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From Darkness To Light
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From Darkness To Light
A quest for the search of inner truths.

I wrote this in 30 minutes way back in 1985 but then edited and updated it's grammatical content, from what I've learned since. Hmmmmmm! I wonder...
[702 words]
Stan A Fowler
I was born in the Northeast of England in 1953 and I've recently married my fiance in America. I'm an artist favouring realism and a prolific writer of short stories, or novelettes more like. Although I've sold many paintings and drawings, I have never made the attempt to sell any of my written work, until now. My interests are chiefly sedentry although I love the countryside. I would really appreciate some feed back on this story, good or bad. Thank you!
[March 2002]
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From Darkness To Light
Stan A Fowler

To live out my days any which way I can,
I was born to this world in the form of a man.
To learn all there is to know about life
Without having to face the trouble the strife:
To discover a path that was softer to tread,
Being blind, inconsiderate and easily led!
Bounding along almost every day,
Id no trouble at all in wending my way.

My thoughts dwelt on things only I would possess;
On hopes and desires, to fulfill them, I guess.
My thirst and my hunger for material need
     Gave rise to anger, frustration and greed.
Turned into dreams so heartfelt and true,
     They governed my aim with their color and hue.
As the days passed me by and the nights unfurled
     So, I lived out my life in a fantasy world.

Looking back, I could see that Id little success.
     The more I would try; Id gain even less!
The obstructions would come and, clouded with doubt,
     The anger within would cause me to shout:
O God, help me now before its too late,
     Before I am crushed by a world full of hate!
Little did I think that this cry from the soul
     Would one day be answered by making me whole?

With all my plans thwartedmy bubble had burst,
     Believing in truth that I mustve been cursed.
I began looking around me at others in life,
     And saw, all too quickly, the same kind of strife.
The burdens and worries; the problems and fears;
     The same, which had plagued me all through the years,
Were upon other shoulders, some frail to the eye,
     Causing few to lose hope and wish only to die.

The more I perceived the more I would see,
     That injustice surrounded not only me.
The questions rose up in my heart and my mind,
     Unaware of the law that said, Seek and yell find.
Was there really a God? I wanted to know.
     Did Christ really come to this world long ago?
What was the reason for the progress of man?
     Was it really a part in a Glorious Plan?

For a decade I searched looking this way and that,
     Travailing the dark like the nocturnal bat.
Feeling my way through tunnels of doubt,
     Wondering deep down if Id find a way out.
Oh! The pain the hurt and the fear that arose
     As I probed and found that which God only knows.
That destruction and hatred and suffering entailed,
     That evil exists because Mans will prevailed!

Despair was then knocking on the door of my heart,
     The temptations were testing and woes played their part.
I now have the answers; theyve turned me around,
     For once I was lost but now I am found.
And the way that I go is quite narrow and steep
     But the veils torn apart; Im no longer asleep.
For within is Gods message His Love and His Light,
     To live the Good Life and fight the Good Fight!

His gentle, sweet voice reassures me still,
     That Hell love me always when no one else will,
The chaos within is replaced with His peace,
     Though the turmoil without seems never to cease.
Yet I say, here and now, that His Will be done.
     Ill give Him my life Ill follow His Son.
For the Ideals of Christ are the Highest and Best,
     And it is only in Him am I able to rest!

Ive discovered His Kingdom and the Heavens are real,
     Though I may not see it, I know what I feel.
So, no more do I care for those worldly ways,
     Nor the sensual pleasures which the body conveys.
But in yearning to follow the Spirit of Truth;
     Endeavoring to reach the joy of my youth;
I know Ill arrive in a state pure and free,
     To live in the Christ and Him live in me.

Being filled with His grace its abundantly clear:
     In Peace and in Love there can no more be fear.
My faith is so strong and my trust is complete,
     All this was His Promise and is, I repeat!
If theres one thing Ive learnt and sincerely believe,
     That its only in giving by which we receive.
You might think me a fool and you have the right.
     But Christ truly led me from darkness to light!



"Beautifully written poem, Stan. You were able to tell a great story with rhythm and rhyme, which to me, takes talent and unrelenting patience. I hope to see more readers of this poem, as it plainly expresses the true joy of giving your life to God, and as a result, realizing the really important things in life and knowing that, with God at your side, youll never be alone again. " -- STORM, TEXAS, USA.
"I envy you your faith Stan, I've dabled with religion several times but always wandered away from it again when I was too impatient to wait for the answers. See I'm one of those who obviously believe that if I'm true to my faith then that faith should damned well serve me in return. It probably doesn't work like that. I'm not a big lover of poetry, but I'm getting better at it. This came straight from the heart and you can't help but be impressed by the strong words and the strong belief behind them. " -- Sooz, Dalton, England, Cumbria.


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© 2002 Stan A Fowler
March 2002

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