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Na Meray Dil Mein Malal Koye by Sadaf Shahab Na umeed -e rang- e wisal koyee Na mera dil mein malal koyee Mein jee rahe... [47 words]
Cloudburst by Ian Tronco - [58 words]
Who Are We by E Rocco Caldwell I wrote this after my mother past away Are we spirits or just a portion of the universal constant...... [124 words]
Your Savior (Beleive) by Josh Anderson Pain and a want to fix things, a love for the empathy. [40 words]
You'll Never Know That by Charity B Baez Some things are just not ment for others to know. [118 words]
You Say Engel I Say Angel (Haiku Poem) by Josh Anderson What I mean when I say. [42 words]
Would They Notice? by Josh Anderson Another of my document series, and another new origin. About the ones who should but never d... [80 words]
Without Me by Mike Axe - [42 words]
Within You by Josh Anderson About that hope of love but the self-insecurity of making a step. [68 words]
Within The Shell Of Man by Josh Anderson This is my first poem, thnx in advance for reading. When you break, its not fake, The s... [68 words]
Winter's Song
Will You by Diana Venditti Ye olde merry england type of ditty, tut tut. [137 words]
Why? The Question Of My Life..... by Charity B Baez Just asking a question and hopefully finding the answer within. [311 words]
Who Will Get The Rats Out by Cassandra K Crews A poem. [73 words]
When Knights Were Bold by Diana Venditti - [223 words]
What I Want by Charity B Baez Everyone wants alot of things in life....these are a few of the things that I want. [189 words]
What Helps Me Live by Josh Anderson About the special people that I know the best, or hold a special connection with, and their ... [193 words]
What Could Never Be by Charity B Baez What should not have happened, did, if only for a brief moment..... [144 words]
What Are Words? by Dri Cook Words can shout BOO but they can also say I LOVE YOU! What would I do, if it weren't for you? [122 words]
Welcome by Tessa (Reposted) My muse endeavored to inspire... Jonathan, this is for you. Don't forget to leave your door ... [98 words]
Wars Of Angels by Diana Venditti - [109 words]
Walls And Words Of Pain by Josh Anderson The third, sinister yet loving and respectful. [156 words]
Until Then...... by Charity B Baez - [102 words]
Unrest by Rae Another short one. [28 words]
Two Open Gates by Adesola John Fagbemi Poetry. [100 words]
Translucence by Danielle Just a poem.You should read it. [58 words]
Too Strong A Word by Melonie M Brooks Hpf This is my first poem I've ever written that didn't rhyme, so please give comments. I need to... [202 words]
Tim (Haiku Poem) by Josh Anderson Who is tim to me? [9 words]
Timeless Winds by Diana Venditti - [108 words]
Time...Is All I Have by Charity B Baez What can heal a broken heart? only time.... [169 words]
Thoughts Of Sweet Maid Part 2 by Diana Venditti FOR MIKE AND ROCCO. TUT TUT. [107 words]
Thoughts Of A Fair Maid by Diana Venditti Tut tut. [92 words]
The Taunting Mass by Josh Anderson This is about the harsh reality, our clone society, ad the ones born with the freedom and bur... [93 words]
The Spirit Of Christmas by Diana Venditti A christmas message. [112 words]
The Rebirth Of Dawn by Diana Venditti - [92 words]
The Quest by Diana Venditti Pehaps many of us feel like this sometimes. [142 words]
The Presence by Diana Venditti - [197 words]
The One Act Play by Melonie M Brooks Hpf I wrote it straight fromy heart, and it's almost true! [66 words]
The Nature Of The Game by Josh Anderson The nature of the game of life. [118 words]
The Lost Garden by D G Williford Lost History. [129 words]
The Inner Eye by Diana Venditti - [81 words]
The Gypsy Dancer by Diana Venditti - [72 words]
The Great Cold Void by Josh Anderson This is the begining of dark documentation, I wasn't sure whether to write these poems, or ... [105 words]
The Flower, A Part Of Me by Josh Anderson About the dream that begins to haunt, we all have one, like a moth we sleep ad dream. [86 words]
The Flock by Diana Venditti - [86 words]
The Few Who Help (Against The Pain) by Josh Anderson About the ones in the world who count... [72 words]
The Faces by Josh Anderson About the care that only arises as it may demene their reputation, why should they care otherwise? [31 words]
The Encounter In The Forest by Diana Venditti - [160 words]
The Child Who Was Once Within Her by Steven L Howard The most unselfish love. [410 words]
The Butterfly by Ramkumar Menon A small pome [ funny one ] that I wrote at the age of 9. [37 words]
The Art Of Survival by Diana Venditti - [80 words]
That Bed by Rae Was at my parents' place this weekend and it felt so weird... [24 words]
Thankfully... by Josh Anderson Im sure we've all had neer death experiences... [73 words]
Tempest by Diana Venditti - [99 words]
Take Me To The South by D G Williford Simple diddy re the South. [187 words]
Take A Serious Look! by Josh Anderson Sorry for the informal layout, but wasnt sure about lead-in's, and I feel it needs one. [98 words]
