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Rhythms Of Pi
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Rhythms Of Pi
This one's totally up to the reader's interpretation...I'd rather not say anything about it. I'm interested in others' opinions more than my own.
[367 words]
Dark Matter
I'm a third-year student at the University of Massachusetts-Amherst, studying English as an evolving language, and its compositional forms and stylistic periods. Writing as a kind of practice, allows the inner voice to resonate more loudly than all the other voices I hear in my life every day, so for me it is a kind of meditation. It is a way of harnessing pain and refashioning it to rationalize my present identity, and I do that by giving it physical structure, salience. But pain is only the half of it. It is also an outlet of positivity. No pain is deeper than the potentiality of all the joy that can dig pain out of the mind and blow it to the wind.
[December 2002]
A Space (Poetry) A lonely man, makes alive again the memory of a long lost love, in the time of his earthly decay... [141 words] [Romance]
Rhythms Of Pi
Dark Matter

Rhythms of Pi

by c.d. wilmot

It�s all neon lights and peeling paint,
Cheap wine and half-smoked butts,
Innocense lost, regained at will,
�We have time, right?�
�Yeah we have time.�

We were clothed.
We are now naked.

Tongue drops down on swollen breast,
Circles up toward nape of neck,
A soft nibble of an ear,
A giggle,
Fingers touch fingers,
Toes touch toes,
She rises over me,
gently comes down to kiss my cheek,
A womb of ebony hair cocoons my face,
I am warm and safe inside.

Mommy, don�t worry,
I am safe and warm.

Neon light flashing outside,
On, off, on, off,
I sit up.
Her sex opens wide,
Curtain upon burgundy curtain draws,
Each more moist and ruffled than the one drawn before it,
Each a safeguarding a more forsaken land beneath.
A moan from her mouth,
Draws me to this stage.

I suck, and bite, and knaw, and groan, and lick,
Cradling clittoris and dreams of heaven,
Losing senses, losing mind, losing time...

I see all the unborn boys, girls,
Men, women,
Heroes, Cowards, the Loving and the Hating,
The Tyrants and the Lovers and the Politicians and the Preachers,
The hope of the future,
All inside the potentiality of pussy.
I never knew fear to smell so sweet or taste so bitter,
All at once.

All smiles of joy,
Eyes close in ecstasy,
Eyes open, pause...
Brows furrow,
Eyes forced to squeeze shut again,
Fear of this realness quickens the pulse.
Breathing deepens,
Bed rocks and metal coils creak,

Carnal hardness,
Tender fusion of flesh,
Mingling tongues glisten,
Muscles flex and relax in rhythms of pi,
Her body rises as mine falls,
Mars and Venus inertia,

Mommy, don�t worry,
I am safe and warm.

Playful words make petty promises,
In the greater promise of night�s short embrace
Eager professions of faith,
Quiet confessions of love,
All lead us down, down, down,

Down into the unknown,
Down through the tough times,
Through shouting and shrieking and hitting and running,
More running and hitting and shrieking and shouting,
Through silence, through apology,
Through hitting and crying,
�I love you� echoes �I love you�,
�I hate you� echoes �I hate you�,
�Oh yeah baby, yeah right there baby.�,
�Fuck you, you bitch!�,
�Harder, yeah that�s it, yeah!�
�Fine, ignore me!�
�Yes! Fuck me, yeah baby Oh yeah, I want you!�
�How can you treat me like this, you bastard?!�

�Hunny, will you marry me?�
�You make me sick. I want a fucking divorce! �

Mommy, don�t worry,
I am safe and warm.
Ravaged dreams stuck in a timeless abyss,
Walk onward, weary, -
Love is left to wonder why.



"What has it got to do with pi? I know maths and this isn't it." -- Jack Brown.
"If you ever saw the movie "Pi", you'd know that Pi has spiritual significance. And yes, I know math too and pi is 3.14.... But in my piece, Pi signifies a mystical rhythm, a determined and constant cosmic number that keeps bodies in balance (or out of balance). I thought it sounded cool, so I added it." -- Dark Matter, Amherst, MA, USA.
"I see where you're coming from now. I'm sorry but I'm not very spiritual and things like this don't come to me quickly, but it was good nevertheless." -- Jack Brown.
"Good stuff CD. I like the new name too." -- R. Bennett Okerstrom.
"Thanks Okerstrom. All that writing I had on here before was stuff I felt I wasn't proud of. I have experienced much since the time I wrote all that, and I think aesthetics of the art of writing can only be genuine if there is genuine feeling behind it all, not simply a notion to impress with elegance or eloquence. Overall, in retrospect, I'm glad I wrote all that because it reminds me how far I've come. " -- Dark Matter, Amherst, MA, USA.
"again...very impressive." -- Michelle.


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