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Why Did You Take That Knife To Town?
A poem about the knife culture that we live/die with.
[134 words]
R Duncan
[November 2012]
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Why Did You Take That Knife To Town?
R Duncan

Why did you take that knife to town?

Why did you take that knife to town?
Why did you take it to the city?
Why is that young man dying in the street?
Why do you show no pity?.

Was it something that, that young man did?
Was it something that he said?
What was it that made you use that blade?
Why is that young man lying dead?

There is no sense or reason
To take a life away
A family lose a loving son
There are no words left to say.

So now we're left with a mothers wail
As she hears about her son
And you will spend long years in jail
And no one will have won.

Why did you take that knife to town?
Why did you take it to the city?
Why kill someone you'ld never met?
Why do you show no pity?

By Rikki Duncan 11th July 2012


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