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A Really Very Gothic Poem
A Monument To Time And Stonehenge by David Soriano A collection of verse. [1501 words]

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A Really Very Gothic Poem
This is so very depressingly gothic that you will scream with fury and tear your hair out in despair. Or maybe not.

(As you may have guessed I am not over-fond of gothic poetry.)
[107 words]
Yes, I am "frollygumpaloo".
[April 2004]
[email protected]
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A Really Very Gothic Poem

A Really Very Gothic Poem; in progress

I am going to write a poem.
I don't know what to say.
This is really stupid.
Oo! A rhyming word is "flay"

Ok now I'll really write it.
Meaningful and deep,
My really gothic poem
Will make you scream and weep.

(This rhyming scheme is stupid.
Perhaps I will instead,
Do an artsy non-rhyming thingie,
With the help of the monkeys in my head.)

Everything sucks
Is dark and dreary
The world is cold
And I am weary
Dammit! It rhymes!

Now my friend is helping me
On her helpful phone
Her voice makes me non-suicidal
Though I am still alone —

I really suck at this
But I wanted to say

Aha! So here
At long last
Is my porcupine.


I think that….

Oh fuck this.




"I think this is one of those that will either work for the reader or not, and it will have nothing much to do with the writing which is quite cleverin its contrived way. I'm sorry it didn't ring any bells for me, but I see that you have quite a lot of stuff posted and I'm sure there will be other stuff that you've done that I'll like. You obviously have imagination and like to try for fresh ideas." -- Sooz, Dalton, England, Cumbria.
"I think one of us is missing something here, The Author. Sorry to state the obvious but that isn't a review it's a story. I admit a complete load of drivel of a story but a story none-the-less. For my reviews I sugest you check *other* people's work Duh! Will I ever do anyrthing right? Will anyone ever think quietly to themselves, damn that Sooz seems like a nice woman? Will I ever eat pizza and not put on half a stone overnight? No probably not." -- Sooz, Dalton, England, Cumbria.
"Can you believe that Wolfa. First Sooz goes and gets rid of the only Advisor we had, claiming he didn't give good reviews, and then she takes over the position, now telling everybody their work is crap. Well you know what I say, what goes around comes around." -- Cadillac Blonde.
"Er.... what are you talking about, Sooz?" -- Wolfa.
"You know what I think. I think that this Sooz person must be working for another site. That would explain it. She's working for another site, and it is her evil genious plan to infiltrate Storymania and destory it from within peice by peice." -- bog.
"I'm sorry I offended you Wolfa. I'm not going to backtrack at all. I stand by what I said (although I thought I gave it a half way mark of five) Poetry is not really my thing and maybe I should leave it well alone, but I'm trying to learn to like it. I admit it isn't the best review in the world but I was trying to be honest and I did say that you've got quite a few pieces and that I hoped I could be ,more encouraging on some of them. The poem *is* clever I like the false start thing, but the poem itself didn't move me. As to the second garbled post I sent that to one of my own pieces and it seems to have appeared all over the place, I don't know if this is my own mistake or that of someone else. You seem to be a geniune poster (merely because you have work posted)I don't like that I've upset you. I'm trying to be friendly with people but at the same time be honest. After the first unpleasantness I decided to try and read review peoples work more, because isn't that what sites like this are all about? I'm sorry I'd like to review more of your stuff as an offer of friendship I know my reviews are'nt polished or up to much but at leasst I know if I like something or not and it's one more person's opinion for you. However if you'd rather I left you alone then that's fine too. " -- Sooz, Dalton, England, Cumbria.
"I'm sorry, but it has really bothered me that you think I was purpousefully unfair. Please, please don't take this as more negative critisism. It isn't I just want to explain, I know I should probably just leave well alone and that I'm just digging myself a deeper hole but in for a penny. If you compare your poem, to 'Two Worlds' by Sarah somebody (either of the two parts) The time, the effort, the work, the description .. that's why I didn't give you a very high vote .. for those I think I gave eight for the first part and nine for the second. Perhaps it's wrong to work on a scale that if a piece like Sarahs is worth a nine then a piece like yours is only worth a five (or three even) The two genres are poles apart. Perhaps it's like saying that if Britney Spears is a nine, then Grot bags the witch is only a two. Maybe it is an unfair way of doing it, but it's the only way that seemed to work for me. " -- Sooz, Dalton, England, Cumbria.
