave me was utter confusion!!! We decided it was over, but somehow he held on, and I suffered all the pain. There were days when I felt like this was how he felt, then days when it was how I felt. Anyway, I hope you enjoy my confusion!
The Definition Of Supposed Regret - A poem about life which hides in it a safe sex awareness message. Inspired by pictures that were painted in my mind by Bob Dylans "Tangled Up In Blue".
How We Drowned In Denial - Poem about love and how it gets confusing.Trying to deny each other pain when it only really makes the pain more intense eventually.
The Silent World - A poem about how much time we waste worrying and thinking about trivialities. I woke up one day and realised that I don't have that much time left, and the time I do have I was wasting worrying about things that I really couldn't change, rather than endevouring to make the most of my life and change the things I could change.
Ode To How A Guy Picks Up! - I guess its a male thing!
Sunday Morning - How it is to be a female night clubber!
[1039 words]
18 year old female from Australia, who badly needs to stop writing about relationships!
[July 2000]
[email protected]
A Million... (Poetry) - [178 words]
Feelings (Short Stories) Kind of came from a dream I had one night. [500 words] [Mind]
I Believe (Love) (Poetry) I wrote this for one of my best friends in all the world. I believe it was totally and 100% fate that we met. Its my philosophy on life and love and and all that is inbetween! [393 words] [Motivational]
Mabel (Short Stories) You see all sorts of things when you work behind a bar, this isn't so much what I see, but its what I'd dread to see, and I guess if it was really there I would deny seeing it! [238 words]
Naked (Short Stories) - [356 words] [Mind]
Private Contemplation (Poetry) - [157 words]
Frenetic Thoughts, A Collection

Skin thin love;
Rock hard desire;
The type that takes your blind hand
In a room full of strangers.

Cold and broken bones,
Tangled muscles
Monochrome reflections
As your vision seems to fail.

Who are you?
To yourself
When no one knows your name?
But everyone knows your body?

Love, like roll on deodorant
Re-applied when needed
Tears, like bourbon shots
Once started never stop

It's my mistake-
And they're crystal tears
And empty glasses-
Incase you forgot.

Like that hourglass
That sits lazily before you
Measuring time,
You measured my love
By tasting my saliva

Now I make you feel
Like you ruined me
Fibrous minutes
Woven hours-
My survival net?

What happened?
To our frigid words?
Discovery through
Extemporaneous exotica

My frenetic thoughts
Are attracted to you
Because you de-construct them
With your teeth.



Delerium- Couldn't, Wouldn't, Can't


It's 3am
And I'm not sleeping
The walls are creeping closer
All I have is silence
To take away this fear

When I close my eyes
I see you through my eyelids
Eyes like shattered stones
And tears like crystal

I hear you breathe
I see your heart beat
I feel your cold hand
I taste your hurt

I don't cry
And I don't frown
I won't forget you
And I won't hurt

Why'd you go and leave me?
And you promised you wouldn't
And you loved me like you couldn't
And I convinced myself you wouldn't

How could anyone get that sad?



Grievous Bodily Harm


We lay voiceless,
   Your hands
           Full of intuition
Rest heavily on the bone
Of my hip

You stroke my skin
As if to smooth out the bumps
Your fingers are grieving
In a way not even
Your intuitive hands can help

Your breath on my back
Compliments the sting of your kiss
The way it peels back my skin
And rips me to shreds

So my veins ache
And burst as you squeeze
Leaving blood stains
On your intuition
And bruises all over my heart

You cough up denial
Like phlegm
It's stopping you breathing
Time knows nothing
The pulse of our love subsides



Have You Ever


Have you ever searched
For words to express
Just what it is you feel
Knowing you have to share it?

Laid beside someone
But felt lonely
And prayed for company
And warmth?

Felt an unbareable emptiness
That no matter how hard
You try it doesn't fill
And nothing seems right?

