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Postage Stamp Dreams
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Postage Stamp Dreams
An accidental LSD dose at the age of seven years can have effects that last a lifetime.
[308 words]
Jenn Thomas-Orr
Jenn is an eclectic freak who spends her days writing and creating digital art, just for the love of it.
[April 2002]
[email protected]
A Mother, A Friend, A Rock Solid Bitch (Poetry) A poem about my always interesting relationship with my mother. [402 words] [Relationships]
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Postage Stamp Dreams
Jenn Thomas-Orr

Little girl of seven
hasn't seen Mommy
for two years
and tonight, at last
she is going to spend
the night,
she and big sister.

Little girl of seven
waiting for Daddy
to drive sister and herself
to Mommy's house.

Little girl
biting nails.

Sits at the table
to wait
sees it.

Postage stamp.
Three cents.
And she likes the taste
of stamp glue.
*lick lick nibble chew*

Little girl of seven
walks into Daddy's room
sits on the edge of his bed.
"Daddy, why do the walls move?"
"Daddy, they're wiggling!"
"What did you eat, Jenny?"
"Damn that Gunther!"

Little girl of ten
goes to Mommy's house.
Little girl of seven
stays home
wrapped in Daddy's
safe and warm embrace.

Flashes of light and sound.
Little girl of seven
begins to dream
fluffy rabbits
bounding over sofas
through walls
the floor
covered with them
the little girl
needs to pee
but she can't
she can't step on the bunnies.

They fade out
and she rises from
Daddy's lap
stumbles through the room
no door.
Where is the door?
Who took the door?
"Daddy, I'm stuck!"
Flying through sticky
air filled with
spangles and
cold seat
under her
she finally
can pee.

Flying back
through slippery
sliding sky
she lays on the couch
while Daddy plays
her favorite music
over and over.
James Taylor.
Always to be remembered
and sought after
as comfort music.

Little girl of seven
staring at things
only she can see.
Little old ladies
in long black dresses
and white crocheted collars
like Macbeth's three witches
they sit in the parlor
in their old fashioned
wooden wheelchairs
chasing in circles.
She runs,

"Daddy help me!"
"Shhh baby, shhh
I'll keep you safe.
I'll keep my Jenny safe."

Little girl of seven
awakens in the morning
her world never to
be the same again.
"Don't tell your mother,
she won't understand."
And little girl of seven
goes off to Mommy's
joining Big Sister
in keeping the silence
from PsychoMom
who would blame
blameless father
for idiot roommate
leaving drugs
on the kitchen table
for children to eat.

Young woman of fourteen
approaches her Dad
"What happened?
What happened to me?"
"You laid on the couch for hours
crying, laughing, babbling
screaming, finally sleeping.
And in your sleep
you repeated
over and over
'Stamps make dreams'."

Grown woman of thirty-five
reaches into the past
reaches out to touch
the frightened child
"Everything is gonna be O.K."
rises from the keyboard
and finds her comfort
and listens.
"I've seen fire and I've seen rain..."


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April 2002

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