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The Light Of Love by Kennedy O Obohwemu It's the great light that love gives... [109 words]
Togetherness by Dri Cook Which other thing in this world is as beautiful, sexy, loving and charming as two people deeply i... [161 words]
Classical Feel by Nesam Pillay A short deejaying stint left me with this musical experience. [157 words]
Emotion In Motion by Dri Cook Hey JAG, your piece "Welcome to Storymania", inspired this one. To you, Storymaniacs. I can'... [72 words]
Yellow String by Nesam Pillay A sad love story. [228 words]
Worms In My Grandmother's Garden by Skyler Drevan An old peom I found that I wrote when I was very young helping my grandmother ... [120 words]
Without The Subtle Clouds by Jersey Mike Just a dry day when it should have rained. [97 words]
What Is... by Michael Clates The soul of a disturbed kind.(it's not evil, trust me.) [150 words]
What I See1 by Kristen Gail Diana Ritthaler Its just what I see around the world these days. [102 words]
Visiting Insomnia by Hayley Burdett - [96 words]
To My Best Friend by G N Everyone should have a best friend like I have. [131 words]
To All The Forgotten by Skyler Drevan - [124 words]
This Girl by Jay Little It's about this girl,my first love but the only problem is I didn't know that I loved her until I los... [151 words]
The Words Your Ears Will Never Hear by Jacson A Bevens Addressing loves, past and future. [235 words]
The Vacation In Vain by Skyler Drevan - [42 words]
The Study Of Balls by Skyler Drevan The title may be a bit misleading. [114 words]
The Painful Mistake Of Losing You by Skyler Drevan - [106 words]
The Hound Of Desire by Jersey Mike - [96 words]
The Fruitstand At Lunchtime by Skyler Drevan - [72 words]
The Art Of Writing Poetry by Gary L Reynolds (Aka) Drtigger Just hav'n fun with this one... [167 words]
Talking To Myself by Gary L Reynolds (Aka) Drtigger A poem about how life was when I was growing up and before... [403 words]
Sun Setting, Memories Rising by Hayley Burdett - [69 words]
Spring's Jealousy by Hayley Burdett - [59 words]
Sleep Walking by Gary L Reynolds (Aka) Drtigger A poem I wrote about a dream I had... [122 words]
Silver Enclose by Inchara It describes the beauty of Full moon and moonlit night. [108 words]
She2 by Gary L Reynolds (Aka) Drtigger The actual title of this poem is "She" but I couldn't post it that way here because someone else has alrea... [109 words]
Sangria Dream by Hayley Burdett - [106 words]
Sadie by Christopher Dahm WARNING! Erotic lesbian verse and drawings. [25 words]
Resplendent Nature by Inchara It is about beauty of the nature and how man is in the process of destroying the same. [96 words]
Reinvent The World by Skyler Drevan If I were in charge, this is what it would be like. [206 words]
Reborn by Jacson A Bevens Reaching out to the who broke my heart. [246 words]
Reality Of An Illusion by Robert A Ferguson Poem from feeling. My new fav. [80 words]
Queen Of Hills by Inchara It describes about a beautiful hill station by name Ooty situated in South India. [76 words]
Pillow Daydream by Hayley Burdett - [70 words]
Passion's Ruins by Rae - [56 words]
Passion On Canvas by Nesam Pillay Passionate - Erotic - Adults only! [204 words]
Partners Slowly Slipping Away by Skyler Drevan - [218 words]
Overcoming You by Hayley Burdett - [61 words]
One Perfect Moment by Leah Neeson To see what cannot always be seen. [46 words]
Of The Dream by M Q Walters - [153 words]
Obscurity by Inchara Its about loneliness and self-pity. [73 words]
Null And Void by Erasmus Flynt - [61 words]
Night Life In Nyc by Hayley Burdett - [71 words]
My World by Rocky Rhodes - [132 words]
My Swan Song by Skyler Drevan - [78 words]
My Reality by Kristen Gail Diana Ritthaler It's just who I thought my lfie was taking over me and everything. [142 words]
My Dark Is Dark. by Michael Clates Life for you is easy.Life for me...... [132 words]
Misery Loves Company by Hayley Burdett - [90 words]
Midnight Hour by G N Dark poetry. [140 words]
Love From A Pyromaniac's Point Of View by Hayley Burdett - [26 words]
Lost Hope by G N The way I feel.............. [98 words]
Looking Back... by Jacson A Bevens Would you still make the same decision? [137 words]
Longing For Something More by Hayley Burdett - [56 words]
Living On The Outside by Rhiannon Price - [111 words]
Life Must Proceed by Buxton ? [46 words]
Life Is Like That by Nesam Pillay About an aspect of life. [141 words]
Life And It's Irony by Skyler Drevan - [128 words]
Let Your Heart Roam Free by Leah Neeson Take what is yours. [76 words]
Jailbreak by Hayley Burdett - [73 words]
Is He Yearning Too? by Nesam Pillay Romantic. [84 words]
Intimacy Lost by Jacson A Bevens Passionate writings about a former love. [1,564 words]
Intensely And Beautifully Obscene by Skyler Drevan - [49 words]
Inside 84 Acacia Ave by Mungo Faust - [141 words]
In Transit by Erasmus Flynt A soul makes an unexpected pitstop along its journey. [232 words]
In The Rose Garden by Nesam Pillay Love in a quaint garden? [75 words]
Illusionary by Jacson A Bevens Which one is the real you? [151 words]
If I Had Only Known Then by Skyler Drevan - [36 words]
I Miss Her by Jay Little It's about the girl in this girl. [89 words]
I Didn't Do All I Could (But I Tried) by Skyler Drevan When you haven't done enough, but should have tried. [340 words]
Her Majesty by Inchara It is about goddess and her wonders. [98 words]
He Loves Me, He Loves Me Not by Nesam Pillay Romantic Life. [118 words]
Have Mercy by Jack Frost - [590 words]
Gratitude by Jacson A Bevens For bringing me to the place I need to be. [282 words]
Fall's Arrival by Hayley Burdett - [73 words]
Every Morning With You by Jacson A Bevens My dreams of waking up next to her. [103 words]
Empty Barnyard In October by Skyler Drevan - [207 words]
Early Morning by Hayley Burdett - [96 words]
Drinking Coffee With Loveliness by Skyler Drevan Loveliness is a metaphor in this poem about whatever makes you smile. [122 words]
Drama Called “Life” by Inchara Explains different phases of Life - Past, Present, Future. [105 words]
Double Indifference by Skyler Drevan - [43 words]
Dormant Musings by Erasmus Flynt - [106 words]
Diminishing Soul by Inchara Its about being dejected in love. [70 words]
Deceptive by Rhiannon Price - [133 words]
Death, Dying by Nesam Pillay An aspect of Life. [154 words]
Daze by Nesam Pillay An experience... [172 words]
Dance With Me Forever by G N To that special someone....may we dance forever. [179 words]
Compassionate Darkness by Jersey Mike - [102 words]
California Night by Hayley Burdett - [104 words]
By The Lake by Nesam Pillay Romantic, fantasy for your reading pleasure! [183 words]
Bury Your Yesterdays by Rocky Rhodes I wrote this one for the true love of my life. [143 words]
Attorney At Law by Skyler Drevan - [218 words]
At A Point In My Life by Jay Little The title should say it all and if you read it it'll hit even harder. [112 words]
