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Unspoken And Oppressed Within
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Unspoken And Oppressed Within
This poem describes every person in America who succumbs to emulating the latest fashions or even the media whether it being a sobconscious doing or conscious. It probably would be more befitting to associate this with teens because of the pressures we go through in being able to fit in or be considered normal in school or in the societies eyes.
[165 words]
Cynara Moore
[December 2006]
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Unspoken And Oppressed Within
Cynara Moore

Often seen but never is she heard...
She is masked by the modern images and expressions
she emulates with her senses each day...
Thee unmasked version of her is never seen nor acknowledged...
For it remains held captive, enslaved by thee eternal her...
Afraid...afraid and aware of the responses she will receive from others
whom she is disguised as...
She remains unspoken, unheard of, oppressed within,
and never will the voice within be released to existance...
It only coexists within her until it simply
has become a figment of her imagination.
The inner her is voided away and the mask has become her.
She has become the average, the common, she has adapted to those ways in
which society is ran and thus becoming another drone of America...
You probably recognize her for, she symbolizes the average
American in which in society is dominated by...
The core democratic value Diversity, a value so many don''t apply
to life...To be different in this society is to be wrong
and because of the standards and limitations we live
by so many remain Unspoken and forever will...




"wonderfully wrtitten and well said. The core of the American consciousness rested on the right to be different! But something happened on the way to that place...Good job!" -- e. rocco caldwell.


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