Suffocated by Tessa Writing things out as usual... [72 words]
Submerge by Tessa Started in October 2003 and decided to work on it again. Not much of a free verser... Changed the name... [37 words]
Strangulation by Mike Axe - [121 words]
Stefanie (Haiku Poem) by Josh Anderson Who is stefanie to me? [14 words]
Spring Song by Diana Venditti For brion. Hope I managed to capture your favorite time of year. [135 words]
Spirit Catcher At Work by Ian Tronco - [67 words]
Spider by Mike Axe - [35 words]
Spaced Out by Diana Venditti - [99 words]
Soul To Soul by Josh Anderson Says it all. Please check it out. [61 words]
Soul Song by Diana Venditti - [103 words]
Something Slithers by Diana Venditti - [117 words]
Sofa's Day Out by Inchara Its a humorous account of purchase of sofa and its unsuccessful journey from one place to anothe... [229 words]
So Many Ways (26 Reasons) by Josh Anderson Well, no the 26 arent in it, they are each seeded in my poems, this was to almost com... [66 words]
So Am I by Mike Axe - [92 words]
Slow Dance by Dri Cook Sundays can also be nice. [138 words]
Sightings Of Love by Josh Anderson I believe in Karma, and true loves / soul mates, but the problem is, when will they show them... [52 words]
Shivered by Mike Axe - [85 words]
Shadow World by Josh Anderson A shadow world so well created... [72 words]
Self Punishment by Josh Anderson I honestly can't describe this one besides, that its about punishing yourslef for what you can'... [78 words]
Sated On Pain by Josh Anderson Another newer origin document. Of the pains sate. [62 words]
Sarah (Haiku Poem) by Josh Anderson Who is sarah to me? [14 words]
Running Away by Mike Axe - [50 words]
Rift In A Soul by Josh Anderson This poem is almost a song more than a poem. It is about scars in your mind or body. [100 words]
Ride A Wild Tiger by Diana Venditti - [20 words]
Re-Education Camp Siberia by Diana Venditti - [42 words]
Rebecca (Haiku Poem) by Josh Anderson Who is rebecca to me? [14 words]
Rebecca And Christmas by Diana Venditti Happy christmas little one. [112 words]
Reasons... by Josh Anderson An inner-pain that was produced, a synthetic veil created by your mind that you try to understand. W... [91 words]
Raged by Josh Anderson When you are angry, what can you do... I bottle it until I will eventually explode. [54 words]
Puppet On Strings by Dri Cook He shot, but not to kill. [89 words]
Pale Moon Of Christmas by Abbie Angel Abbie Angel, Runaway, is back again. [159 words]
One Sweet Kiss by Diana Venditti - [66 words]
Once Upon A Summer Morning by Ian Tronco - [106 words]
On Mathematicians by Higgins Brief descriptions of the contributions of some world class mathematicians. [165 words]
On Art by Higgins - [245 words]
Ode To Winter Wind by Diana Venditti - [111 words]
Ode To Autumn by Diana Venditti To all nature lovers. [129 words]
Not So Simply Stated by Kathrine Knickrehm It's a poem about life and dealing with issues by yourself. [347 words]
Night Of The Blind by Diana Venditti - [95 words]
Night Dreams by Diana Venditti - [111 words]
Nick (Haiku Poem) by Josh Anderson Who is nick to me? [6 words]
My Red, White, And Blue by Melonie M Brooks Hpf Patriotic and what most consider to be very moving. [166 words]
My Poisonous Pin Flower by Josh Anderson Another of the document series, one of a newer origin than the last. Its also amazing h... [128 words]
My Little Sister by Melonie M Brooks Hpf Can't wait 'till she's older than 3! [127 words]
My Knives Cold Caress by Josh Anderson The fourth of the documentation. Contains SI. [126 words]
My Hollow Tree by Josh Anderson Am I straying from my path? [82 words]
My Guardian Angel by Melonie M Brooks Hpf Happy. [87 words]
My Creamy Venetian Blinds by Ian Tronco - [59 words]
My Blinded Eyes by Josh Anderson About the pain I hide and the favour I have, empathy, something I wish not, unless requested. [31 words]
My Angels Within by Josh Anderson Angels that lie within, we all have them. [149 words]
M.R. by Melonie M Brooks Hpf - [243 words]
Morning Mist by Diana Venditti - [89 words]
Missunderstood by Josh Anderson Who are we, who am I, I still ask myself. [63 words]
Mend It For Now by Josh Anderson Please check this one out. Typical content. [121 words]
Masterpiece by Dri Cook We all are unique before the eyes of God. Happy thanksgiving y'all. [124 words]
Luke (Haiku Poem) by Josh Anderson Who is luke to me? [11 words]
Loves Torment by Josh Anderson The feeling of guilt, guilt that isnt even guilt at all, dont know what its called, but this has ... [89 words]
Love....My Love by Charity B Baez My idea of love. [126 words]
Love (Haiku Poem) by Josh Anderson What love is to me. [7 words]
Love With Respect by Amarjit Bhambra - [76 words]
Love Is by Diana Venditti - [75 words]
Love As A Bond by Josh Anderson The rare side of me only few get to see... I wrote it whilst thinking deeply about love and wher... [49 words]