Angels From The Moon by Buxton - [86 words]
An Ode To Man's Best Friend by Skyler Drevan - [199 words]
An Elusive Rose by Nesam Pillay - [88 words]
Advice by Hayley Burdett - [106 words]
Abuse by Kristen Gail Diana Ritthaler A man beating on his wife till he goes to far. [174 words]
A Visit To Heaven by Dri Cook It's about the moment I reached the top of Mount Sinai, Egypt, few years ago. A moment in my ... [176 words]
A Spark Of Light Through The Valley by Skyler Drevan - [253 words]
A Reflection Of Love by Skyler Drevan - [23 words]
A New Beginning2 by Kristen Gail Diana Ritthaler It's just about how I used to feel when I was 12, and now that I'm 15, I'm finally slowly turn... [162 words]
A Memoir Of Angst by Skyler Drevan - [50 words]
A Description Of Night by Hayley Burdett - [55 words]
60 Seconds
100 Syllables by Jacson A Bevens A short address to the one who left. [58 words]

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60 Seconds
[72 words]
[September 2015]
Abacus Mind (Poetry) This mind will flow, like the wine that was devoured.. [89 words] [Suspense]
Airbourne Without Wings (Poetry) Stop taking control of your life, you live in a world without rules.. [149 words] [Psychology]
Ambigious (Poetry) A poem about a recluse. [107 words]
Angels From The Moon (Poetry) - [86 words] [Psychology]
Are You There? (Songs) For my first love whom I still hope to see one day. [361 words] [Romance]
Asprin Air (Poetry) - [124 words]
Attempted Life (Poetry) A poem about a man about to jump of a cliff, and of his friend's attempt to stop him. [207 words] [Mind]
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Building Bridges (Poetry) A poem on Storymania. [75 words] [Romance]
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By The Morning Sun (Poetry) She's chained to a bicycle man, she's chained to a bicycle gang. [96 words] [Self-Help]
Cassius The Leg, Part Three (Short Stories) Cassius had faced death at least 17 times, but his life was more under threat than ever before?? [543 words] [Erotic]
Cassius-The-Leg (Short Stories) A true story of a young squirrel's fight against repression and a day that would mark the end to social distinction! [648 words] [Adventure]
Cassius-The-Leg, Part Two (Short Stories) After an encounter with wild shop owner Dargeta, our young furry friend is in recovery after a double fernespian transplant... [369 words]
Cleo Bryce (Nine Angels In-Patient Z356) (Poetry) Dedicated to Cleo. A severe pain ran through her and we know why. Sorry I couldn't be your Angel and help more. Tsunami personality 7. [119 words]
Crave! (Poetry) A hungry poem. [92 words] [Art]
Crying For Tears (Poetry) Prediciments are what you make them, no-one can change your life but you, accept it. [165 words] [Motivational]
Dawn Of Dead Dreams (Poetry) A 17 year old man dies in 1915 on the peninsular. His war has finished. His life has been fought in vain. [239 words] [Mind]
Devastation (Short Stories) A one man journal piece, in the events after the end of the world.... [432 words] [Mind]
Devastation 2 (Short Stories) The journal piece of the only women left after the end of the world. 34 year old Emily Carter's diary shows us the total wipeout of the human race. [448 words] [Fantasy]
Devoted To Losing You (Poetry) - [183 words] [Mind]
Dirt (Poetry) A poem about an old friend who I miss speaking to. [82 words] [Teenage]
Divine Misunderstanding (Poetry) Anti-Semetical poem about God. I have my opinion, and my free-will, as do you!! [137 words] [Spiritual]
Doctors Feel Pain Too. (Poetry) - [146 words] [Romance]
Don't Stand On The Grass (Poetry) Title says it all... [134 words] [Nature]
Dream Catcher (Catch Me) (Poetry) - [148 words]
Drunk Pen (Poetry) Breaking up, getting drunk. Is there hope in all that anger? [91 words] [Self-Help]
Empty Shards (Poetry) - [118 words] [Architecture]
Ending Fear (Poetry) A poem about feeling's that sometimes make us weak, and our ability to confront them through the power of word's. [145 words] [Suspense]
Enter... (Poetry) Open your eyes at first light, see the open window, fly through it! [84 words] [Spiritual]
Envy Yourself (Poetry) This poem generates the mind with sub-standard questions that more often than not, don't get answered. [93 words] [Mind]
Eternal Putdown (Poetry) - [84 words]
Ethical Opera (Poetry) A moment where things can turn, where things can leave you, Do you ever lose faith!? [116 words] [Art]
Extinct Since '44. (Poetry) A poem expressing my concern at God. [82 words] [Mind]
Faith Is A Wall (Poetry) A light in the darkest hour. [92 words] [Spiritual]
Fake Thing (Poetry) - [131 words]
Falling Without Faith (Poetry) A real remark on how things are in the world.... [86 words] [Psychology]
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Flatlines (Poetry) - [107 words]
For Gods Sake (Short Stories) - [3,948 words] [Spiritual]
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Granite Miles (Poetry) A poem about my Home City of Aberdeen in Scotland. [129 words] [Biography]
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Hidden Secret (Poetry) - [68 words] [Relationships]
Hoar Kettle (Poetry) - [67 words]
Hoi, Hoi, Hoi, (Short Stories) A pitiful attempt at re-creating something that resembles The Clockwork Orange. Oh well here it goes... [286 words] [Art]
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Hollow For Fools Gold. (Poetry) Another random poem, I feel confused with life at the moment, so this is the result! [117 words]
Honest Angel !! (Poetry) A tribute poem to a part of me that died when someone I loved did the same? Don't mean to be depressing, but hey! [102 words] [Spiritual]
Hurt...... (Poetry) Thank's? [165 words] [Relationships]
I Am Your.. (Poetry) Welcome to my poetry....HATE/LOVE. [172 words] [Psychology]
Immortal (Poetry) - [103 words] [Spiritual]
Imprisoned Freeman (Poetry) - [84 words]
In The Snow (Tonight) (Songs) - [284 words] [Romance]
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Life Must Proceed (Poetry) ? [46 words] [Mystical]
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Living In This Prison (Poetry) A poem about a life not to unfamiliar to yours.. [64 words] [Psychology]
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M. E. (Poetry) A carpet ride.... [98 words] [Fantasy]
Magnetism (Poetry) Not sure what this is about, just random poetry. [94 words] [Mystery]
Mending October (Poetry) - [62 words]
Mind Control (Poetry) - [52 words]
Miss Volcano (Songs) A song about a HOT girl I'm in love with.. [173 words]
Mountain Top (Poetry) Memory is a book, or a string of poems. It is a field of love and a pit of hate, a rhapsody of pain or a grain of remorse. [168 words] [History]
Muse From Above (Poetry) A slap in the face for everything... [165 words] [Mystery]
My Love Life? (Poetry) A protest poem at my love life, or the lack of it?? [1 words] [Self-Help]
My Weapon, My Weakness (Poetry) A turmoil of poetry. [92 words] [Motivational]
