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Arriving by Peter Rivendell Just a poem about the way I`ve been feeling lately. [65 words]
The Embrace by R Bennett Okerstrom A newly born vampire's first taste. [90 words]
Holding On To Life by L A Winterburn One mans fight with suicide. [109 words]
The Netherworld by Stuart Eric Longridge The real world, before the smothering of education. [103 words]
Supa Computa by Stuart Eric Longridge A scary realistic tale. [140 words]
Gone by Peter Rivendell Being miserable is the new black. [197 words]
Winter Wind by Judith Goff Alone. [128 words]
Where? by Judith Goff Lost love [97 words]
Vamp by Judith Goff I know, more vampires, I just can't seem to help myself... and who said vampires have to be male? [158 words]
Vampire Wedding by David B Doc Byron Two vampires take their wedding vows. [129 words]
Trees by David B Doc Byron You figure it out! [145 words]
Time Again by P M ... [36 words]
The Traveller by L A Winterburn - [88 words]
The Plan by L A Winterburn One plan to wipe out humanity. [74 words]
The Memory Book by Judith Goff A real departure from my usual ... [155 words]
The Lovers by Sue (Sooz) Simpson - [124 words]
The Looking Glass by Judith Goff - [155 words]
The Hhmmm Efect by Sue (Sooz) Simpson - [783 words]
The Extraordinary Way by Leslie Clark A poem about how I plan onliving the rest of my life, with my beloved and our future chil... [106 words]
The Callous Heart by Judith Goff Those lying guys... I mean eyes ... [89 words]
Spontaneous Combustion by Judith Goff A little heat.... [72 words]
Rhythms Of Pi by Dark Matter This one's totally up to the reader's interpretation...I'd rather not say anything about it. I'm... [367 words]
Pity by Mia Angello Chris Isaak's, Graduation Day, is today for me. [32 words]
Onslaught Of Love by Judith Goff Secret yearnings ... [137 words]
Nothing Left by Judith Goff Love realized. [138 words]
Missing You by L A Winterburn - [21 words]
Insanity Part Un & Insanity Part Deux by Judith Goff I believe I've lost it .... [155 words]
In Your Dreams by R Bennett Okerstrom - [71 words]
Immortal Obsession by Judith Goff Immortal cravings. [94 words]
Heart Of Gold by Rowan Davies I reeled this off about the 'Plainfield Psycho' Ed Gein in preparation for my next story. Enjoy. [428 words]
Happenstance by Judith Goff A little silly, perhaps? [66 words]
Final Words by Rowan Davies Hung up? Me? Never. [110 words]
Edge Of Eternity by Judith Goff Loss and redemption. [189 words]
Don't by Judith Goff - [91 words]
Caves by David B Doc Byron A man ventures into an ancient cave filled with the ghosts of other wanderers. [101 words]
Bite by David B Doc Byron A poem of vampire lust. [97 words]
Birth Seed Of Death by Stuart Eric Longridge A very real possiblity. [103 words]
A Space by Dark Matter A lonely man, makes alive again the memory of a long lost love, in the time of his earthly decay... [141 words]
Charted by Mia Angello - [46 words]
Your Anger by Husky Could you guys tell me what you think, thanks. [49 words]
The Memorial by Dianne Lee Just a little poem about a memorial. [87 words]
The Hands Of Time by Dianne Lee Poem depicting life. [287 words]
The Bell Tower by Judith Goff Unrequited love ... [169 words]
Summer by Kirsten McManus - [372 words]
Something by Kirsten McManus - [39 words]
So Young by Pedro Alsama the man walks alone stories flows around the desert and again the rememberence of the treasure I keep... [65 words]
Singularity by Rachel Weisenfeld Short, sweet, to the point love poem. [42 words]
Shadow In Light by Pedro Alsama A wrong movement about the weather. [28 words]
Post Mortem by Judith Goff In Memory of Mark Whitney Davis 1960-2001 You left me here alone ... WHY? [68 words]
Pet Rock by Jeff Fazzalore I wrote this poem out of pure boredom. It was originally for an assignment at school, but I decided th... [25 words]
Old Age by Dianne Lee A little poem on how we dismiss the aged [90 words]
Not Quite Haiku by Judith Goff Just what it seems... [49 words]
My 'lil Pink Foo Foo by D Donely This is a poem I wrote for my foo foo, who sadly, passed away this past winter. Please, gi... [96 words]
Lizardman by David B Doc Byron A poem about a legendary swamp dwelling beast. [128 words]
It's Time To Say Good-Bye by D Donely Yet another one of my poems -- it's about how relationships come to an end. [73 words]
It Hurts by D Donely This poem is written about my mother, and the pain she has caused me. Out of all I have written, this ... [125 words]
I Know by Amy Mondure Lioncourt It's just sometihng that I have noticed. That a lot of people have the same fear. [116 words]
High by Kirsten McManus - [52 words]
Her True Side by D Donely This is a poem about a girl who doesn't let the world see her emotions. She hides behind lies and... [59 words]
Eternal Curse by Judith Goff Vampires... again. [124 words]
Escape Route by Tim Baker Probably a good one to read or remember listening to some chill out dance music at a club. [46 words]
Do You Feel Me? by Judith Goff - [84 words]
Bring Me Down by Nikki Haliway Another one I wrote when with my ex boyfriend, going through a bad time. [43 words]
Being Perfect by D Donely This poem is mostly about trying to be perfect; you'll just have to read it ur'self, & come to yo... [57 words]
Axle Grease Of Infanticide by Andrew French Experimental. [46 words]
Awaken The Giant by Diamond King About the December 7, 1941 attack by the Empire of Japan on the United States Naval station Pe... [327 words]
2 Different by Nikki Haliway I wrote this when I was with my now ex boyfriend. [70 words]
12.5.02 by Kirsten McManus - [57 words]