">< I really don't care what you thought of the poem, Sooz (not being too impressed with it myself), but it irritated me that you assumed that I was the person complaining on "The Old Enemy". Seeing as someone re-posted a review I left on another work onto "The Old Enemy", I believe that you didn't assume it was me. Obviously there is someone re-posting reviews. So anyhoo, sorry I got so angry, and thanks for reviewing it." -- Wolfa.
"That's okay mate, so glads we got that sorted out. I'm just sorry you have been pulled into a nasty and unpleasant game to get at me. I'm being persecuted by one or more people and if I try to review anyone elses work obviously the same thing is going to happen again. I hate to think that people are going to be upset by something I've said or something that's been twisted by someone else. Anyway glad things are okay now. thanks for understanding Sooz " -- Sooz, Dalton, England, Cumbria.
"Hello Wolfa, it seems that Sooz Simpson's harassment of you will not stop. But you don't need to take my word for it, in the Advisor column under Does Storymania Aid Plagiarism by Marcus, she has written lies that you and I are the same person, which we both know to be incorrect. I have left this site, and do not wish to be dragged back here time and time again in order to defend myself and other great writers such as yourself. I just hope Sooz will eventually stop attacking me." -- JA St.George.
"Waaait, waaait, Sooz, and here I thought we had this little thingie all worked out. I am not J.A., who in the past was kind enough to comment on two of my submissions, nor am I David Soriano, Cadillac Blonde, or Markus. If you read what all of us have written it is readily apparent that we are not the same person. It is quite obvious that we all have very different writing styles. For example, compare my poems "Drive" and "Straying from the Path" to, oh, any of David Soriano's writings. Additionally, the ONLY COMMENT I left on your work (before you started with the bizarre reviews attacking me), was praise. It is on "Jurassica". Your little war on Storymania is, to put it simply, stupid, and you seem to be the one who keeps dragging it out." -- Wolfa.
"You are an excellent writer, Wolfa, certainly you are looking for more than the hassle you can get here. RoseDog.comThe largest manuscript showcase available to writers, agents, and publishers.Enter RoseDog BooksBecome a published author at a fraction of the cost of traditional self-publishing.Enter RoseDog is working to get writers noticed. We now have 110 publishers and 59 agents registered with us! There are over 6,870 manuscripts in the showcase! · Writers: Are you looking for a publisher or agent? Learn about the benefits of RoseDog membership here. · Showcase excerpts from your unpublished work quickly and easily. Use your RoseDog email to communicate with other writers. Request a free banner to draw attention to your manuscript. · Read our Writers FAQs here. · Agents and Publishers: Find out why RoseDog makes good business sense for you. No fees, no commissions, no hassles. " -- RoseDog Afficianado.
"Wow, you've gottten 12 reviews which is rare on this site, but wait, it looks more like an arguement, a promotion and a few fragments of a review. I hope we all haven't forgetten what this site is for. So here is my review; I found the poem funny and well done. The style used is a comical interpratation of the thoughts that go on during the writing process of "a really very gothic poem" and you show it well. You made your point. And as far is it not standing as high as other poems because of "time, effort, work, and description," I think that those four element would have taken away from the overall message of the poem. Good Job." -- friend on the helpful phone.
"Yay! An actual review! Oh and Ima delete that stupid site promotion.... when I find the willpower.... ug." -- Wolfa.
"A really very amusing poem. Perhaps you should try submitting it to Gothic.net (nope, this is not a site promotion - I hate those - I just thought that they might be interested in your poem, and they're a paying market)." -- Ivana.
"I thought this poem was really funny and it is kindof, to me, a poem that goes through every writters mind when he/she can't think of what to say. " -- Karen , USA.
"hello wolfa we meet again. or have we met? thanks for your advice on my poems "Understand" and "I Don't Think You're Alive". now if you really think im lacking originality then i would reread your poem. im not judging, for i dont no how old you are or anything about this. but the fuck this part was harsh. you tried and you gave up. dammit. anyways keep in mind im a 14 depression struck girl trying to write original poems. my poems are as original as i get. anyways...any other advice please email me. i'm always looking for pointers. keep in touch. " -- Jeni Jopes, Houghton, MI, United States of America.
"*****LMFAO. This was hella funny. I loved the part about "the monkeys in your head." haha, i loved this." -- d donely.


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