Neo-Communism. (Poetry) My bank just p*ss*d me off, and so I write... [147 words]
Night Dream Believer (Poetry) - [145 words] [Fantasy]
Not Here (Poetry) - [174 words] [Mystical]
Now And Never (Poetry) - [53 words] [Biography]
Off The Top Shelf (Short Stories) About a dream I had that let me see what kind of future we all face... [967 words] [Science Fiction]
One Sight At Dawn (Poetry) A forlorn poem mixed with a blend of jaded jealously. [53 words] [Psychology]
Open To You (Poetry) This is kinda an experimental poem, sorry if it's not for you.. [31 words] [Mystery]
Open Water (Poetry) - [58 words] [Mind]
Pitifull Vengance (Poetry) Mixture of darkness and spoiled greed. [89 words] [Architecture]
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Power To Live (Short Stories) - [82 words]
Pre - Society (Poetry) - [134 words]
Pushing You (Poetry) A poem about how love can dissappear, leaving you mentally and physically weak, and about what you sometimes have to put yourself through, to be satisfied that the love has truly vanished... [85 words] [Relationships]
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Quater Full, Three-Quater's Empty! (Poetry) One of those 'angry lash out at anything' poem's, I guess. [122 words] [Mind]
Raspberry Fields (Poetry) A differant direction for me.... [95 words] [Mystery]
Remote Control (Poetry) Dark, with a an edge of Political Satire in there somewhere. [87 words] [Nature]
Rhapsody Of The Night Rain (Poetry) Evolve from a dream, awaken, see your love, but do not be mistaken. [458 words] [Romance]
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Sun Smiles On Morning (Songs) A song, I'm not ussually a song-writer, so all feedback is welcome.. Good & Bad¢¾ [198 words] [Romance]
Sunday School (Short Stories) A short story about Graeme, who at 9 makes the most out of Sunday School by obsessing about his French Teacher, Teresa. [3,592 words] [Humor]
Tears Are Your Gold (Songs) - [238 words] [Romance]
The Bane (Poetry) A man who became the bane of my existance. [195 words]
The Bus-Stop From Hell, If Not Deeper? (Poetry) Ok! so I was waiting for the bus the other day, and Ive never hated so much in my life. [221 words] [Humor]
The Girl With No Face (Poetry) - [100 words]
The Happy Hourglass (Poetry) Final Poem of 2006. [160 words] [Health]
The Living Woman (Poetry) Firstly I am a man. Secondly, I wrote this having witnessed domestic violence from the past. Sometimes I just don't get it. I wrote the last 2 stanza's to give effect to the poem, they are not real!! ... [182 words] [Psychology]
The Misery Pool (Poetry) Swim or sink. [100 words] [Romance]
The Need (Poetry) The alternative Vampire Poem. [92 words]
The Newb. Part 1 (Short Stories) Since the banning of all nuclear weapons, new ways have been created of winning wars. Sasu was a soldier, but his dissapearnce left unanswered questions. The Newb is a creation of the government desi... [674 words] [Fantasy]
They Say It, I Do. (Poetry) Hitman finishes his final hit. [159 words] [Action]
Thief (Poetry) - [127 words] [Psychology]
Thin Ice In A Thin Land (Poetry) Gracious yet slutty?? [97 words] [Fantasy]
Thunder For Sale (Poetry) A slap in the face of everything this world sometimes stand's for... [166 words] [Mind]
Time To Play With Us (Poetry) - [206 words]
Time To Think (About Time). (Poetry) - [64 words] [Biography]
Time Trial (Poetry) - [70 words] [Mind]
Tommorow I Laugh (Poetry) A physical view on somewhere I cannot explain. [171 words] [Mind]
Tried To Forget (Songs) Another song... Again I would like as much feedback from music writers etc. to guide me in my errors!! Thanks. [211 words] [Mystical]
Under My Sea (Poetry) A little poem to pass some time. [38 words] [Popular Fiction]
Under The Bridge (Do Not Cross). (Poetry) A poem about a man who is trying to kill himself, and his wife's attempt of saving him.. gone wrong! Ficton. [440 words] [Horror]
Unspoken (Poetry) My first ever entry here. Don't laugh. [71 words]
Useful Drinker (Poetry) Perpetual hangover. [122 words]
Wait ! (Short Stories) - [797 words] [Thriller]
Was I Wrong Louise? (Poetry) Questioning love! [184 words] [Romance]
Weeping Walker (Poetry) [111 words] [Drama]
What Book's Shall I Read? (Essays) This is more like a mini book review, and the title is something Im asking......carry on! [435 words] [Publishing]
What Part Of You Is Me. (Poetry) - [144 words] [Relationships]
When Are You Really Real?? (Songs) A poem about a wonderful girl that I am thinking about right now..... but for the wrong reasons. [262 words] [Self-Help]
Wind In The Rain (Poetry) A softly gliding poem that floats without care. [116 words]
Yeah, You Can Eat This. (Songs) A song, I not ussually a songwriter and I guess this'll proove it..all feeedback important.Thanks! [156 words]
Zeigfried's Last Stand (Poetry) - [214 words] [Science Fiction]
Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz (Poetry) A sleepy poem to pass the time. [257 words] [Action]
(A)L(M)Ight(Y) (Poetry) Read it, but don't love it. [113 words] [Mystery]
60 Seconds

Think for a minute
The time spent and wasted
On this useless skill
A word makes a sentence
A sentence connects us both
The movement in my mind
Lost in mis-trust

Are you understanding ?
Are you here ?
Will you feel these words
Softly gliding like my fear
Take this notion
And wrap it with hate
Serve it with jealously
On a golden plate from my fate

For words are my anger
And this minute is now not
The time spent reading this
Is another sentence forgot!



"cool poem!" -- km.
"hi Buxton, always nice to hear from you. Thanks for your wondeful comments on my pieces. It's been a long time, yes? I want to let you know that i haven't been here as before, but will keep my work coming, hopefully. So many people here have gone from my life, I feel so sad, but I'm glad I still have you, km and Brian L to get in touch. Sorry to post this message here but don't have your email address. You can email me at any time and delete this message after reading it. I like the style here. "A word makes a sentence", what so many things words can do, like heal and also kill feelings hidden within our souls. Keep it up!" -- Dri.
"U have hit the nail on the head!" -- Az.
"wow. " -- kali, abdn.
"U should learn to treat people with a bit more respect and real feeling before you fill your work with such "feeling" you are actually a disgrace to the male species! Az." -- Az.
"Erm Ok Az, I should hang my head in shame cos u say so...Sure! Learn not to be judgmental to others, your opinion means squat to me." -- Buxton.
"Well Buxton actually you should yes!I tend not to judge people I dont know but as we know each other I c it as ok but I dont suppose you would remember me it was a long time ago and you are ever so busy with this so called poetry you write! You vanished as quick as we met! Then its like I always say "men r like pigs - cheap and full of shit!" You r no exception!Az" -- Az.
