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The Silver Sea
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The Silver Sea
A poem.
[521 words]
Robert Edward Levin
[March 2002]
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The Silver Sea
Robert Edward Levin

Did you see the raindrops falling
What puzzle did its pattern play
And the sky may be blue tomorrow
But what about the sky today

Can you hear the wind howling
Do you feel the biting cold
Is it another murder on the news
Or just the night taking hold

Is the world spinning clockwise
Is justice simply folklore
A judge sits like a bird on a perch
And a lawyer shouts heretofore

Has the growing grind gripped you
Has it filled you up with devious desire
Does it take menial sacrifice
To be an ordained sanctifier

Can you see the open gateway
Across the silver sea
Did it open its mouth to greet you
Like it spread its wings for me

Are there lines of laughter
Embedded in your face
Can you walk along the tightrope
With any semblance of grace

Have you been climbing over changes
But never turning the pages of time
And when you talk to yourself
Do you do it in nursery rhyme

Wide-eyed or bewildered
Chin up, pretend to be proud
Shake and bake your body
Stick your head inside a cloud

Now simple words turn to whispers
Simple games turn to charades
Young love and mindless diversions
Old love and circus parades

Can you see the open gateway
Across the silver sea
Did it open its mouth to greet you
Like it spread its wings for me

Will you get to where you're going
Do you know where you're going to
Cruising the mainline highway
Snorting the witches brew

Now darkness moves over the mountains
Across the faceless plains
Beyond the alleys and doorways
Crawling into your veins

And you've faltered, fallen and fizzled
Into a world of make-believe
A king here, a queen there
And a wizard up your sleeve

Walking through plastic gardens
The colors grow loud and clear
The journey is now a destiny
And you're bringing up the rear

The sky, it never looks empty
The stars always high and bright
Christmas shining on one and all
But to you it's like a rattlesnake bite

Can you see the open gateway
Across the silver sea
Did it open its mouth to greet you
Like it spread its wings for me

Now you talk to the lonesome bagman
Who's standing on top of a hill,
You find it hard to communicate
'Cause he pockets the things you spill

So you dance to the soft-shoe music
As the chorus sings out to you
Humming the beat of the songbird
Wingless, it meanders on through

Chase down every diamond
Fly over every city street
Credence to anything shiny
And a taste for a sugarless treat

You find the sweet, sweet virgin
A flower quickly dies
A princess crowned you king
While ecstasy wrapped the prize

And the darkness quietly burns off
Leaving dying city lights
Streets look like barren tunnels
The silence burps, then ignites

Into a rape of the fantasy
Like the sight of seasons changed
Spring to winter, summer to winter
A painting rearranged

With the eyes of children watching
The morning wind holding firm
You stagger into a daydream
While the witches' brew runs its term

You see two ugly strangers weeping
For you they shine like a gem
Filling your monkey appetite
While desolation speaks to them

And you see the cowardly lion
He's really the tin man made of steel
You see the scarecrow catch on fire
And a spark from Dorothy's heel

Then Jesus comes down to knight you
But you mistake him for a clown
Ignoring the desperation in you soul
You close your eyes and hunker down

Did you see the open gateway
Across the silver sea
Did it open its mouth to greet you
Like it spread its wings for me



"I don't want to pretend to be an authority on poetry, but I know what I like when I read it... I like Your Poem, the ebb and flow of words coming together gracefully concluding with a powerful punch! Good Job! " -- Robert (Monte) Montesino, USA.
"this poem is absolutely brilliant. it should be read by every person whose ever picked up pen and paper." -- miles, new york, ny, usa.
"I've had this poem on my wall for the past 2 years or so, I had stumbled across it online way back when, when I was looking for something else. Strangely enough, despite its darkness, it's helped me overcome many down points of life. I honestly have no explanation for it. I don't do depressing literature, but I have something for this poem, it hits me in a different spot..." -- Hande Barutcuoglu, Waterville, ME.


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© 2002 Robert Edward Levin
April 2002

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