Felt unworthy and troubled
As you struggle?
And decide you're too smart
To feel this bad?

Have you cried?
For absolutely no reason
Suddenly realising
You're an emotional wreck?

Has someone scared you?
So much
The sound of their name
Makes you shake?

Have you ever felt?
Sky-high then
Valley low
In a matter of minutes?

Has anyone ever told you?
You've lost the plot
And its scared you
Because you really haven't?

Have you ever
Prayed they'll understand
That it's not your fault
Someone infected fear in you?

Have you ever
Had absolutely no idea
What they think of you
And hoped they know you're okay?

Have you ever…

Have you ever…

Do you ever…

Did you ever…

Have you felt…



How We Drowned In Denial


He called last night
As if to remind me
Of his existence
His voice flippantly deep
His tone reminiscent
(Just who were we?)

We punctuated our sentences
With formalities
Words we'd never used before
Formed bridges
Between hearts
Stained by desperate confusion
(Was it love?)

Pregnant pauses
As he questioned me
My answers, one by one
Tearing him apart
Beneath a manly blanket
Of courage
(Weren't we ever honest?)

I was inclined to wrap up
The answers he wanted to hear
In gold paper
And some pretty ribbon
To distract him from reality
(How could it get this way?)

I pretended I felt sad
Just so he wouldn't think
I had moved on
And found happy
Who'd been running beside me
All along
(I can't hurt him)

He'll need some time
To realise, there's no use pretending
Although he only has
Scheduled moments, for thought
(one thing he denied me)

We'll drink each others tears
Getting drunk on the idea
That love is supposed to last
And its supposed to make you
(what we had they call denial
and it filled up our lungs,
slowly overtaking and drowning us)



Lament- For Aaron


Can't stop thinking
About the fast lament
I created in my mind
Last night, on the cold
Wet bathroom floor.

An alcoholic delirium
Helped purge me of my fear
I was so afraid, clinging
To a steady, cleansing stream
Down my back, past my ribs
I help my body fade
The one thing I own
I hate the most
But desperately struggle
To protect.

How do you repossess?
What you never owned before?
I realise my minds
Own strength
And the illusion
It longs to recreate.

I hear your every word
To the beat of my lament
'It's nothing, it's so normal,
I feel less lonely now.'

In the same irrational state
Of mind; you'd held
A razor to your wrist
My senses think of you
About the smoke
The lonely stinging
The bourbon immersion
Mostly the pumping pills.

My bones and flesh remember
All the bruising and
Unsustained highs and
Irrational lows.

Remorse reminds me of you
The amount for me you show
I wear it, as a burden
It's something I'd rather not know.

Now I only hate you
And find it impossible
To explain a hurt
That runs so far
And deep inside.

I wish we'd kept
The anonymity
I wish, I never
Knew your name.



The Definition Of Supposed Regret


We live in a one-bedroom apartment
A sink and a toilet
The daily paper delivered
And a tiny barred window

We sleep on the floor,
The rent is cheap
And the floor is cold
The fridge is empty
Besides a tub of eyecream

We smoke tobacco
Kept with lemon rind
Because it keeps fresher that way
Or so you say
(We always roll our own)

At night we lay
Flattening drinks with swizzle sticks
Choosing names for our children
Mourning death notices in the paper

There's a cupboard below the sink
Housing our medication
And an unopened box of condoms
(Our biggest mistake)

We don't own a mirror
No place for narcissism
Or so you say
It hurts me
I wonder how I look

Alone, I shaved my armpits
With your razor
And left a short note
Beneath our door
(Everyone gets cold feet)

I find work, in a topless bar
Surviving of five dollar tips
During the days
And slightly more for the nights
When I use condoms
(Deny my clients our mistake)

You sat down for a beer
Familiar face in the spotlight
It's been five years
Of standing on the avenue
We're feeding our disease

Studying the lines on your face
I lean over you
staring into familiarity
And sing
"Lover let me take you home."