Looking Into Your Eyes (Down) by Josh Anderson When you realise why, you realise what, you hurt and want it to stop. [62 words]
Life (Haiku Poem) by Josh Anderson What is life to me? [7 words]
Life Loves And Death Of Cleopatra by Diana Venditti - [328 words]
Larrissa (Haiku Poem) by Josh Anderson Who is larrissa to me? [15 words]
Joshua (Haiku Poem) by Josh Anderson Who am I to me? [10 words]
Jessie (Haiku Poem) by Josh Anderson Who is jessie to me? I loved my dog... [12 words]
Jake (Haiku Poem) by Josh Anderson Who is jake to me? [9 words]
Incapacitated by Josh Anderson The affect of time on open and closed wounds. Does it work for you? [68 words]
In Love by Dri Cook This is a simple prayer that I wanted it to become a song. [108 words]
Im Not Afraid by Josh Anderson I'm not afraid of it, its just something keeping me here... [172 words]
I'm Home by Dri Cook It takes more than bricks and gardens for a house to become a home. When dreams come true. [80 words]
If I Could Go Back In Time by Dri Cook Self-awareness. To Brian, for being such a wonderful friend. Christmas time, time to... [264 words]
I Walk In Time by Diana Venditti - [96 words]
I Thaught I Knew You by Josh Anderson The below poem contains explicit language. I'm sorry but I was angry when I wrote it, so b... [54 words]
I Hate Ya! by Roberto J Moreno - [145 words]
I Dreamed Of You by Dri Cook To my dad with all my love. To celebrate Christmas, to be thankful for the blessings that come... [143 words]
I Ask Why... by Josh Anderson Why is it that so many things and so many people have that evil tendency to destroy others spirits... [53 words]
Hugh (Haiku Poem) by Josh Anderson Who is hugh to me? [15 words]
Hope's Golden Thread by Diana Venditti For Rebecca. [88 words]
Hope And The Warrior by Diana Venditti - [82 words]
Hold My Hand by Josh Anderson Please check this one out, its a special love one :). [119 words]
His Perfect Solution by Josh Anderson Document of new origin no. ive lost count. About the solution he created, the solution whi... [51 words]
His Marks by Josh Anderson Another of the new origin documents, aboutthe markings he has begun to bear. [77 words]
He Chuckles by Josh Anderson He laughed so arrogantly. Well now its my turn. [97 words]
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Hate Becomes Us by Adam Wieland - [97 words]
Happy Christmas To All On Storymania by Diana Venditti - [53 words]
Grip by Josh Anderson This is pretty small, sadistic and shity, I don't like it but I thought I may as well post it, others migh... [37 words]
Fractured Core by Josh Anderson This is my third poem, It was written whilst I was affected by a strange feeling in-between love... [76 words]
For Now.... by Charity B Baez For now...things are as they should be.... [175 words]
For Evermore by Josh Anderson About a feeling of for evermoreness, though its not even a word, lol, u know what I mean. [66 words]
Flying Strong by Josh Anderson This is the next, it is very short but I means alot to me. [31 words]
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Failures Defeat by Josh Anderson The defeat that you face when you fail... [75 words]
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Death (Haiku Poem) by Josh Anderson What is this death you speak of? [10 words]
Day By Day by Melonie M Brooks Hpf So helpless, nothing I can do to stop her. [125 words]
Dark Vast Burn by Josh Anderson The second of the dark motion. Im still not sure about these. Contains SI. [105 words]
Dancing Happily by Josh Anderson Serenity, a dance so peaceful, loving. Please check it out, its a little different. [168 words]
Dance Of The Sandstorm by Diana Venditti - [92 words]
Cut The Cord by Josh Anderson About cutting your puppet masters cords, if you have one. Not very good in my opinion. Please Revi... [32 words]
Counting Codes (Compulsion) by Josh Anderson I'm sure we all have a leaning towards some kind of compulsive behavior, drinking, ... [181 words]
Corridors And Brick Walls by Josh Anderson Sometimes it seems that no matter how hard you run, theres always another wall. [125 words]
Choir All-Region Tryouts by Melonie M Brooks Hpf I totally messed up, but this is ALL true. [206 words]
Chaos And Peace by Josh Anderson Love - A choice between a chaotic fight that you want to win, you would love to fight, or a pea... [57 words]
Brittney (Haiku Poem) by Josh Anderson Who is brittney to me? [13 words]
Bloom In The Crazy World by Tri Tran a naive person born inn the evil world of mankind. [84 words]
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Birth Of A World by Diana Venditti - [161 words]
Baby Baby by Danielle A little poem. It took me about 2 minutes to create it, but you should read it anyway. [80 words]
B B C by E Rocco Caldwell I just love the English accents.... [70 words]
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And I Dream by Diana Venditti - [172 words]
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7-9-01 Jeptha by Jim E Bell Poem about love. [277 words]

