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The Well Wrought Gate, A Collection
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The Well Wrought Gate, A Collection
A Collection: The Well Wrought Gate, Black Rabbits And Lettuce, Joseph, After The Annunciation, A Poem Inspired By George Herbert' "Jordan", A Polish Blonde.
[372 words]
Duane Locke
Duane Locke, Doctor of Philosophy in Renaissance Literature, Professor Emeritus of the Humanities, Poet in Residence at University of Tampa for over twenty years, he has had over 2,000 of his own poems published in over 500 print magazines such as American Poetry Review, Nation, Literary Quarterly, Black Moon, and Bitter Oleander, is author of 14 books of poems, his latest being WATCHING WISTERIA, as a cyber-poet, since Sept 1, 1999 has had 665 acceptances of his poems by online e zines, photographer, listed in PSA's WHO'S WHO as one of the top twenty nature photographers, currently has 45 of his Alley photos accepted on line (These are pictures made of discards and trash in alleys. He moves in close to find a design that speaks beauty from what people have thrown away), painter, currently having a one-man show of over 30 painting at the Pyramid gallery in Tampa, winner for poetry of the Edna St. Vincent Millay, Charles Agnoff, and Walt Whitman awards, now lives alone and isolated in the sunny Tampa slums. He lives estranged and as an alien, not understanding the customs, the costumes, the language, some form of postmodern English, of his surroundings. The egregious ugliness of his neighborhood has been mitigated by the esthetic efforts of the police who put up bright orange and yellow posters on each post to advertise the location is a shopping mall for drugs. His recreational activities are drinking wine, listening to old operas, and reading postmodern philosophy.
[February 2000]
River Bank, A Collection (Poetry) A collection of of verse - River Bank With For Sale Sign, A Weed In A Yard Where A Fence Has Fallen, Abandoned Azaleas In A Vacant Lot, Earth's Rainbows, Moths. [161 words]
The Well Wrought Gate, A Collection
Duane Locke


I observe the well-constructed gate
In the front of my decaying house,


The tree was cut,
Why was the wood was sawed,
Why were the nails were hammered?

I ask why this beautiful gate
That required
So much labor to build.

Why this gate
When there is no fence?


In the backyard
Of the unsuccessful man,

Black bunnies nibble on green lettuce,
The  event
Reminds of
Japanese scenes
Of ebony and jade
Done in lacquer.


Were my eyes blindfolded?   Now I pace,
The tongues of sawdust lick my ankles
And snails crawl on sawed boards.
The red bedsheets in our separate rooms have turned pale.
What used to be my life is now stripped naked.
In the future, I'll wear a black cape over my face.
I, who have read many books, will be
Spoken of as simple-minded, obedient saint.
I'll keep paying the rent, try not to think
About the rich man who lives in white stone house,
Where Mary worked as housekeeper.
If I were French, I would drink  much absinthe.


Who says that girls with brass globes bored
Into the middle of their snake-like tongues
And girls with their heads shaved bald
Are the only fit subjects for postmodern love poems?
Is there no longer any attraction to a body
That is not mutilated with rings and tattoos?
Is there no longer any beauty in a Vermeer face,
Or a Botticelli Venus arising among flung roses
Of  a white-capped sea to stand on a scallop shell?
Must Venus have a bouquet of roses tattooed on her ass?
Is all good structure, a termite-eaten, collapsing stair?
Must one only speak once-tabooed,
Meaningless, monosyllabic words
To express the intricacies and profundities of love?
Who states this new aesthetics?  Is it
The high school teacher with a paper tiger
Tattooed  seven inches about her ankle?
Or was it the spaced-out college professor
With a pink knee peeping out of torn blue jeans?
Or the old, lickspittle professor trying to be au courant
And be liked by the hoi polloi?
I say, "No."  I go back to Italy
To touch magpie shadows on a bare shoulder
As we sip Campari among olive trees and poppies.


Once she had
A real rose
Growing inside
Her heart.

But the real rose
Had thorns,
She tore
The real rose out.

Now he has
A red wax rose.
It has no thorns,
It never wilts,

Its petals
Stay intact
On its
Wax stem.

The new rose
Stays stiff
And secure,
Gathers dust.



"Some great lines. Your "Jordon" poem is by far the best work in here. It takes a strong stance, gives great examples, while having some valuable sound quality. I can relate to it, and it made me chuckle a bit. I think when you reveal a motivation, an opinion, or any definite tendency behind the voice of a poem, it only makes things better. When you reveal the source of the words, paint the pictures behind that moment or thought, that made it all inevitable, that's when you seem to get your best stuff. The thin stuff might be when you use uninteresting words and concepts like "roses" that's been done over and over, you'd have to pour concrete on it and dance the rumba on top in order to get anything new out of it." -- Hazzard.


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August 2001

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