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Bittersweet, A Collection
A collection of verse.
[1302 words]
Lissa N Metz-Gomez
Currently living in Colorado with my two cats, hoping to move back to California soon.
[August 2005]
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Bittersweet, A Collection
Lissa N Metz-Gomez

The chains that bind
free my soul
lift me up
soaring on wings of steel
and leather
you and i
bound together
in eternal bliss

your whip
lashes out
like a serpent's tongue
kissing my skin
raining perfect misery
on every inch
making pleasure
all the sweeter



Lissa Noelle Metz


sweet, swirling
take a sip
of your lusciousness
don't miss
a drop
in my mouth
acidic and yet
perfumed with
notes of
slightly bitter
to the tongue
but so
are you
I live
for you
I drink
you in
you become
a part
of me



Fear Not
Lissa Noelle Metz


into the darkness
I search
for your heart
the downward
spiral of jealousy

Fear not, my love
for, I do trust
bravery comes slowly
be patient
love grows
only where
seeds of understanding
are deeply rooted



Lissa Noelle Metz


The crisp white
of the sheets
upon which you lay me down
cold like ice, yet
warmed by our fire
the sun is in a jealous rage
only the moon looks upon us
blushing at the sight
two lovers stealing time
from the universe

Forbidden love
entangles my heart
blooming in its secret chambers
a flush of red
in the heat of passion
you take me over
my body
my soul
my mind
are yours forever



Lissa Noelle Metz


Merciful heart
beats truth
in all the darkness
show me the light

touch me
when my skin begs
to feel you

People in pain
despair rains down
on empty souls
make me whole again

set me free
let me fly to you
enslaved once more



Into Oblivion
Lissa Noelle Metz


I am tumbling
sliding into oblivion
my eyes do not see
they hear
my tongue does not taste
it feels

And I am falling
faster and faster
until I'm no longer real
the tears I cry
aren't for me anymore, but
for the "us" that cannot be

And I am floating
on a sea of confusion
I'm walking on water
But my heart is sinking
who will save me
when I come up for air?

And I am melting
into a puddle
is it blood, are they tears
no, they're words
flooding into my mind
and out through my lips



Monday Morning
Lissa Noelle Metz


There is an old woman
sitting to the right of me
looking lost, lifeless, without hope
her wrinkled lids turned down
her dress a faded shade of blue

i notice that she is alone
sipping her lukewarm cup of earl grey
eating her day-old scone

from behind the counter someone says "happy birthday"
she looks up but he is talking to someone else
her momentary look of elation vanishes
i realize it is her birthday today
she smiles a teary smile at me

i wonder why she is alone
sipping her now cold cup of earl grey
naving finished her day-old scone

she slowly rises from her chair
picks her bag up from the floor
brings her empty cup to the counter
tosses her napkin in the trash
walks out the door and heads home



Lissa Noelle Metz


the white of the petals
pierced my flesh
meshing with my bone
purifying my heart
one beat for one petal
twenty seven petals
forming a swirl of emotion
blossoming newly each time
his lips place themselves
on mine



Lissa Noelle Metz


The lost and forgotten
tread along empty paths
the soul, tortured
the spirit, broken

I will hold you
mend your broken heart
steal the pain
and make it mine

Tears like stars
sting my eyes
burning like the sun
I am on fire

I will comfort you
kiss away your sorrow
take our pain
and make it disappear



Lissa Noelle Metz


scream red flowers
floating in the breeze
twirling all around your head
their reality makes you wheeze
they're taunting
whispering "come here"
but the closer you get
they reveal themselves
faces twisted into sneers
laughing at your ignorance
they toy with your brain
and in a moment's clarity
you're made aware of pain



Lissa Noelle Metz


His wicked tongue flickers in the moonlight
casting aside any feeling it once had
slithering along the strings of words used
to break my heart over and over again
the flame slices through me
with each twist of the knife
going deeper into my back

those glances
just lies told to gain false hopes
the 8 lies prostrate
sunning itself
on a hot afternoon
it calls out, mocking me
derisive laughter

I avert my eyes
the blood trickling down my back
leaving a trail marking my past
a warning to those behind me
a warm place to rest the future blade
for those I face
for the one who does neither

I wait



Lissa Noelle Metz


Warmth of my heart
but cold in my soul
that little bit of
darkness is enough
to spin my universe
into a silent infinity



Lissa Noelle Metz


Your ocular inhabitants are like speed
staring into and through my endless universe
peering out across infinity
the event horizon, no turning back
onyx suns with my reflection
in their orbit; close to the speed of light

Rearrange my parts
become one with the whole
collapse my equation
bring me into existence
accelerate my beating heart
explodes in a fiery birth



Lissa Noelle Metz


Rain falls like tears
into pools of glass
encasing my heart
shattered momentarily
by the beat of another

Doubts cloud my mind
dark, foggy visions
blinding my eyes
from the truth
of love

A glimpse of eternity
flashes like lightening
coursing through me
bringing sweet life
where there once was none

thunderous applause
from the night sky
tears at my soul
claiming it



Lissa Noelle Metz


Once, I was alone
before time began
before my breath exited my lips
before my heart began to beat

Then came the sun
it burned hot
gave me energy
and filled my soul with fire

The moon was next
looking down on me with lazy eye
stirring my heart
and lighting me with passion

The stars...
like tiny nightlights,
millions lit my way
guiding me towards you

After a long silence
there was light like music
the cosmos played our song
and we danced for an eternity

Once, I was alone
but now you hold my hand
you welcome me with open arms
into your heart that is now my universe.



