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Gratitude by Jacson A Bevens For bringing me to the place I need to be. [282 words]
Fall's Arrival by Hayley Burdett - [73 words]
Every Morning With You by Jacson A Bevens My dreams of waking up next to her. [103 words]
Empty Barnyard In October by Skyler Drevan - [207 words]
Early Morning
Drinking Coffee With Loveliness by Skyler Drevan Loveliness is a metaphor in this poem about whatever makes you smile. [122 words]
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100 Syllables by Jacson A Bevens A short address to the one who left. [58 words]

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Early Morning
[96 words]
Hayley Burdett
I'm a sixteen year old student. I live in a suburb outside Philadelphia. My hobbies consist of writing, reading, going for walks, being with friends, listening to good music, and researching colleges. Eventually, I hope to be a published author.
[July 2004]
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Early Morning
Hayley Burdett

Frost covers the ground,
Trapping green within
Lacy layers of delicate white.
My foot crushes those
Sprigs of grass that
Are frozen in their night stage.
How fragile life is
In the early morning.
The air shakes, quakes
With a flight of geese
Just overhead, disappearing
Into the clouds, on their way home.
October leaves this morning
In a dreary slumber,
Except those mystical human beings
That shun the daylight.
These minutes are mine
For the taking,
Help me calm my shaky nerves
In the anticipation of the upcoming day.
I smile as I glance upward,
Taking in nature's serenade, smell, sights,
And sigh to myself -
I am the keeper of the morning
And its beauty.


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September 2004

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