It's cold and damp
On our apartment floor
And we screw without condoms
Because this disease
It's beating both of us.



The Music Plays So Loud


The walls crumble
Then close in around us
I hate the silence
I can't stand the silence
The music plays so loud

I have blind hands
Unfeeling eyes
Holes in the roof of my mouth
All your thoughts inside my head
Still…the music plays so loud

You have a thousand words
Tattooed across your arm
And a million purple people
Running through your head
Its confusing…the music plays so loud

I have needles in my fingers
Butterflies in my stomach
Narrowing corridors
Chains around my arms
It hurts…the music plays so loud

You have blinding eyes
Ocean blue
Paranoid laughter
Emotional tears
It's scary…the music plays so loud



The Silent World


I don't remember belonging to a silent world,
laying inside my mothers womb,
and breathing only because she did,
unaware of the importance of my tiny heartbeat.

I am now aware of the importance of that heartbeat,
The sobering effect it has on loved ones,
The frailty of something so significant,
and the grief that can occur.

At this our last embrace-
I wonder why we can't live forever?
And learn to adore all that we hated,
Without all our dreams left shattered.

For those days when I felt like I sat on your top shelf,
And those days when I learned not to talk to my self,
Times when I couldn’t look myself in the eye,
And my body made me cry-

I wonder why?
Why did I waste so much time?
And I was never self indulgent
But I wasted so much time.

I wondered why I was here-
And often ventured into realms,
Where I wasn't myself,
And I was contented with that.

At night I dream like its an obsession,
Of the days and nights,
I took for granted,
Knowing now, they may be few.

I wasted time,
That I now long for.
I wasted life.
That I now want back.
Why'd I waste so much time?



Ode To How A Guy Picks Up!


Ode to how a guy picks up!
Dialouge (Him to her)

"I like the way you dance"
 (Sideways glance)
"It's funky"
"Your hair looks great"
"What's your name?"
"That's unreal"
(Compliment accepted)
"Come here often?"
(Shake of head.)
"I know I've seen you here before"
(Caught out)
"The usual is straight bourbon?"
(Nod of head)
"shot per hour?"
"ahhh, shot per song!"
(enthused reply)
"oh, I'm sorry."
(unimpressed look)
"I'll pay for your drycleaning."
(doubtful stare)
"whats' your number?"
(hasty depart)



Sunday Morning


Sunday Morning

Blow-dried hair
Melted iceblocks
Broken glasses
Smudged mascara

Last night we danced,
To the blisters on our feet
And the eyes
That intently watched us

With beer stained satin,
Broken, strappy shoes,
Bitten mouths and
Spinning heads,
We laughed.

They offer us beer,
But we like champagne.
They try sleazy lines,
Sometimes they work.

In the toilets,
We stand infront of the mirror,
"About an eight out of ten."
And we laugh,
"He's pretty cute."

We drink,
We dance,
Until we fall to the floor
Not feeling a thing.

We woke this morning
To throbbing heads,
Missing pieces
And tired legs.

Next week
We'll do it all again
And we'll suffer,
Sunday morning.





"I really liked this poem. I cant really say what I liked about it, but I definetly think you have talent." -- Meg.
"Do I even need to review anymore? They keep getting better and better." -- Meg.
"I really liked this poem. I cant really say what I liked about it, but I definetly think you have talent." -- Meg.
"I really really like your style. This poem kicks ass. " -- Meg.
"thanks Meg! Do you have poetry on the site? email me!" -- Blythe.
"I like your style kid. You got the shine. Keep it up, and we can both become two bit poets of an impulsively loving generation. " -- Montego, berkeley.
"the poem is a well constructed stream of powerfull images " skin thin love/ rock hard desire". congratulations" -- iseldar kay.
"I love your stuff its soooo carnal! u say it not as it is but as it is felt! u rock!" -- Eno niki Ekanem.


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