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The Written Soul:The Journey Beyond The Flesh. Chapter 1
The soul is the core of the human being,the essence of a person,the world within ourselves,the thing that is who we are.Beneathe it all.This is the story of my soul,lost,found,and forgotten,and my journey from what it has become.
[1,196 words]
Ja Little
[February 2017]
[email protected]
Mating Souls (Poetry) - [302 words] [Romance]
The Written Soul:The Journey Beyond The Flesh. Chapter 1
Ja Little


I have lost alot in the temperature-rising flames of time,upon the heat of the burning sun,some hells are suffered thru life.It is in the times of weakness that brings out the greatest moments of our strengths,for only those in hell can truly understand the beauty of heaven.
 Deep beneath the deep,every person exists in a world that only they exists in.Every person has their world,and every world has it's person,deep beneath the deep the soul exists.
        A place where self is lost and sometimes found,where light is darkened and darkness is enlightened,a place where the only war to be had,is within ourselves.This is the story of my soul,n the world that comes with it.

                    As all seemed well

My phsical world shatters to a halt,at the pause of a button,life has it's ways of breaking down.
        Beneath the flesh,beyond the heart and mind,lies the world hidden within the soul.It seems i have things to settle here.This world seems to be at the dawn of a war,life's pain has seem to have conquered more than expected.
      By the sights of the naked eye,light appears to be darkening. Cities are burning,the taste of the water,the smell in the air,all polluted by this growing sorrow.Even the sky has been effected.Barely shining thru this foggy clouded mist,a midnight-maroon light is casted upon this world.
    Even its days are dark.
The journey begins,here amongst the depths of my soul's wastelands, where i am my best friend and worst enemy.

        The Curse of my Soul
                   CHAPTER 1

          Upon the lands of my forgotten soul,i had no idea it was this dark here,no idea so much has been lost.
     In the edges of the eye's distance,the smoke of burning cities form sorrow clouds upon the already foggy skys.Small hints of light squeezes thru the tiny cracks the darkness of this world forgot to cover.
       The air was dry,heavy to breathe,sights were shaded,a bad omen grew here.The sun is dying in this world,as it breathes its last breaths of light,i now remember this forsaken place,once before i have been here.
    The tale of my curse repeats itself to me,as if i could ever forget,i am welcomed back,to my lost soul.And the curse that dwells here.

 It seems my guarded walls have been broken thru,my haunted thoughts haunt me;the sons without their days,and the moons without their knights.My eyes stand strong,my heart conceals the pain,the mind inhales it all.
       Placing the surface of this world on pause,knowing i must deal with the war inside the soul of the lost.Shadows of my past haunt me once again,a blessing that has become my curse,is upon me once more.
    The days here have shaded themselves,the nights begins to grow darker,only me and the approaching nightfall exist.Old memories sabotage the new one,as this world's darkness begins its convincing.
          The news comes in dreadful letters,forming soul-breaking words,miles into the distance,i stop and i breathe,"Deja Vu".I imagine the things that could of been,knowing they wil never be,"Hope is Always a Fool's Hope".
    Alone the nights come,the love of the moon gives me life,as the chill of this world shivers my spine.Greeted by the dreams of sleep,awaited to awake by my realistic nightmares.
         My curse haunts me,as all turns lead to the same dead end, right back where i started.Yet my ability to go on comes from my strength to never give up.
      No matter the odds,i must remain fighting.
                                The Curse of my Soul

The alone-ness of my soul begins to surround me,eating away at my flesh,of what to do i have no idea.
         Darkened clouds gather above me,the little lights that exist dims,only the darkness keeps me company.Seconds begin to feel like hours,hours start to feel like days,i notice my days slip away but the seconds.
     Another night in this hell,im forced to miss what is gone,standing here,watching my endless dreams come to their ends.Faces i thought would never fade,becomes so hard to remember,this world has made my mind forget,this is not how it was supposed to be.
         A storm nears,vibrations rumble the surface beneath the surface,i am in for a rude awakening.
  Nights are getting darker and harder here,my mights seem to grow weak,i must thrive to be stronger.

            The mind blows blank thoughts,the wind does the same,as in the distance i see,the approaching storm.The light of these days barely shine,as the darkness of these nights show me how much the days were worth.And as the days are gone,the dawn is awaited on.
    Lost for the moment,not knowing what emotion to unleash,wrong turns are took,as i try to remain on the right path.
          Words shoot like guns,loaded with the feelings held within,penetrating the flesh with wounds that never fully heal.the scars that tell the tales of our pain.
     My soul cries for my spirit to lift,for the happiness that once was is no more.A big nothing consumes me slowly,my confusion conceals me,and i feel myself becoming weak to this world's sickness.As i close my eyes and sway from the cold night,i see my dreams submit to my nightmares,as i watch my nightmares turn into reality.
          Upon my soul growing darker,this world does the same.
                                       The Curse of my Soul

    The days and nights here take their toll,thoughts cross the mind,as the mind comes to a crossroads.which path will be taken.
       Hell on earth has come, everything seems to be burning around me,i think i looked the devil in her eyes.And,i think i loved her.
      The suns in the sky continue to fade,the nights come to bring the end to all days,time is time and time fades.
   Looking into the eyes of the mirror,i can see this world's greatest enemy,into the eyes of my despair.In the eyes of the mirror,i see a pulse pounding in pain,he is the key to the door that leaves this world,and also the lock that could shut the door forever.Into the mirror's eyes i see,into the eyes of my greatest hope.
  A piece of light shines thru my soul's corrupted sky,one of the last of the last,and upon my face a smile is granted.Though everything is not good,for one solid moment everything wasn't bad.
     The voice with a smile speaks in my mind,and as my heart listens,my face generates the smile....the memories that keep us sane....
     Clouds shift,the hope of light was gone,the day that seemed clear,darkens once more.I am left with the sights that are left.
      I sadly watch the sorrow of my sky,as my son's last pieces of light shines,i take my last glance,as my soul's sun dies.With the lost of the son,the moon takes command for the days and the nights,and in the blink of an eye,this world just became a shade darker.
              Love and hate clashes.Love takes it's last breaths of once pure air,the pollution of hate crosses it's path,either the love is held or the hate is released.A well known thin line lies between the two.
    Impacts rupture when the line-so-thin is crossed,love and hate becomes another war upon the surfaces of my damned soul.
         Time knocks once again,against me it has come to fight,making the times I've gained the moments i lost.But,time is endless,our losses can sometimes be our gain.
     Only i can make my moments matter.


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