"Easy tiger!!!...It's hard enough keeping track as it is..Off course Im not going to remember you... AZ?...what is this like..the Krypton Factor...you think you could swing another clue by me..Like your Bra size???HAHAHAHA-- just living up to my 'pig' hype. All men are full of shit? wow that sux.. I thought we had like..organs and stuff... And when did I vanish, I think I would remember something like that to be honest...It doesn't happen every day. My so called poetry is all I need because without a person like you there would be no more I could feed. If it's you L.F. then please don't bother me , Im a busy man with a life, k ;¬0" -- Buxton.
"well 1st off meow!! Yes all men r full of shit no organs as such no. They keep their brains in their trousers and their dicks on their head hence the term "dick head" The only use we woman have for men is humour they humour us with their stupid ways and dumb comments. You all seem to think that without you men how would we women ever survive well id say better than bloody ever. As for this LF. no im not her but seeing as she is "bothering" you I can only imagine you have screwed her over 2 which makes even more of a jerk! As for this so called "life" of yours, busy at that well if I had your life then the only thing id request is a bullet to put me out of my misery cos between me and you sitting on your tod writing poetry, playing bingo and living with ur mama at 26 yrs old dont sound like much of a life to me! But then again pigs do end to stay 2gether! well im off wouldnt want to keep you from your bingo now would I!Az" -- Az.
"Now , it would normally be quite unlike me to 'butt in' in someone elses argument, expecially one as interesting and mentally stimulating as this... but exceptions have to be made - expecially when the mockery of Bingo begins. Bingo , Kicks Anus. The sooner you admit that the better - and you know it. And you also know i know you know it." -- MunKy, Aberdeen, Aye., Scotland.
"Meow right back at ya KIM..The reason I know it's you is because I have only played Bingo! once in the last four years, since I worked there and that was 1 month ago as part of a night out? ...when incidentally I blew you off...So dry your eye's...we seen each other twice !!!! If this is how possesive and moody you are then thank God it didn't work ...I never even slept with you...so what's the problem here? Your in the wrong place...This is for Grown Up's, go be a good girl and play with the other children Kimmy??? You had your shot at the title, and lost..now take it like a grown up and fuck off." -- Buxton.
"Looking at that!!! I guess i just contradicted everything you said by the Bingo night!!! And if someone's got as much time as it takes to write a review then they have asmuch time to write a poem..so no..Im not on here all night...So much apologies to L.F. if she ever reads this X X X" -- Buxton.
"House !!!!! ..... Sorry about that !, i've got bingo Tourette Syndrome it just comes out." -- MunKy, Aberdeen, Here again., [X].
"Late call Im afraid!!!!" -- Buxton.
"Well well someone has been a naughty boy eh! First digging at "LF" now digging at "Kimmie" you know you really shouldnt be so quick to think you know who I am cos so far you are way off. Although its rather quite simple if you just sit down, calm down and think im sure some1 as "intulectual" as urself will get it. As for LF and Kimmie id say they had a lucky escape! As for playing bingo once one in the last 4 yrs id say that was a little bit of a porkie wouldnt you? Knowing what i know id say so!!!Going back to your message to the last girl thankfully I didnt sleep with you either and thats because I wouldnt lower myself!! Dont think for one minute that your some kind of stud because HAAAA that would have me laughing till the cows come home! The only thing I want from you is to admit that the way you treat women is totally not on! You men may think that we are toys to be played with when you feel like it but sure enough we are not. We actually have hearts and feelings like some of men(well the gays ones anyway)then again who i am to judge maybe you are!(gay that is)aint no shame in it! As for the rest of you so called men, you are a bunch of wannabes watching the world pass you by and the happiness float over your head and all you can do is stare!There is a very somple saying "its nice to be nice" you should try it sometime it wouldnt kill you! I do fear that you will end up a very lonely bitter old man cos what goes around comes around and karma will come around to you boy!Az" -- Az.
"As for Munky I can only pity you!Az" -- Az.
"Reveal yourself and stop playing games....Your obviously not someone that made an impact on me???? and I never slept with you...look in the mirror and figure out why!! You wouldn't lower yourself to sleep with me, but you'll pester me on a website that only a select few know about...who's the sad one? As for the way I treat women, I am a good man that has the upmost respect for women.I through slagging ppl off, I just wanna leave you behind me (where you belong). As for my sexuality, well... Im quite comfertable with who I am, there's no shame at all in being gay, I even saw will & grace a couple of times, but Im afraid Im not that way inclined...:) I treat all people with the respect and dignity they deserve, maybe when I was younger I had a few sleep around's but that was then, when I was a kid. I respect you for trying to help me, but I really don't want to drag this shite out any longer than it has gone already...so if there's a problem and you want to chat, aquire my phone no.....Or better yet let's play games...who's who? Give me a clue plz!! " -- Buxton.
"LOL Nowt like a women scorned eh!. I also know Graeme personally and to say hes a male pig is bS.. Sounds like u didnt get any BuxtonLove ma darling and should likely stick to your fantasy guy as bux is in no way a bad guy Liberty taking prick sometimes but tbh darling arent we all In for a penny Out for a pound Live with it Az and emm .........MoVe oN ThIs bOaT HaS SaILEd.." -- JaseyBoi, Aberdeen, Aye its country how?.
"I cant believe I never slept with you...No wonder your so [email protected] make sure that your post goes to this address from now on plz " -- Buxton.
"Kim, I know it's you....all of a sudden there's posts coming thru in a place where there never was b4..Hmmm strange, or coincindental.. And so feckin what If Ive played Bingo twice in four years..is that really supposed to hurt me or something?? Kim plz don't bother me again, ok? not even in my next life, ta." -- Buxton.
"Ok listen you little fuck weed! Aint nobody talks about ma mates like that ok Buxton! I aint Kim but I am her mate and I just thought that she deserved an apology from you after the way you treated her she is a very good and loving person and the least you could have done was give her an explanation as to why! I think its the least she deserves first you are all loved up on her and wanting to go to greece with her and then all of a sudden she doesnt hear from you and you do a runner when you see her. I thought you was a man and you cant even face her! Your pathetic!You have her number at least you can explain if it aint to much trouble all she wants to know is why!Its bang out of order. You can also apology for slagging her off on this website cos it aint her if you wanna slag any1 slag me cos I really dont give a shit what you or any1 else thinks about me!As for the posts everywhere well even i dont know about that soz.Az " -- Az.
"Listen up yourself !! When exactly did I do a runner?? I remember I was the one sitting there and she ran past me..k. And whatever it has to do with you is beyond me...WE WENT ON 2 DATES...I SEEN HER TWICE..I DIDN'T MARRY HER...GEES.. get a fucking life woman. Sounds like your the one that's wanting to go out with her!! I will apologise for saying what Ive said about her on this website...but Im certainly not going to apologise for something that works 50/50 and never got past two dates....fuck off and goodbye!" -- Buxton.
"And if anything you need to be a better mate ...I know the signs of Depression and she has it. So burst that little pink bubble of yours and look closer to home for the problems, I understand what happened with her sis. was hard on her, If u speak to her she'll understand why I cant be the one to help her. It's too much." -- Buxton.
