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That Tree, A Selection Of Poems
The poems are from Olutayo's upcoming selection of poems.
[704 words]
Olutayo K Osunsan
Olutayo K. Osunsan was born in Lagos, Nigeria. He is a Christian and currently studying International Business in Kampala, Uganda. He is the author of Strange Beauty; copies can be purchased at leading online bookshops. Olutayo's works have been published in anthologies, magazines, books, E-zines and web sites on four continents, a few have been translated to foreign languages. His poems have been praised by editors and readers alike for its deep spiritual implications; they hold a unique voice that continues to be defined. He is a member of several literary societies and enjoys traveling. He is completing his next collection of poems. Olutayo also writes short stories and lyrics.
[October 2004]
That Tree, A Selection Of Poems
Olutayo K Osunsan

That Tree

That tree stands in the distance of watercolor green
Crafted by the lithe hands of the endorsing African sun.

A monarch in its own right over the damp teas leafs,
Beatles, birds and everyday life on the tea plantation.

Footpaths that fade in wiggling lines below it tell stories
In success and loss about feet that have once walked them.

Heard the conversation of plucked tea leafs washing in baskets,
Tears of women whose husbands drank their wages overnight.

Laborers laugh at their after work conquests in local bars
And has been the umbrella sponsoring lunchtime naps.

Skinny and firm to the base, it defies the wind, time
And the plantation master's axe and unresolved mind.

Gingerly gracious when the shadows walk around it,
That tree reminds me of the brevity of my existence.

The days that have found rest under its branches
Predate perspiring laborer, lost nomadic lovers,
And laud imbeciles trying to make life a misery
When wages are proponed to next week because
Tea price has dropped on the global market.

Sparrows and Swallows

How pure and true is your dwelling-place,
Where the sparrows build their modest home
And the swallows release their shielded young,
By your altar, in your courts, in the sanctuary
Where your glory dwells and is revealed.

My heart yearns and even cries to be a sparrow,
Or a swallow and dwell forever near your altar,
Leaning on your grace, gazing upon your face
And flying freely in your courts with songs.

Songs of adoration at the profoundness of peace
And devotion you pour into your creation.
For not even a sparrow falls without your knowledge
And in the palm of your hands you cup its soul,
Bringing it back with the kiss of love - of life.

The young swallows call your name in the morning,
In anticipation of your visitation to their humble dwelling,
And how much more, I, your beloved image and likeness:
Craving and longing for more and more of you in my life.

What We Share

Waltz with me into this love of ours
To celebrate the simple ticking hours
We pulled through in the strength of love.
Pure and white with the gentle coo of a dove
Is this feeling that travels within my mind,
It tells me that you are one of a kind.
Your words are tucked deep in my heart,
As an inspiration that we will never part;
Ran away with me my dearest love
Into the dreams, hopes and aspirations
That are divine trickles from above.
What we share will span generations.

Mother Song

My mother sang me songs of life
From her youth when she was a daughter,
When wisdom was found in every word
And painted in everything the eyes could see.

She sang:
I was angel in my mother's gaze,
In the shade of love hanging over me;
Shame, a distant gray substance I never knew.

She sang:
Be free my child, be free in your soul,
When you are gray with worries and life
Starts to linger into an endless drag.
Remember this song, the song of life.

She sang:
The song of a mother to her sleeping child,
In hunger, sickness, joy, peace and pain.
Sing this song for as long as you can,
It will always push you along a step a day.

Mother Song II

Sing my son, sing. Songs will drain your worries
And set you on peace, giving you a reason to live.

They might laugh at your voice and mouth,
But it is the heart that sings not the face.

Sings the songs of a million mountains
That your proud heritage ordained.

Be the man of your words that life
Can never break or even bend.

Everyone will have their views
Make sure yours is the truth.

Always learn from wisdom,
No matter how young.

These songs are words
Waking your spirit.

Sing my son,

Who Can Love

Who can stop love:
Love of old age thoughtful of young love,
That was once he and she in their youth
Learning the profound power that it holds.

Who can ignore love:
Love that smiles like a tipsy retard at life,
For years of disappointments, flaws and pains
And still forgiveness in never far out of reach.

Who can deny love:
Love that disrespects limitations, colors, taboos
And sometimes the wisdom of those who have
Been there and seen with their own eyes the fatality.

Who can change love:
Love that knows no lust, pride, hate or remorse
And dies everyday in prickly blood bathed red
When people try to pervert it in their interpretations.

Who can know love:
Love so grand that it's beyond God who had to yield
When he died as Jesus and rose again as Lord to save
Souls He vowed to forsake for all eternity without hope.

Who can love.



"Hi Olutayo, wonderfull its a long time since I have seen such feeling in poetry.I would be most grateful if you would take a look at mine, for example I feel Ihy, The Duat, For England and King Harry are possibly the better ones, kind regards Diana Venditti" -- Diana Venditti, Italy.
"Marvelous...these works are truly marvelous!!!!" -- e. rocco caldwell.


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October 2004

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