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Destiny (Spoken Word Track)
Inspirational Spoken Word (Official Video) Lyrics
[861 words]
Mac Alunge

Alunge Nnangsope Macaulay Nzie (popularly known as Mac Alunge), born November 4th 1991, is an internationally Recognized Cameroonian Inspirational Speaker, Business Coach, Author, Media Figure and Award-Winning Inspirational Spoken Word Artist. He is the Creator of ‘Inspire Me Ltd’, an audiovisual content production and publishing enterprise, and the Founder & Leader of Strawacademy Africa, an Entrepreneurial hybrid (non-profit +profit) Organization and a UN Accredited Community of Mission Driven Entrepreneurs. He is as well the initiator of AASWA – African Association of Spoken Word Artists, an initiative which spread Strawacademy Africa to currently 36 African Countries. He has performed & spoken in several seminars, summits and conferences within Africa and has successfully launched Strawacademy Organization, inspiring the creation of 4 ecosystems of startup ventures (profit and non-profit), 7 of which are direct affiliates of Strawacademy.
[August 2018]
[email protected]
Destiny (Spoken Word Track)
Mac Alunge

(Inspirational Spoken Word Lyrics)

200 years from now, no one will care that you existed; except of course, that you leave your footprints on the sands of time… the legacy you left, the changes you brought, the hearts you touched… these will be the only proof that you lived. Your destiny is by choice, not by chance… if you do not fight for it, you will not attain it. The questions that plague humanity… why am I here on earth? And why was I born? Is it an empty fallacy to believe that I exist for a divine purpose? Or am I truly fashioned and designed by a Supreme Entity? 
	What is destiny anyway?
	Is it some hocus, pocus psychic ideology that the weak use to escape reality? Or is just man’s own creativity drawn into a pattern to depict that we are more than natural beings? Or is it truly a tangible reality left unrevealed to the senses? If truly, I am created by God and put here on earth by Him, then my destiny must be the creator’s intention for His creation, the preordained purpose of a thing, the very reason why I was born. 
	Trees, fish, land nature… did all of these just accidentally fall into place, or are all the pre calculated, premeditated spiritual outflows of a Divine Entity. Surely He has made His infallible esteemed nature obvious in the things He has created… every blink and brink of nature placed so perfectly in place to allow synchrony of every insect, plant and fish which each’s role to play. Just like pesticides were made for weeds and medicines were made for the sick, God has created you that though your deeds, you might meet a need.


Your destiny is your earthly MISSION
Packaged in your mind as a God-given AMBITION
Woven by the threads of your VISION
Fuelled by an inner drive called PASSION
To move you from oppression to your DESTINATION

So stop asking for approval and PERMISSION
God alone has made provision for your VISION
If you got the will and DETERMINATION
Then prosperity shall be your PORTION

If you believe now, make the DECISION
Step out of doubt and take ACTION
Doubt is the enemy’s greatest DECEPTION

There is a seed inside of you that needs germination
A dream that yearns for realization
But fear and shame keep it from expression
And slowly you shrink and miss the audition

Where vision and action make the decision
To rise against opposition, we will change this nation
I don’t care if you are so poor you work at a bus station
With vision and action comes provision for completion of mission and transportation to destination

This nation is not in the hands of those in big positions
It’s in the hands of the 19-year-old boy working in the park under harsh condition
Thinking he has no other option

Or the 23 year-old girl struggling, thinking she needs accreditation to change her nation
Or the 68 year-old man who has to beg for his pension whom in all frustration, curses his nation

What is your contribution, congregation?
To a nation where remission and depression are not regarded as violation

The gold of our earthly walk lies beyond the enticement of money and mansions
If you think possessing worldly possessions is your function?
Then your perception is an abomination

Seek divine direction
And through divine inspiration
You will arise to God’s expectation

Christianity is not religion
Christ didn’t come that we might have a denomination
But He came to alleviate condemnation bring forth redemption,
Establish justification and sanctification

Now you attained Salvation
Well, look around, is there celebration?
Creation is still groaning for your manifestation
So stop blaming the government for your situation
For such acts prompt the Almighty to provocation 
‘Cause you do not understand that over this nation, you have dominion
And you are the most valuable part of the equation

I’m saying that you can change this nation
Is that just a stupid assertion?
Or false speculation?
Or can you truly be the revolution?

The answer is yes
But as of now, live a life of distinction
Accept correction and embrace submission
You do not have to be a pastor to do ministration
Or a priest to believe your life is a vocationk

Start your project, commence your business, sing your song, whatever, God will handle your formation


Enough hesitation, today is graduation
Enough poverty and humiliation
Welcome to maturation
Gets up now and be the elevation
Take precaution but avoid too much caution

Stay focused in all concentration
And let your breakfast always be meditation

Regardless of your situation
God is sending the connections
So let thoughts of doubt and fear not be your portion
‘Cause He who started this good work will bring it to completion
He will be there from introduction to conclusion until you arrive your destination.

Written by Mac Alunge
Founder and Leader – Strawacademy
 Written in August - 2015


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