"Listen I know perfectly well whats wrong with ma friend thats why i think you need to explain to her why u did what you did. What you did just pushes her further over the edge and doesnt help me help her now does it! She thinks its something that she did when we both know thats its not you led her on Greame I think the least you can do is apologise and put her mind to rest maybe then I can focus on picking her up cos right she dont wanna get up!Az" -- Az.
"You think you can tell me to say sorry, after all the stupid little games youv'e been playing...no chance love...How about you say sorry to me for making a mess of my work...Then maybe we'll get somewhere? And it's Graeme...not Greame." -- Buxton.
"I just wanted to make a quick fool of you (Columbo Styliee) :Ok so in the 1st reply you say ' You vanished as quickly as we met ' ...now that to me suggests that we have met each other on some level. you then say that Im well off the mark when I guess wildly at my tormentor being Kim, you also seem to be avoiding knowing her, almost in 3rd person? You then admit that your her mate?? You seem to know (or presume to know) so much about me but in real life but would have never met me..you also say you haven't stooped down lowly enough to sleep with me...you would never of had the honour if we neva met. So let me get this clear, you have never met me but you know that I have played bingo in the last 4 years, you wouldn't sleep with me, but maybe you would have liked to taste the forbidden fruit...and as we never met how do you even know what I look like? So in conclusion I know your Kim...you can dance around it all you want but to put yourself in 3rd person terms leads me to believe that you (kim) are AZ....anyway Im more than bored at all this so the next fullstop is the last." -- Buxton.
"Bingo !" -- MunKy.
"Well all I can do now is pity you I guess and the fact that your most probably gonna land a bitter lonely old man with just your "poetry" to keep you company.Good luck mate oh and by the way Kim is Greece now so its obviously not her writing this cos im sure shes got a hell of a lot of better things to do where as I on the other hand enjoy emensly winding you up! So you see as much as you may want me to be Kim I aint dude!Ciao." -- AZ.
"I know stupid me...they don't have computers in Greece...oh well.Fancy a date Az..Just so I dont end up lonly and bitter, please your my only real hope of finding a woman.Im 26 and Im scared Im not going to find anyone before I die of old age....HaHaHaHaHaHaHaHaHaHaHaHaHaHaHaHaHaHaHaHaHaHaHaHaHaHaHaHaHaHaHaHaHaHaHaHaHaHaHaHaHaHaHaHaHaHaHaHaHaHaHaHaHaHaHaHaHaHaHaHaHaHaHaHaHaHaHaHaHaHaHaHaHaHaHaHaHaHaHaHaHaHaHaHaHaHaHaHaHaHaHaHaHaHaHaHaHaHaHaHaHaHaHaHaHaHaHaHaHaHaHaHaHaHaHaHaHaHaHaHaHaHaHaHaHaHaHaHaHaHaHaHaHaHaHaHaHaHaHaHaHaHaHaHaHaHaHaHaHaHa...no but really Az ..if you think your hot and your not depressing let me know.XxX I want to see the face behind this cherade.. LOL @ Munky..." -- Buxton.
"Funny that cos i thought ur last full stop was thelast yet your still replying you cant help yourself. And as far as you go I aint that desperate mate even if I was single there aint no way!! As for being depressed I aint in the slighest I love life and live it to the full which is why I cant understnd why u waste so much of your time on this "poetry" you wanna get out and get a life cos believe life is addictive you wont never look back. Ciao Az" -- Az.
"well since it's my work, I can put the fullstop where I want...and why do you keep going on about loving life..You know me through a saddened girl...I left her cos I didnt want to be sad, yet u think u know me and my life...trust me, my life is full of fun, more than you'll ever know....and once I make my fortune it'll be people like you who'll be left in my dust tracks.....Your the type of girl who'll meet her husband in a nightclub, the guy will be to drunk to care who he sleeps with, you'll then use the usual mindgames to marry him, probably trapping him into fatherhood, pop out 5 stupid kids, get battered every other night, live in torry for the rest of her shit life, and as her withered body stares down into the bottom of an empty bottle, she'll cry 'wondering where and how it all went wrong', by then of course it's to late for you to change, you'll end up in a 1-bedroomed midden staring at the brown walls night after night, drinking yourself further into your own grave..sound familiar...it's called 'YOUR FATE'. So I suppose my point is, don't worry about me being happy, cos I am...I would concentrate on your own future and feelings...Now if u don't mind..Ive got a life to attend..and when I do end up an old man, if I do, then I will remember you, and may even forgive you.." -- Buxton.
"I wouldn't waste your time m8...altho. it would be funny to see whats in there...I'll deal with this biatch, but chz for the offer, I may still take you up on it:)" -- Buxton.
"Well buddy I have the feeling that you are very confused infact so confused that you have confused your own fate with your own! I have everything I could ever want and more and as for you forgiving me its not something il lose sleep over cos quite frankly I dont give a damn. Every1 is entilted to theie opinion and you have yours fair enough but no need to get bitchy cos I turned you down cos for someone whos life is so fullfilled you seem to do nothing your in a dead end job, write poetry 4 a hobby or "living" as you like to think it will make you famous :) quite funny really! or maybe sad is the word im looking 4. And lets not 4get the bongo laying on a saturday nite A SATURDAY NITE!! Need I say more! As for knowing you through a saddened girl , refering 2 your previous statement about "why kim would know you couldnt be with her" well I know now and you are a hypocrite to judge cos from where im sitting you seem to have the problem fighting your depression and your poetry is just a mask for it so b4 you critise others you, you wanna kurbs your own "issues".Az" -- Az.
"As 4 aNon bring it on you will make my day! Im quite handy with a computer myself you know.Az" -- Az.
"*Yawns* And lets not 4get the bongo laying on a saturday nite A SATURDAY NITE!! -Please make sense, Unless it translates into Bingo Playing...clutching at straws now poppet. We already had this episode didn't we? My job is sad...I'll give you that...where do you work? It must be disneyland or the Circus before your stooping low enough to slag off my work:). WHERE DO I WORK? WHAT DO I DO? do you know? and your poetry is just a mask for it so b4 you critise others you, you wanna kurbs your own "issues".Az" -- Az Hate to bring this to attention, but scroll up the screen and see who began this. That would be you. "Well buddy I have the feeling that you are very confused infact so confused that you have confused your own fate with your own! - Im confused !!!! ?? Look, you can't even go two sentence's without making a fool of yourself.....enough said? I love you too sweetie X " -- Buxton.
"Oh yeah get me where it hurts my spelling now who is stooping low?!? 2 my recollection your job used to be a bingo caller and now you work in pittodrie doing something or other and also something to do with the weather ive always hated the weather man he brings nothing but bad news! Oh you will be rich and famous before you know it! as for your "issues" you called my kimie a saddened girl cos she suffers depression but mate so do you as you have already admitted in your own way so dont be such a hypocrite and critisize when you know damn well what its like. As for my profession granted I dont have the best job in the world but as least I dont live in laalaa land of the wannabe rich and famous. I am an estate agent. As for the "poppet" comment well your just showing your age now pal. You may think im a fool but that just means that you also are a fool because your still playing this game with me darlin as i thought you just cant resist a bit of banter. See ya sweetheart. Az." -- Az.