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Winter's Song
[138 words]
Diana Venditti
[October 2004]
A Fairy Tale (Poetry) For all of you with children. [105 words]
A Fight Against Time (Poetry) Based on a true event in south africa, No.1 shaft western holding, welcome orange free state. [152 words]
A Flirtation At Court (Poetry) - [188 words]
A New Feeling (Poetry) Sometimes we have to find the courage to walk away. [170 words]
A Perfect Affair (Poetry) Eat your heart out. [94 words]
A Search For Words (Poetry) - [57 words]
A Sparrow Falls (Poetry) For hostages killed in Irak. [79 words]
A Walk Through Time (Poetry) A mystic journey. [90 words]
A Walk Through Time Part 2 (Poetry) This is a different way of doing the same idea. [90 words]
A War Of Wills (Poetry) - [81 words]
A War Somewhere (Poetry) Will man ever learn. [158 words]
An Ordinary Day (Poetry) - [217 words]
And I Dream (Poetry) - [172 words]
Angels Might (Poetry) - [101 words]
Attila (Poetry) - [78 words]
Birth Of A World (Poetry) - [161 words]
Blue Moon (Poetry) Playing with simple rhyme. [73 words]
Bonny (Poetry) A dedication to a dear friend. [114 words]
Castors Creek (Poetry) Thing changed when... [161 words]
Central America 1400 (Poetry) Hope you are not squeamish. [124 words]
Come Blow Your Horn (Poetry) A foxy story. [86 words]
Congo Stopover (Poetry) A true story. [134 words]
Dance Of The Sandstorm (Poetry) - [92 words]
Daughter Of The Sun (Poetry) - [175 words]
Dawn (Poetry) - [95 words]
Dawn..... Part2 (Poetry) For kavya, hope you like this, let me know. [86 words]
Death Of A Godking (Poetry) - [142 words]
Demons Gods And Heros (Poetry) - [73 words]
Dreams And Logic (Poetry) - [63 words]
Earth Wind And Fire (Poetry) - [40 words]
Earthquake (Poetry) - [77 words]
Echo Of A Green Valley (Poetry) I go there whenever I can. [94 words]
Eternal Winds (Poetry) - [108 words]
Evil Walks (Poetry) - [79 words]
Fairies (Poetry) - [105 words]
Fifteen Friends And A House On The Hill (Poetry) Paradise found. [207 words]
For England And King Harry (Poetry) - [158 words]
Friday Again (Poetry) A magic moment. [59 words]
Getting To Know Me (Poetry) For all my new friends. [201 words]
Go West Young Man Part 1 (Poetry) A new kind of poem would like your opinion to say if it works. [165 words]
Hallowed Ground (Poetry) Beware when you walk in a graveyard after midnight. [103 words]
Happy Christmas To All On Storymania (Poetry) - [53 words]
Hatshepsut (Poetry) Attempted assassination of a queen. [147 words]
Hell Riders (Poetry) In the night they come. [93 words]
Here's To You All (Poetry) A little ditty to you all. [94 words]
He's Done It Again (Poetry) - [49 words]
Hope And The Warrior (Poetry) - [82 words]
Hope Faith And Charity (Poetry) Human nature. [112 words]
Hope's Golden Thread (Poetry) For Rebecca. [88 words]
I Can (Poetry) Just feelings. [102 words]
I Walk In Time (Poetry) - [96 words]
Ihy (Poetry) Magic and myth. [85 words]
Is It True (Poetry) Words that disturb sleep. [98 words]
Just Me And Giov And The Olive Grove (Poetry) - [77 words]
Ladies And Gentlemen Your Comments Please (Poetry) We all need feed back. [134 words]
Life Loves And Death Of Cleopatra (Poetry) - [328 words]
Little Bopeep (Poetry) Well we have to laugh sometimes I am tired of gloom and doom. [50 words]
Looks Like Rain (Poetry) Well got to laugh sometimes. [100 words]
Looks Like Rain Part 2 (Poetry) Come on in now ya hear! [104 words]
Love Is (Poetry) - [75 words]
Love On A Rainy Afternoon (Poetry) Long live rainy afternoons. [81 words]
Miss Winterbottom (Poetry) This was made into a song. [133 words]
Mitsuku's Moon (Songs) Little love song, written several years ago. [76 words]
Monday Again (Poetry) I hate mondays. [127 words]
Morning Mist (Poetry) - [89 words]
Night Dreams (Poetry) - [111 words]
Night Of The Blind (Poetry) - [95 words]
Ode To Autumn (Poetry) To all nature lovers. [129 words]
Ode To Winter Wind (Poetry) - [111 words]
One Sweet Kiss (Poetry) - [66 words]
Out Of Nowhere (Poetry) - [154 words]
Rebecca And Christmas (Poetry) Happy christmas little one. [112 words]
Red Rose (Poetry) - [58 words]
Re-Education Camp Siberia (Poetry) - [42 words]
Ride A Wild Tiger (Poetry) - [20 words]
Sentinels Of Time (Poetry) A yearning to return. [91 words]
Simba (Poetry) Another to my faithfull friend who loves Africa. [67 words]
Someone Special (Poetry) - [97 words]
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The Boy King (Poetry) - [89 words]
The Brook (Poetry) - [105 words]
The Duat (Poetry) Right,let me try and make this as simple as possible, because it is not an easy subject. Seth is normaly the bady, god of chaos, but in the after world, which is like our hell,he is ok.Apophis is the ... [11 words]
The Duat, Part 1 (Poetry) I did a note to help you understand this poem. note.- Re is King of all gods. Field of reeds= heaven Bark= ship Apophis= wicked serpent,who wants to stop you getting to heaven Maat,goddess of balance ... [147 words]
The Encounter In The Forest (Poetry) - [160 words]
The Fairy Queen (Poetry) For D.J.Williford, because she loves fairies. [104 words]
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Will He Won't He (Poetry) - [61 words]
Will You (Poetry) Ye olde merry england type of ditty, tut tut. [137 words]
Zero And Falling (Poetry) - [35 words]
Winter's Song
Diana Venditti