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Shows a child dealing with her mothers death.
[116 words]
Dianne Lee
40 year olf female australia new writer.
[November 2002]
[email protected]
Old Age (Poetry) A little poem on how we dismiss the aged [90 words]
The Hands Of Time (Poetry) Poem depicting life. [287 words]
The Memorial (Poetry) Just a little poem about a memorial. [87 words]
Dianne Lee

Hello I brought some flowers,
Especially for you,
I hope you still like them?
The way you used to do.
I really need to talk to you
I miss you more each day,
Things aren't the same here anymore
Since you went far away.
Daddy doesn't smile no more,
He cried the other day
And I am trying really hard
To help in anyway.
He say's your up in heaven now
And how pretty it must be,
But I don't want you there no more
I want you here with me.
I didn't mean to cry today
I know you miss us too,
But if heaven wants an angel
Couldn't we have come with you?
Please look down on us mummy
And help us manage through
If we must stay alone down here
Instead of there with you.



"Egads! I've been tricked! This has not a thing to do with ancient Egyptian embalming practices." -- Quotesmith.
"Quotesmith: from the description how could you have been tricked into believing it was Egyptian mumification or didn't you read past the title " -- dianne lee, sunbury, victoria.
"A failed experiment in trying to proove that you're actually a writer...oh yeah, and I can just delete your petty emails with your petty remarks, mate. You worthless aussie bitch." -- Cole , Amherst, MA, USA.
"cole i don't have any idea what emails you are talking about but i do want to rectify two things. One is I am aussie and damm proud of it and the second is ITS QUEEN BITCH TO YOU SHITHEAD" -- Dianne Lee.
"You tell him Dianne. BTW I noticed that under one of your other pieces you erased that [email protected]$$ message that you once got when you first arrived here. That one was a pretty good message, explained a lot, and gave warnings about this kind of b.s., pretty good info. for all newcomers I think. Ashame you decided to delete it, but oh well your choice." -- sal.
"Thanks for that sal but I have to ask you about that message as I have not deleted any messages although on computers I am not very efficient so could you let me know what it was. " -- Dianne Lee.
"Sure thing doll. Maybe it wasn't you, but somebody once said something like they were knew here, and wondered what all the fuss was over a guy named JA St.George. I think he, or one of his buddies like Quotesmith a.k.a. Friend of St.George wrote you a reply. I was thinking it was you, I could be wrong. I just thought it helped explain why this board has gone to hell." -- sal.
"Oops! My mistake, I'm confusing you with a writer who was only briefly here before moving onto another site. I'd say which one, but I don't want to sound like I'm some kind of paid spokesman. Anyway this I took from the message, and hopefully it should help to explain the confusion. Obviously I can't find something if I'm looking in the wrong spot. :-) :QUESTION Needing A Review DISCUSSION I am only new to this site and would despertely love to get a review to settle my nerves so if you can help me please do so. I am also very curious about JA St. George as reading some of the messages posted it seems he is spoken to or about by a quite a few people. SUBMITTED BY Dianne Lee DATE POSTED November 28, 2002 E-MAIL ADDRESS [email protected] RESPONSE "Controversial former advisor, gone to another site. What more needs to be said. " -- Tim. (2002-11-28) "The review column for Pearl S's 'The Masochist Boy' pretty much explained everything to me. I never actually encountered the guy. " -- Kym Kendrick. (2002-11-28) " -- sal.
"yes you are right sal that was me and it is still on mesage board Thanks" -- Dianne Lee.
"When someone actually suggested that I return to the Mummy story I almost hid under my bed. Not the Mummy Returns I said to myself, but I returned to the Mummy all the same. Now, ...Dianne. Since I am considered a reknowned expert for tracking down obscure information, specifically quotes, I was asked to explain, and I have agreed to do so, despite being on the lookout for gooey mummies. Dear Ms. Moreno??? is refering to a column that I did indeed write, but it was under a story by a Pearl S., and not Dianne Lee. The obvious confusion being sparked by two women requesting the same information near the same time. If you have not read the article posted beneath the "Masochist Boy" (which by the way is a worthy read in my opinion) then I will summarize that the article dealt with the time JA St.George (a author/editor I've had occasion to work with) spent upon the Storymania board. I didn't go into the fact that there are individuals who would fasle-name post for reasons known only to themselves that compromise the usability of this site, but I did hint at it. During the time that I've spent here I've seen far worse than this Cole post, though that may be difficult to believe." -- Quotesmith.


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November 2002

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