"Can't blame me for the Weather...but you'd love too eh? Look here's the crack.... Kim wasn't my type, she seems like a nice enough person but at the end of the day I chose not to pursue her, depression is a serious matter that affects lots of people, it affected me once upon a time through a serious death. But now through time Im all better, as Kim will get better through time..When I met her I never knew of her problem untill the first date....Maybe I did lead her on a bit, just because I thought she was alright....but then on our second date she cried in Sunset Boulavard...I know it's shit from me, but I was mortified. Why should I have to go through the emotonial trauma of someone I just met. But that was then and this now...I don't feel I need to explain my actions to you of all people, but hey! I just did... Anyway the only reason Im still continuing this is because I always get the last word!! and I will. Give me your MSN name!" -- Buxton.
"You and I are 2 of a kind i need the last word 2 and even if this goes on 4 years 2 come then so be it but im so stubborn that i WILL win and I hate to lose. Ok fair enough you cant handle Kim but the least you could have done was explain to her not just ignore her thanks to you she now believes that there are NO decent men and as much as id like to agree I know thats not true. Im not saying that you ought to have fell madly in love with her but I think at least you shold have treated her with enough dignity and respect to have explained and none of this need have happened and I wouldnt be bitting your brain now.As for my MSN name I dont think you will need that now will you ?!? Az" -- Az.
"Fair enough, I do owe Kimmie a reason...and you probs wont believe this, but 1 week after we went our way's, I got an upgraded phone, and for some reason the numbers which I had, including Kim, were all lost. I probably would have got in touch with her eventually if I had the access to...but such is life eh!. Tell her from me, that Im truly sorry for what happened, it wasn't her doing, but mine, she's a good looking girl who needs more confidence in herself, if not the world around her. Mention that time outside McDonald's, when I was almost in a fight cos someone called her a name. It's little thing's like name calling that slowly chips at your confidence, bringing you down, she has to take a stand and fight back....no-one has the right to say anything bad about her, cos she's a top lass. As for the last word....years it is!" -- Buxton.
"Well actually ur right i dont believe that cos she txt you and also tried to call you n ur fone wasent off so therefore you would have got her number from that. However im satisfied you have apologised that all I want was for you 2 apologise. As for the name calling people can call kim what they want if she doesnt know them she doesnt care but she does care when its people she knows talking about her like your previous comment about her looking in the mirror 2 c why u dumped her you should take your own advice. And dont worry mte ive got years!Az" -- Az.
"Well guess you've got me there...lol. Thing is, I don't care about her, although you are warming your way up the Ranks, to get a shot at the title!!! So stop this messing about, give me your first name at least, since you know mine...Unless I already know it (kim). You got years, I got years, we all got years...so what? Here's my apology to kimmie, FUCK OFF." -- Buxton.
"Your very ammusing in your own little way cos you say that now but im satisfied cos you've already apologised despite what your saying now so I have the apology for kim that I wanted. As for a shot at the title, well all I can say is your out of your depth mate. You constantly contradict yourself 1 min your saying shes a nice lass and the next you dont give a damn and your telling her to fuck off so please make up your min which is it?!?! As for my first name I dont think that is need to know information but hey you never know you might catch me out 1 day cos like you say we have years 2gether but in the mean time you just call me Az. Az" -- Az.
"Out of your depth--more than you know Mrs!! What does Az stand for at least give me that? And Im sure kim is sleeping better knowing that I apologised to her... " -- Buxton.
"1st of all its MISS not MRS im not that much of a male fan to be married quite yet! As for kim she was sleeping fine b4 believe me but the apology was long time over-due! As for my name AZ has nothing to do with my name I just made it up plucked letters from the air so sorry to disappoint you but your not even warm yet better luck next time. :P Az" -- Az.
"Can we just drop the Kim thing plz...if she's happy with my apology then Im ecstatic with it all...Az means something whether you meant it or not..And why are you nae into men at the mo. --Just realised that you have absolutly no concept of what there all about, apart from what you've seen on Corrie! Or are you femme de les? Minague a'twa?etc? I bet your a total lesbian, that's why your so uppity about men, and have this thing about protecting all female's against the horror of men..We men are wretched thing's...but at the end of the day if you don't like em, then don't sleep with them...but you just can't fill that void without us can you? your name isn't Debbie is it? If so...OMG!" -- Buxton.
"Well well quite a contradiction there 1st im a lesbian and then you assume I sleep with men! Please make up your mind! My comment was just relating to me not liking men enough to marry 1 at the mo I enjoy my freedom 2 much my bf is lovely but i think im a bit young to marry ive still got so much to see. Debbie??! Nope not close im afraid not even the right letter. Well first you think im LF then you think im Kim now Debbie just how many woman have you annoyed. I hear you might be looking 4 a new job soon well dont worry old people (well and you) need their bingo so you will have something to go back 2. as for filling a void there aint 1 to begin with men are merely toys to play with :P just kidding of course we need you just like you need us but that dont mean we have to like you! :) As for the lesbian thing your probably wishing I was cos at least then it would give you some reasoning as to why I would turn down a super sexy stud like yourself! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA well you humour me at least! Az " -- Az.
"Looking for a new job??? No - not at the moment anywayz. And Im definatly never going back to Bingo! That much is certain....Your source(s) are wrong Im afraid... Thinking about being a M.D. actually..But then again you knew that,right? Give me some clues at least to who u are? Have I ever met you, in the physical sense of shaking hand's etc?? Does your first name begin with a J? Are you old enough to drink? Stud? ...there deeply disturbed individual's who have a lot of emotional problem's so they try2jump from girl to girl trying to emulate their own version of what love is...unfortunatly, when they sense the tiniest bit of rejection they move on leaving behind them a trail of women who know nothing about this feeling. So am I a stud? No, Im not.. Im a normal guy who's safe in his feeling's, and treat's women with respect..I never go out to upset anyone, but Im a man..and they are women and that's the way of it.. Then again maybe I am a stud, I always seem to get weird women tracking me down on forum's and stuff... Marriage, don't even get me started on that....If you don't go to church every week then there's absolutly no point of it. Anyway give me a clue, even if it's the shittiest clue ever, I humour you! now humour me!!" -- Buxton.
"An M.D well la de da! but then of course i knew that ;) im a woman all knowing, all seeing :P We have never actually as such we have seen each other although you may not know but it wasent a formal meeting. Yes I am old enough to drink :) Nope im not a J but I guess your not that far away.I think thats a small enough clue. as for the marriage thing and church everyday i wouldnt say i quite agree with that but hey every1 has there beliefs.P.S. your clue 4 today is im 5"8.well you did say a shitty clue.Az" -- Az.
"Church thing meaning - marriage is a christian concept - Q; Do i even know your name? Does it begin with a K? as in K for Kim...What kind of scene did I met you in ?>? Was it like, town, pub, club, or a totally differant place all together. I'm never getting married...and if I do it's in a little reception..none of this fancy la de da white wedding shite.So to all my adoring fan's out there who read this...keep in mind! 5"8 = Oh Yeah! now I remember you?????????O.K that was the shittiest clue of all time tbh.A better one plz, it's only fair cos you know me..." -- Buxton.