Crackling breaks ice underfoot.
Early morning's frosty hand
Sends shivers down the warmest spine,
And with sparkling stardust clothes the land.

No squirrel runs along the bough.
Robin sings sad winter song.
Misty droplets form to fall.
Winters kiss is cold and long.

Pine logs spit upon the hearth
Icy frost paints cutains fine.
Wonderous pattens upon the glass
Designed as if by hand devine.

Cautious fox now steals dogs food.
Ferret surveys,stands on two legs,
For man's distraction he now waits
To rob the chicken of fresh eggs.

Tom Tit pecks upon the cream
That rises iced from bottle now.
Warmth in the stable you can find
Warmed softly by the placid cow.

Crow sits ruffling feathers on the branch
Hawk watches with his eye so keen.
Little mouse scurries now
So clearly on white land is seen.

Wind whips the white to misty haze,
Thuding falls from branch the snow
Earth sleeps to winters lullaby
Till spring in birth new life will grow.



"LOVED IT ! Right up my alley. I love nature and planting. Beyond my creative endeavors it is my first love. I can appreciate winter for the living things must rest... but, the awakening of Springtime I really Love the best " -- Brion'.
"Hi Brion, glad you loked this one,I was getting a little worried with all the croaks, grunts, snaps etc.God bless D" -- Diana Venditti.
"No snaps and grunts to be cruel...only fooling' around. You have a gift and I like how you mix up the genres to fit your whims. I don't care for the Egyptology stuff, but respect your depiction of it. Bless you too!" -- Brion'.
"Hi Brion, thank you.xD" -- Diana Vendittit .


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December 2004

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