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The Gated Pool
A late night conversation with a man alone with his thoughts to an old friend
[761 words]
Michael Xu
My name is Michael Xu and I'm a senior attending John A. Rowland High School. I'm not much a reader, but i love writing. I picked reading when I was recently sent to a hosipital, i fell in love with romance books and when i would write, i would about my life or a dream that i had. Mainly i would write about an event that happened in my life that I wish went my way. I am a novice writer, but with the help of a teacher I have decided to write a book.
[November 2013]
The Gated Pool
Michael Xu

The Gated Pool
I remember there was a gated pool.
I remember it being on the intersection of Love and Lust.
The pool is beautiful.
 Flowing water, Shining lights, an aroma that is just covered with a shear awesomeness that no
one can describe.

I made my way to the pool.
Making my escape so quite as if I were just a fly on a wall, even though everyone was asleep.
 I pulled out what was my true escape and remedy and ignited it.
 The flame burned not just my object, but also my soul.
Thinking about the reflection of myself with that pool.
The times of joy, laughter, and pain with the pool struck through my mind and it felt overwhelming.

 The closer I got to the pool the more I felt like it wasnít going to glow the way it did, that the smell would have changed, or that it has been broken into by some stranger.
 The fears were erased as I saw the pool with my own two eyes.
It was still beautiful and nothing was changed expect there was a stranger that passed the gates.
I step next to the entrance and the walls are too high up for anyone to pass and the bottom was so covered that no one could go underneath it.

The lights are still shining and the beauty of it still amazes me.
I wonder if the lights are for the stranger, but the closer I get, I see that they are shining at me.
Even with a stranger in its presence the pool still shines for me and smiles as I near it.
The pool is locked.
I can enter if I wished too, but I donít.

 I reflect on its beauty as if I just saw it for the first time in my life.
I pull out another one and stare at the pool once again.
 As I ignite my soul I feel the poolís presence and I almost feel like itís telling me to stop.
 It tells me that I donít need the object when I have the pool.
The pool is calm, untouched, unpolluted, and it just stares back at me.
My soul is burning and I take a seat near the gate.

I stare at the pool and I see that the gate is just an illusion.
I feel like there is a hole opening up in the gate.
 Itís very inviting and warm and asks me to just jump in and play one more time.
That is but an illusion also.

The pool is gated and the gates were made by the water.
 It wants to protect itself, from what I do not know of, but itís not from me.
 I gaze at the water and see only the pool without the stranger.
The pool is still mine and holds the memories of us being together.

 The gate seems to open, but as I reach to touch it I realize that my eyes are just playing tricks on me, or maybe itís just my heart.
 I ignite another piece making that the third this night with the pool.
The gates are still there, but the more the pool and I look at each other, the more I feel like itís not actually blocking anything.

The pool is still beautiful after all these years and I want to go in, but I can not for the fear of the stranger kicking me out is still there.
I smile when I shouldn't be, but how can one not in the presence of something one loves.
 After all this time the pool still invites me to take a dip in it.
Even with someone one new through its walls it still wants me to go in and be one with it.

 I can not enter, not yet at least. I must deserve to break its gates and enter again.
 I have the key it gave me time ago, but I will enter when I am deserving,
As the piece finishes burning I get up and begin to leave.

Before I do I go to the entrance and touch the lock.
It feels my presence and I feel the warmth of the water.
 I touch the gate saying that I will one day return and I know that when I do I wonít have to go over or under it.
 I will have the key in my hand, but wonít need it because the doors will swing open for me and I will remember my time with the gated pool.



"Pretty good, could use bigger vocabulary words though to improve the imagery." -- albert lin, Rowland Heights, California, United States.


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November 2013

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