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River Bank, A Collection
A collection of of verse - River Bank With For Sale Sign, A Weed In A Yard Where A Fence Has Fallen, Abandoned Azaleas In A Vacant Lot, Earth's Rainbows, Moths.
[161 words]
Duane Locke
Duane Locke, Doctor of Philosophy in Renaissance Literature, Professor Emeritus of the Humanities, Poet in Residence at University of Tampa for over twenty years, he has had over 2,000 of his own poems published in over 500 print magazines such as American Poetry Review, Nation, Literary Quarterly, Black Moon, and Bitter Oleander, is author of 14 books of poems, his latest being WATCHING WISTERIA, as a cyber-poet, since Sept 1, 1999 has had 665 acceptances of his poems by online e zines, photographer, listed in PSA's WHO'S WHO as one of the top twenty nature photographers, currently has 45 of his Alley photos accepted on line (These are pictures made of discards and trash in alleys. He moves in close to find a design that speaks beauty from what people have thrown away), painter, currently having a one-man show of over 30 painting at the Pyramid gallery in Tampa, winner for poetry of the Edna St. Vincent Millay, Charles Agnoff, and Walt Whitman awards, now lives alone and isolated in the sunny Tampa slums. He lives estranged and as an alien, not understanding the customs, the costumes, the language, some form of postmodern English, of his surroundings. The egregious ugliness of his neighborhood has been mitigated by the esthetic efforts of the police who put up bright orange and yellow posters on each post to advertise the location is a shopping mall for drugs. His recreational activities are drinking wine, listening to old operas, and reading postmodern philosophy.
[February 2000]
The Well Wrought Gate, A Collection (Poetry) A Collection: The Well Wrought Gate, Black Rabbits And Lettuce, Joseph, After The Annunciation, A Poem Inspired By George Herbert' "Jordan", A Polish Blonde. [372 words]
River Bank, A Collection
Duane Locke

River Bank With For Sale Sign
Goldenrods hide the river's trickle,
It flows until it has five fingers.
Fingernails are small blue stones,
Each stone
Has the large green eyes
And face of a dragonfly.

A Weed In A Yard Where A Fence Has Fallen
I breathe,
My breath goes out into the world.
I breathe,
The thin stem of a tall weed
With a flower, pink-white,
The flower thanks me for supplying music
For her dance,
Spreads open her pink-white wings.

Abandoned Azaleas In A Vacant Lot
Azaleas are reading aloud
Stories from Arabia..
There purple camels in the stories,
Small white donkeys
With ears shaped like ascots.
There are sand dunes
That look like the arms of stars.

Earth's Rainbows
The opal ring
On her slender finger
Looked like
The neck feathers
Of a blue pigeon
Caressed by the hands
Of the sun.

At five o'clock
Came to the bush
To let their wings
Talk to flowers
Wearing red dresses.
We sat on white sand
This tête-à-tête.
Moths are always


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© 2000 Duane Locke
February 2000

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