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Four Poems by Randall Barfield Titles are: Groundwork in Colombia, Poetry, I Saw My Granny, Carpenter [398 words]
Five Prose Poems by Randall Barfield Here are five prose poems for the romantic-minded, I hope. The titles are Looking Back, That ... [331 words]
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A Rap By This White Girl by Kirsten McManus The title says it all. [73 words]
The Random
The Second Wish by Asif Khan It is a symbolic poem,treating of DEATH and REALITY as its themes.Perhaps death is the ultimate... [72 words]
The Rose Tree by Randall Barfield A poem about the passing of life and nostalgia. [291 words]
Sweet Song Of Eros by Anthony S Maulucci A short erotic poem inspired by the Song of Solomon. [39 words]
Sweet Reality by Ritu Varna A poem which makes the poet take a more realistic view of the world, a change of attitude as the ... [214 words]
Now by Branson Storm A poem asking one to acknowledge and be that which one truly is. [36 words]
My Heart Goes Out To Her by Charlie M (Big C Bubba) Johnson A poem I wrote for a love never known in the style of a shakespearean sonnet. I wrote ... [115 words]
Labrador Waltz by Wolfa Dark dreams. [158 words]
Keepsakes by Randall Barfield A poem about a special afternoon. [129 words]
Is This The End? by Charlie M (Big C Bubba) Johnson School was and these were the thoughts that passed through my mind. This is also in the style ... [107 words]
Friends by Heather Ragan This poem talk is about friends. You are going to love it. [37 words]
Forgiveness by Ashley Burdett Someone who has committed the ultimate act of hatred against another human being asks for forgivene... [137 words]
Father Big And Son So Small by Erin Megan Lindner From deep Love and admiration. [111 words]
Concurrent Thought by James S McClinton Meanings. [59 words]
College Rhyme by Ritu Varna Very silly but interesting like a nursery rhyme. [44 words]
College Rhyme2 by Ritu Varna Silly beautiful college rhyme. [38 words]
Verse For A Greetings Card by Martin Milner A piece of light verse to counterbalance my more somber studies. [39 words]
Thoughts by Kirsten McManus This was published in Mandala. [63 words]
Starlit by Kirsten McManus It's in code. [141 words]
Sporatic by Kirsten McManus Love. Aaaahhh, it's so crazy. [36 words]
Seventh Hour by Kirsten McManus - [52 words]
Seventh Hour (Part 3) by Kirsten McManus - [130 words]
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September Birdsong by M Kathleen Williams Written: September 11th, 2001. In Memory of the lives lost at the World Trade Center, The ... [147 words]
September 11, 2001 by Kirsten McManus Written after seeing a picture of a young boy with beautiful blue eyes crying. [101 words]
My Song by Woodside Part of a song I wrote about the girl I love. [114 words]
Me by Kirsten McManus I'm growing up. [113 words]
Living In The Eighties by Martin Milner The eighties saw the dawn of a new impersonalism and surprisingly enough corresponded wi... [104 words]
Frosted Glass by Martin Milner Bathroom frosted glass distorts one's view as much as this distortion of a perfect world. [170 words]
Fanatic by Anthony S Maulucci A poem about the disturbed mind of a Muslim extremist. [244 words]
Deja Vu by Richard Koss In times like these, pacifists come out of the woodwork. This poem was written in anticipation of wha... [106 words]
Creative Block by Kirsten McManus Eighth grade year. [83 words]
Belfast by Martin Milner A psychological and physical description of life in the shadow of terrorism. Great Britain has endured... [145 words]
A Poem Created With All The Words That Rhyme With Man by Hope Chapman Was bored, and wrote this in a couple of minutes. [105 words]
8.99 by Kirsten McManus Written by a scared kid. [92 words]
6.24.01 by Kirsten McManus Written at camp. [93 words]

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The Random
It seems to depict my feelings of the game very well.
[331 words]
Kirsten McManus
Open-minded, friendly, kind, everybody's best friend... That's what I strive to be.
[November 2001]
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Seventh Hour (Part 3) (Poetry) - [130 words]
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Thoughts (Poetry) This was published in Mandala. [63 words]
You're Simple (Songs) As if crazy sayings are not enough... [118 words]
The Random
Kirsten McManus

    i'm thinking as i wander and i wonder as i think
and the words come to my mind "will i t be what i want it to be?"
my destiny's fulfilled or at least i hope it's true
because there's nothing i want more than to be right next to you
i imagine all the good things and completely ignore the bad
because i have no reason to believe that you will ever make me sad
my eyes smile and my heart jumps just to hear your name
but how can i be certain that the affect i have is the same?
you say you want to be with me, you say you want me then
but yet you're still with her and i can't see an end
the world just keeps on spinning as my memories go by in a blur
and every second that i wait i seem to want you more
i preoccupy myself with guys i kind of like
they're cute, popular, one wants me, but you'd win me without a fight
i guess that i when i kiss him i kinda pretend he's you
and that every time he touches me... oh i wish it were you
you're everything i want and probably so much more
but until this whole thing happens, we have to lose by score
the grass is always greener just on the other side
and the water's always deeper just after the tide
the stars are always brighter just after an eclipse
and every dream i have ends with you and me... our lips
this entire thing is crazy and i'm surprised i'm putting it into words
but nothing could express what exactly isn't heard
the silent touch of our fingers can say just so much more
than those simple words "i love you"; i want to tell you more
this poem may seem stupid and this story may seem false
but, oh my, when i see you, i when the race with my pulse
whatever happens you have to promise that we will always speak
because without you in my life i know there will be nothing... i'll be weak.



"Kirsten, i knew you were talented, but i had no idea you were such an incredible writer! I love your poems- and i'm not just saying that. " -- Ashley Giroux, Topeka, KS, USA.
"I read all of your poetry. You are more than just an writer. A talented, spirited, yearning artist Perhaps you should wear a miter. You have a gift of vocabulary That flows and shapes you so It gives the feelings meaning And gives your heart a glow. (wow, you have awesome poetry, keep on writing)" -- Karl, T-Town(woohoo!).


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November 2001

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