Lissa Noelle Metz


Love is a virus
That spreads its tentacles
throughout your body
grabbing hold of your heart
infecting it with its
delicious strains
never to be cured
only left to feed
on its victim



Lissa Noelle Metz


waves of emotion
they melt like butterflies
in the heat
floating in mid air
deliciously swirling
on my tongue
they spread
across your skin
seeping into your pores
coursing through your veins
carrying the words
I love you
to your heart



When We Were Two
Lissa Noelle Metz


When we were two
the universe was young
it laughed with a childlike giggle
and everything was beautiful
we played together
in its endless oceans
and lounged
amongst its hammock of light

When we were two
the universe was innocent
the stars were our nightlights
the planets, our toys
we'd run
through the meteor showers
and stay up late
watching new life form

We didn't know what love was then
eons have passed between us
infinite space and emptiness
but neither time nor distance
can keep us apart
moving at the speed of light
our black holes coalescing
and now...we are one



Lissa Noelle Metz


winter's coming
feel the first bite of frost
plant your kisses
on my blue lips
the silence is like
a blade of ice
piercing my heart
slowing its pace
freezing my blood
shattering my veins
into tiny shards
of a mirror
your reflection shines
in each one
a look of grief
passes over your face
the pain is quiet
like the falling snow
three drops of life
are all that is left
for you to treasure
and as you pick them up
the heat of your hand
melts them as you try
desperately to save
one moment of my existence



You And Me
Lissa Noelle Metz


It's only you and me
Those little strings in the road
Blowing in the highway wind
So fragile and easily harmed
Some catch on the branches
Of neighboring bushes
Future material for some bird's house
Others, trampled by oncoming cars
But not you and me
We roll and fly and survive
Picked up on a sunny afternoon
By a curious girl in red
Added to her precious cigar box
Placed under her bed



Blackberry Clouds
Lissa Noelle Metz


blackberry clouds rise
above my head
their sweet, sticky
juices drenching
every inch of my body
they make me void of color
invisible to all
i mesh with the darkness
turning my insides out
i rise to join them
raining my own
sweet, sticky juices
on those who are
empty inside
turning their insides out



Lissa Noelle Metz


have a friend
who lives in turmoil
she is in love with one man
a safe, stable marriage he will make
but lusts after another
genius, brilliance, soul
who should she



Lissa Noelle Metz


in the garden of eden
roses bloom just for you
they know i'm blushing
i think they're jealous
they know you love me
you pick one rose
to match my cheeks
fireflies dance around us
a thousand tiny candles
aglow with fervor
we are
graze my lips
with butterfly kisses
come closer
envelop me
lay me down
on velvety ground
i'm yours



Escaping The Deep
Lissa Noelle Metz


deep blue water
you are my sanctuary
currents of you
flow over my body
i look aloft
light pierces my sight
through watery vision
a new world is revealed
escaping the deep
surging up from below
eluding the waves
i am finally free
warm air surrounds
my pale white skin
soon made bronze
by the sun overhead



First Kiss
Lissa Noelle Metz


little watery cat paws
tap my window
waiting for you
it's exsquisite
these feelings
my heart in step
with the drops
to know you're mine
nothing could be better
i dream of you
that glance
that gentle touch
that first kiss



Lissa Noelle Metz


crawl like ivy
you invade
my every thought
my heart of stone
my inner sanctum
deep dark secrets
throw me to the ground
break the chains
let me fly
on broken wings
i fall from grace
with you



Melts In Your Mouth
Lissa Noelle Metz


pink candy kisses tickle my lips
all the way down to my fingertips
chocolate hands slide down my hips
lashing my skin with licorice whips
sugarplum visions make his candy cane rise
bringing me closer to caramel highs
strawberry tongue licking my thighs
all the way up to my twinkie surprise





"Oh my God that is so perverted but so funny!hhahahahah" -- Meg.
"i read about 1/2 of all of your poems submitted and i wasnt dissapointed with any. i love your style and metaphors-keep it up." -- Meg.
"wow...I'm impressed! Wish u would post these seperately though. Would make for easier reading. Think about it. :)" -- Michelle.
"They were posted individually at first, but Storymania combined them into an anthology for some reason. Sorry!" -- Lissa, Fort Lewis, WA, USA.


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June 2000

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