"Guess who? Ha bet you were gettin happy eh thinking you had the last word but no no my friend i have been sunning myself in sunny spain :) but now im back so did you miss our little bickering sessions? bet you did :P In regards to your last mesage we met in a club environment as for never getting married im sure you will change your mind once you find your "Miss Right" Nope you dont know my name sorry and i dont think its something you need to know you can call me AZ for now. Ok let me see im 5"8 with darkish hair and i think thats enough to be getting on with for now. Enjoy Az" -- Az.
"Dammit....Thought I had won...Hope you had enough of the sun in Spain, cos there's none here!! So I don't know you, iv'e never met you, and I don't know what you look like.....Sound's like my love life in one. Bickering session's are fun, they keep me on my toes!!!Speaking of marriage, Im best man THIS saturday at my mate's wedding....Im sh1tting myself!! Anyway I was wondering who your poor source was...from a couple of post's ago? Birnie? Chatham? I aint spoke to them in ages..got to go for the nOo but I will find out." -- Buxton.
"I told you I never lose! Well good luck with the weddind bet you will be a hoot ;p As for "birnie" and "chatham" I can only assume they are names as odd as there but sorry dont know them. Anyway we have been through this im a friend of kimmies my lil baby kimmie but im soooooo gutted so say that I dont mix with her "associates" NOT! They are not what you would call my cup of tea. If you are refering to the post about your job I read it in the evening express and saw it on the news they were thinking about closing the MET office so you see some of my sources are letit.Have fun with the bridesmaids (well it is tradition) see ya :) Az" -- Az.
"I had heaps of fun at the weekend, the speech went brilliant as was the wedding, Unfortunatly all the bridesmaid's were taken, execpt for the 4 year old one !!! Birnie, I thought you would have known at least...she's good mates with kimmie! How is the girl anyway, hope all is cool with her. And by the way I dinnae work for the MET office...When you next watch the 'Grampian News' look out for the Weather report, and that logo at the bottom is us. We make too much money to ever get closed down... Ok - Clue time, I know you said that your an estate agent or something, so what company do you work for? And I do remember a girl walking in with kim, that night in Bud Bar...when I was leaning against a post...was that you, not that I remember too much about it!?" -- Buxton.
"Glad all went well at the wedding shame about the bridesmaids though eh ;) As for birnie i told you before i dont associate with kims friends so no i wouldnt know her. They are not exactly what you would call my cup of tea. Shes doing fine though getting there gradually as we all are though eh. Cant tell you the company afraid thats 2 much info I mean I wouldnt want you to come looking for me now would I?!?! As for the bud bar thing i couldnt really tell you sorry.Az" -- Az.
"I think you know what must come of it all..I refuse to believe you have a boyfriend...and I also refuse to give up on believing that this little cherade is leading US no-where, if Im wrong then Im wrong. But Im unussually always right.Cellar door. What exactly is your cup of tea? A person who doesn't challenge you? From what Ive gathered so far, you seem to be the kind of person who doesn't stray to far from the shore and like's her home comfort's, and on the odd occasion has the cliche 'Up-town' blow out....Or is that a bad judgement call? My point is my dear, we all have bad days, we all have good days, and we all have days when we want to scream out at the top of our lungs, Im a poet, I know about human emotion and raw feelings. How many people get a decent reaction from you? How many people on this planet make you feel like a Queen? How many people make you smile for no reason? You know that smile that I speak of! So i suppose what Im getting at here is, do you want to stay on your current course through life, or are you looking to free yourself from routine and order? x" -- Buxton.
"Oh dear! I do write a plethra of shite when Im drunk..." -- Buxton.
"Well I can see where the poet thing comes from but im sorry my friend this time your barking up the wrong tree im the total opposite of what you think. Im what you call a free spirit I like to sometimes up and go wherever the wind may take me I think it exciting and I great relief from "reality".Of course everyone has good days and bad days but I tend to look on the up side and find a positive of the bad day.As for my "cup of tea" kms friends are people that I dont tend to associate with, like herion addicts and rather how can i say it erm.....loud and trouble-seeking people shall we say to put it in a nice context.As for our "little cherade" its not meant to leads us anywhere its just a bit of playful banter.As for my boyfriend sorry to tell you but wrong again im afraid its true. I dont have routine and i dont have order and that the way i like it, its just the way im made.As for feeling like a queen my bf does a pretty good job of taking care of me i like to think but if i was single i would have much better things to do with my life than wait for a man to fall at my feet and dote on me! Smile....nothing better in a person that a smile it warms right to the heart and makes you smile back and you have no idea way a smile is infectious and its great. Some people believe that love makes the world go round I like to think its laugter cos everyone can laugh but not everyone has someone to love and nothing in the world feels better than a right good laugh its better than sex....well almost :P so my friend sorry to set you a blow but you aint right about this one but hey il let you decide on that one.by the way i love a challenge.Az" -- Az.
"Yeah about that, wowee I was drunk. Good to know that your a free spirit tho. I hate all these ppl who dedicate their lives to keeping it prestine. Im seeing a girl at the moment, nothing worth bragging about, but she's got this thing about going up town every weekend, and that aint my thing...So i think another one may bite my dust...lol, I mean that in the nicest possible way, and 'no' she doesn't know about this poetry, i hope, sorry if you do, but hey! Anyway im thru fighting with woman I just do what im told nowadays. What's your boyfriend's name? At least give me that....You practically know my family tree! Yeah, your right about the whole Laughter thing...I love laughter. Here's a good one for you, How do you make a door cry?......Kick it in the knob!!! A five year old told me that, and had me in knots for hours. Anyway got to fly! A challenge you say...Trust me, if you ever have the luck of meeting me you'll see a challenge! lol" -- Buxton.
"A 5 year old eh well al I can say is im glad he aint my kid!Although not a bad joke.I dont go out every weekend I cant be doing with that every weekend I go out like 2 times a month r so otherwise I do other things cinema, dinner etc.Instead of dumping her why not try to get her to do different things with you instead of clubbing. Im not telling you my bfs name cos this is between me and you it aint got nothing to do with him so that aint fair. As for your family I dont know as much as you think i do although I do know you have quite alot of brothers and sisters.So to conclude il think of a semi-decent clue for you for next time.See ya .Az" -- Az.
"5 Year old was friends lil bro btw... I probs wouldnt know your bfd anyways. Na, she's gone! not really into her as much as I first thought. And a name like belinda, no tar.. Although a rose would smell as sweet if it went by any other name...she didn't. So! what kind of music are you into? I bet your a line dancing chick. What colour o hair do you have? where were you born? Christ, this is like guess who. But I will figure this all out,trust me I will. Its currently 6:30am, I have worked a full week solid (nightshift), and am gasping for ma bed, canna wait! Aye I do have a lot of bro's and sisters, 11 to be exact,. Although not one of them live in Aberdeen, but being the youngest has it's perks. And with two of them living abroad it's ace for holidays. I hate cinema's, I like dining out tho. I prefer picnic's and beach's are cool. Im going on a euro trip with a mate in 2 months, tenting it up, and getting wasted in the dam for sure, do you take a smoke:)? Anyway I feel like Im writing a novel here...Make sure it's a decent clue eh! See ya." -- Buxton.
