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Burn, Burn, Burn
Secrets,wrongs will not go unpunished,hell, fire and brimstone, From Gangster,prisoner point of view.
[1,230 words]
Muhsin Scott
Phoenix,Arizona. Song writer
[April 2018]
[email protected]
Burn, Burn, Burn
Muhsin Scott

I can only see thru the door, because its wide open. Your sheets on the floor, you walk around butt naked. Your homies is tellin, the ones that you donít like.
 Its like you donít even know. That im lookin rite at you. Hiding your sheets . Blood stains on the carpet. 
Twist ties is all over your apartment.
The windows cracked. The smell of dead bodies is leakin all over The streets. 
And you donít know whats happening. 
No body will tell! 
 they rather see a black one get blamed for somethin thatís not even his nature. 
The proof is in the putting , the rage is in your blood. Exept it or not youll never gonna be a thug.
 A snitch a liar thatís how you was a raised.
 A preacher choir thatís what you gone listen to. 
A wolf a lion thatís what you was raised with 
.so raise your voice. Get mad cus you cant prove it.
 I know. I seen your struggle. I know you heavy burdened. 
Your skins you sin but they say that its theirs.
 Whos side are you on the red one or the blue one 
the black or white. Its time to stary a new one. 
This is the time. Reunion of the gods 
they left us alone for god knows how much time.
 But you have risen, the king and the messiah. 
Walking on fire. My nigga we was raised out the fire. The block is filled with imagrants. 
We following after 
like we forgot its ours  
fill your head with all this racial tension. 
The cops the black power. No facial recognition. 
Its all in the skin. While niggas sit in prison getting light from no sun light
 and cracker steadily inchin towards black as night with all this racial mixin .
 You judgin books by covers. But still donít know whats in em..
so hail to the god the one with all venom. 
If looks could kill. They wouldnít know what hitem. 
Itís a parable world im stickin to the script. 
These words they are my weapons but still ainít  doin shit. 
God smack. A big fucken hit. Bull shit. 
Its leakin from the bottom of a taurus in mid autum.
 I saw em harvestin and shot em 
with the sharpened arrow from the hunters gun
the realist 1 is rappen. 
Un controllable bitch nigga you hangin on my nuts
 but see in person and say hes just 1 of us
 illum your not me and fuck  the 1s that started it
 from j to z to dizzy yall just hard if 
you. Donít believe thatís someone else stalkin 
a prophet amongst the brethen thatís still in the parks. The projects. High schools wher ever you get high at . The bull ,I told you, aint no fucken lion
 snake or ram wait for mars if you bitchy. 
The killer disguised in the clothes of a healer 
a falcon a man a dragon and shegoat.  
Ginnie pigs and boars from babe to the arabian. Terrorist!! terrorist!! you yell but you see muslim. 
So cat comes out of the church you see woo
 Firey eyes cAuse he just went throu hell. 
His skin is bronzed cause he was the fire. 
His hair is white. Hes older and hes wiser. 
He came to blaze you up not spoil you or baptize you. Crying crucify him he broke the kings law 
but still trying to take over his throne. 
The meek the ones they said was gon inherit it.
 Look around you, we stupid and donít care
 happy and spoiled expect someone to help you 
what do you give back. Nothing but rebellion.
 And "Im not afraid " 
the I donít give a fuck generation. 
Ready to talk not fight and give oppinionations.
 Tell me?  the devil and ancestors
 is not turnin in there graves. 
You claimin you one of em. But you the enemies. 
So die!!!!  im here, if there was any doubt. 
The one thatís bout to die for opening his mouth. 
With a sword inside it thatís obviously a threat. 
And now you agreeing you fahgot you heard 1 word I said. 
Revealation angels. 
We fell just where we sit. 
You looking for satan, tryna sell your soul, but wont get shit.
 Hell side. 
The grave is filled to tip,
 with dirt and rocks, hair mingled with skin.
 the dirt is lighter than mud we wet donít forget 
the difference between bitchin And trippin. 
You talkin shit expect somebody to listen 
we whipping asses you call the cops to kill em.
 But got you a gun and a bunch of shiny bullets 
a bigot'll talk, a bitch made 1 ll pull it. 
Aim for the chest, they goin by the rules. 
Thatís not anger ,they just simply got something to prove. 
You mad, and feel betrayed, some heads is coming off. "Am I my masters keeper"?
 Ok Ill keep it in my house. On "the wall like a hunting trophy.
 Even tho I didnít hunt.
 He came to my house running his mouth about what he donít want. 
Hence I cant do either. I donít believe a man can treat you 
like a slave than swear to god you equal. 
But your judgment is worst if you get even.
 Eye for an eye unless you a black or korean 
indian or mexican 
but fuck them. They worst than anglo saxons with racism and sepertism. 
Good for nothing but making babies and stealing 
stole our jobs and skin color
 killers. But you defend em. 
T I. 
Rich niggas donít know shit about what real niggas on the streets is dealing with. 
Cuz if the did. They wouldnít be defending a spick.
 You in a mansion but where your 3rd and 4th cousins at. 
Trying to work. And  do it but donít get paid. 
And now we donít want to cause we tired and cant make it. 
Can always use a imagrant or temp to blame. 
The end of the day they still got their job and there name
 writin in the book of life. And none of the shame
 that comes from tryna feed your wife and your kid and you cant.
 I wish my toungue Was a razor im aiming at your veins. 
My aunt said to clean it up, im sorry , I cant. 
But I can walk my ass to prison when this fucken complaining
 turns to retaliation and I murder a baby 
and mom fuck dad that nigga can watch
 you hyped up now for nothing you bitch nigga watch. Im coming for you!  the riots was full of some fakes. Saying no justice no peace.
 We still aint got justice. And they.
 Got stupid. Nasty and nigarrdly proving the peckerwoods right. 
"You aint gone hurt nobody"
Exept for the couple, that take
An ass whippin so they can press charges.
your only crime is firgot to kill em. 
No soul: the feeling gone come and Then go. 
You holdin on for hope and some change.
 and you the only one. 
This fucken devil is comfortable right where he sitten. The problem is, you steadily saying
 everthing that he doin 
he turn the shit around on you and keep lieing
 but eventually he get tired, you know he a liar. 
And lazy bum. 
A raper a killer an addict.
 The mormons getting mad they narcissistic.


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