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Thoughts From A Prison Camp
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Thoughts From A Prison Camp
A Jewish prisoner's thoughts after years under the cruel government of Adolf Hitler.
[535 words]
Mason Cole
Mason Cole is an Oklahoma author, 17 years of age. He attends the Oklahoma School of Science and Mathematics in Oklahoma City. Mason's favorite authors are Ayn Rand, William Shakespeare, Homer, and Orson Scott Card. His dream is to recieve a Ph.D. in History and then teach, writing novels and short stories on the side.
[October 2000]
[email protected]
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Thoughts From A Prison Camp
Mason Cole

The light of the moon is so flickíring and free,
Working all day for a cause that I hate,
My bunkmates I love they are my closest friends,
Oh! cruelest of fates! When you live by your brawn,
Iím so weak and tired; my bruises are sore,
The end of an era is fast drawing nigh,
Religion does matter, at least to the Jews,
I must keep my presence of mind and my will,

Free from barbed wireís where I wish to be
The floods of the evil will never abate,
Our bonds have no loose threads and no mortal ends,
And the smartest, if sick, Hitler wonít let go on,
My young aching body canít take any more,
To freedom and liberty, say your goodbye,
My heart freely leaps at each piece of glad news,
The fight for my life will be battled uphill,

Before this I only had called one place home,
And now I must help both to feed and to clothe,
We stay tied together, for better or worse,
A place where a thought is forbidden by law,
For time without measure I work with a will,
The horror of horrors has triumphed at last,
Though false it may be, it still gives me the chance,
Most base of emotions, most vile of crimes,

This work camp could force me to a catacomb,
The Nazi regime that I always will loathe,
Helping the downcast to see through the curse,
And the unholy SS will shove in its maw,
Hoping my quota exactly to fill,
Our future is bleak, as the hope of our past,
To dress up my wounds and continue the dance,
Combine to attack in the hardest of times,

And not to the stars where I so wish to stay,
Spinning the looms countless hour on hour,
For poorer or poorest, through thick or through thin,
Anything they think deserves not to live,
The pressure most likely drives me to my grave,
Fading away, leaves a message so clear,
My faith lies unwavíring in Creationís plan,
Iíll need all my strength to face what lies ahead,

Sailing with sunlight, and dancing my way,
Feeding my life to those hungry for power,
We always are willing to let others in,
Or canít persuade itself to selflessly give,
With zombie-like mind, now I labor and slave,
A phrase to remember through each day and year,
God knew what would happen before time began,
But if I survive past the reign of the dead,

To live with the angels that no one can see,
How this rapes my existence, I canít contemplate,
And watch for the signs that we hope the Lord sends,
All that the Aryans need to be strong,
Despírately trying not to hit the floor,
ďThe truth of existence is always to try,Ē
So to give up all hope is what I must refuse,
The scars on my heart will be showing there still.

[I would like to dedicate this poem to a remarkable woman, Gerda Klein. She survived the worst the Nazi regime had to offer, and lived to tell her story. This poem is based loosely on her autobiography ďAll But My Life.Ē My theory was that after a long while in incarceration, a personís thought tracks will merge into one jumbled, confusing mass. If this poem seems to make no sense, go back and read the first line of each stanza in sequence, then the second lines in sequence, and so on. They form eight separate mini-poems contained within the larger poem.]



"This is absolutely great - I love, especially the form which I've never seen before. It's clever, meaningful, wonderfully expressed. I really admire this poem - congratulations to the author on a brilliant piece." -- Kerry L. Schofield , Midlands, England.
"This seemed very deep and from your heart. What poetry is really supposed to be...it's not always rhymes that are important..." -- Ashley.
"Are you sure you're only 17? Deep, emotional, and yet written with brains, not just the heart. Good work!" -- Ivana Milakovic.
"you should read 'night' by Elie Weisel. I've got to think on this more." -- olef ransom saulles.


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© 2000 Mason Cole
March 2000

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