"Line dancing?!?! Oh yeah i love that (mmm i think not) il give anything a try really music wise but i like r and b and soul and i HATE that beet beet dance shit THAT AINT MUSIC i feel very strongly about that its the fastest way 2 a head ache but hey its must have some fans right?!?! I have dark hair(quite long), light eyes, average looking and 5"8(which you already know). Im a born and breed aberdonian. What about you? WOW thats a hell of alot of brothers and sisters i admire your mum shes a brave lady and must be so patient im afraid im not the patientist person in the world. They have the right idea about moving though why pass up the sun and unknown for aberdeen?!?Tenting that aint for me im afraid i like ma bed 2 much.Nope i dont smoke anything cigarettes or anything else (filthy habit) but hey each 2 their own eh.Dont work 2 hard.AZ" -- Az.
"Yea my mum rox, but Im moving out for good soon...and she's moving to Inveruruie. ME ! Youv'e seen me, No? Well Im 6ft 12st, brown eyes and hair. And a hell of a personality..so Iv'e been told. I do smoke, although I'm trying to quit, I do smoke the weed to...Christ! who doesn't these dayz (apart from you): And I enjoy it, it's not about smoking pot and looking cool or whatever.. for me it's about being able to relax to the point in which the world around me doesn't affect me when I'm not high. If I never smoked pot, I'd be too self-concious, anxious, worried about other peoples opinions and basically a raging saturday night alcoholic fighting twat. We all need a realease from the world, and too many seem to think that getting pissed is the only answer, when for a hell of a lot cheaper and much more fun (In My Opinon) we get stoned and babble absolute shite about the universe and our morality etc etc It's never affected me in any way, PPL say that it's linked to schziophrenia,WOW ! How many hundred's of thousands die every year because of liver poisoning related to drinking a man-made drug! When cannabis is a natural source!!?!?...But like you say every person has their own thing, and for me it's that. How can you not like tenting...It's quality. Go anywhere you want, anytime you want and pitch up. Saying that I reckon we might be staying in a hostel whilst in Holland..bollocks to pitching a tent whilst being stoned. Also going around S. France, Italy, Germany, Portugal, and maybe spain if we have enough ££'$...Cant wait. Yeah Music...Im listening to nine inch nails, white stripes new one, and various other stuff...I agree 100% with the "bang" "bang "booomf" BoooOmf" music...hate it, and hate anyone who says it's good....Anyway for now! See ya.." -- Buxton.
"I agree with cannabis if its for pain relief and things like that but just for the crack I dont really see the point. Cannabis tends to affect people with depression and makes it slightly worse well thats what they say but hey i wouldnt know to be honest I aint a doctor but hey maybe one day :) I agree with the drinking though getting pissed tends to enlarge the problem not make it vanish.I dont do pot and I dont know anyone who does (well apart from you) ohand one other but he has serious problems.I have seen you my question was relating to where your originally from not what you look like. To chill out a nice glass of wine and a lovely piece of chocolate does me im a very simple kinda girl the basics do me not all the fancy stuff of course everyone would enjoy nice things but hey why worry about things you dont have, be happy with what you've got.Ive been to germany it was very nice i went the centre, Kassel (Baunatal) it was beautiful and the weather was fine. been to a few other places but none of the above barr germany.Anyway off for lunch catch ya later.Az " -- Az.
"Thats the thing I never seen the point of smoking anything at all, when I was 19 I was on my way to becoming a tennis player and a good one at that....Then one thing after another happened, and I ended up smoking pot, and since the age of 23 been smoking, so I can see where your coming from with the whole 'dont see the point', because I was the same before I did it and know I'm glad I did. I've been abroad before as well a few 18-30 holidays etc etc nuff said. Anyway I like the weed, you dinna I can live with that, and besides It's not as if Im going to be doing this my whole life...Youth is wasted on the young and I intend to live my life, then get a career...Not the other way around. I know that I would regret things when im older like not doing this, that, the next thing...I want a full life, like I said earlier, i always unussually always get what I want. Thats me working another week long shift...CBA. See yax" -- Buxton.
"I enjoyed this poem and it really reminded me of this one poem that I wrote on time. Please tell me how you have so many revies on just one poem? Im dieing on my knees to know." -- Aryka, Oakland, TN.
"Em - Not all of em are reviews...Im afraid to say..Ashamed to say, but if you read you will see what I mean...almost poetry itself." -- Buxton.
"Boo Baby guess who? bet you thought you had won huh NEVER! not reviews?? of course they are they are all constructive critisim. You love it really." -- az.
"Dammit ! I thought I had won..aw well next time. Constructive critism!!! Debatable? Hey can you do me a favour and register for my friends new website > www.thepoodlesdoodles.com < based in the 'deen... So hows you anyway, been up to much lately? Still got a b/f ? Howz Kimmi? anyway hit me back for a wee gabber!!" -- Buxton.
"Hey nope im not registering but thx fot offering i fear it may be a trap :) better luck next time. Havent been doing much lately nope just working hard and living life. Yeah Kimmy is fine i think hacvent spoken for a bit had a bit of a fall out but sure we will sort it out soon. So how about you been on hoilday yet I could go back and check the previous but cant be bothered so il wait for your reply instead. So already for xmas whats santa bringing you have you been a good boy? Anyway off now talk to you soon." -- Az.
"Hey Julie? The website aint a trap although I suppose it could be..lol.. I've been very good this year, so i expect heaps from Santa..how about you!? Hope you and kimmie are back to being mates soon, there's nothing worse than when friends fall out over arguments. I aint been on holiday yet, my good friend is a bit uder the weather at the moment, so we'll save up some cash and do the 'dice holiday' in the summer.. I told you it was a dice holiday right? I would scroll up the page too, but I cant be arsed neither :)... Anyway I hope you have a good christams, and if I dont hear from you have a GoOd New Year too X-- Is your name Julie?--" -- Buxton.
"Sorry 2 disappoint you but wrong again your not very good at this game are you? I wouldnt be very good either if I told you my name now would I?! Glad to hear you've been a good boy and hope santa is good to you like you think he'll be. Enjoy your new year and il think of a good clue for you over the new year(il make it a good one) but as I told you b4 my name doesnt begin with J but its not far away from the right letter.Good luck :P " -- az.
"Not Julie!! Hmm.. I give up on the name thing, I defo. don't know you and even if I did know your name, I don't think it would make anything clearer..lol.. Wow so yeah, New Year has passed us by and we are now into 2k6, I hope you had a quality time at Christmas too. I got most of the things I was after, missed out on the car and house tho. Dammit Santa. Then New Year came around, that was fun... I think! Most of it was a blur tbh. Did you go to the Castlegate? We did, went to see the Proclaimers..t'was cool. Anyway hon', hit me back for a yak, and make sure the clue is awesome to the point where I know more.. You single yet? If not, hurry up..lol.. See Ya XxX" -- Buxton.


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