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A Man's Dream
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A Man's Dream
Living life.
[315 words]
Janae D Anthony
[January 2001]
[email protected]
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A Man's Dream
Janae D Anthony

A Man's Dream

Dreaming, constantly without end, Forever dreaming a man and his destiny
Growing up at moments in time, then times yet again.
Whether young or old, a man's dreams are being told.
Reality is but a verse, putting dreams away can be your curse.
Without dreams life can't be real, you just exist, yet cannot feel
You think in naught, and become what?
Just a man without ambitions
existing in a world where people take the opportunity to reminds you that you will never amount to nothing,
So nothing is what you become
Because you act not on your dreams you just sit and withered away.
Many people believe that dreams are not real, though a man's dreams can forever be sealed
His life is so precious his dreams are his fate; a man who pursues his dream always should take;
First thought, not like any thoughts, but a thought from his mind
his body, spirit, his soul so divine.
Dreaming only to succeed in what ever he does best, avoiding those in the shadows trying to steal his success
If he plans his next move, a legend in his own time, he shall suddenly prove.
Remembering that a dream is a broken winged bird that cannot fly,
yet when nourished and kept alive, it shall sore the skies,
free to see his way before it lands,
seeking the wisdom granted by divinity to seek it path
 tempered with the knowledge of knowing its next move
 and the power to overcome, making sure obstacles are removed.
Rivers flow deep in the tragedy of a dream and a life built,
what is the beauty of passing on one man's dream, if he cannot fulfill it himself.
Don't stand in the way or they will pay with their lives,
and their dreams, should I say;
I prey
God; I say this without fault, a man dream should never be bought,
but a path should be clear, the door opened wide, a dream is now born, and not ready to hide.


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July 2001

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