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Personification Of Winter
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Personification Of Winter
[64 words]
Hayley Burdett
I'm a sixteen year old student. I live in a suburb outside Philadelphia. My hobbies consist of writing, reading, going for walks, being with friends, listening to good music, and researching colleges. Eventually, I hope to be a published author.
[July 2004]
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Personification Of Winter
Hayley Burdett

my breath escapes me
in a silvery mist.
winter has dug a hole
in my heart, inserted
his seed within my soul.
his icy fingers grasp,
ring my neck.
why has he left himself
in the resevoir of my mind?
he just won't let me
escape this nightmare.
i just want the normalcy of
a wonderful spring afternoon.
and you, why must you keep chasing
the memory of you and me
with winter trailing your feet?



"I will show my ignorance by admitting that I know little of the technicalities of poetry writing. The only way I am able to judge it is by whether it conjures up images for me that are interesting - or not. This is one of those pieces! Very well done." -- Erasmus Flynt.
"I am speechless...you are one of the finest poets on this site!" -- e. rocco caldwell.


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July 2004

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