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To Normandy
This is a poem to immortalize the D-Day seize at Normandy.
[1,173 words]
Ashley Burdett
I'm 19 and I currently a student at a local college. I'm pursuing a degree in biology. Despite my affinity for the sciences, I've had a passion for writer. I've been told I'm extremely talented, I still have yet to find the beauty that other people do in my writing...
Give something a read and tell me what you think.
[July 2003]
[email protected]
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To Normandy
Ashley Burdett

Above my head
The sun beamed down,
Her rays basked upon us
As the water
Was thrown over the sides of our ship.
She was barely
An infant
Not yet raised above the horizon.
Her twin,
Still hung
As I began to accept my fate.

The water splashed
Against my face
Rousing me
From my dream
Bringing me back
To my nightmare.

I pressed my face against
The cold, dark metal.
It pushed me away.
It would not grant me solace
In this
My time of need.

The boat rocked beneath me,
I swayed,
Caught in an endless vertigo.
My stomach churned
As looked about.
There were men,
All young,
All in their prime,
Maybe twenty,
Maybe thirty,
Of those I knew
And those I have known.
They sat,
Grim faced
Probably thinking
The same that I was�
Of what may befall when
We arrived at Normandy.

Never before has a name
Of such a place
Sparked fear in the
Hearts of so many.
This was the
Place at which we were to die,
To cast off our earthly burdens
And our sources of life.

I peeled my face
From off the boat
And peered over the
Nothing was there,
Just the ocean,
Other boats full of men like I,
And the beach,
Where so many would die
Even though no one
Would admit it to themselves.

Without warning
The man in front,
Who called himself
Stood before us,
�Now men,
You are called upon by
Your president to defend
Our country.
Think of your wives!
Do you not want them
To know the same
Freedom you have always relished?
You may die today
But in doing so
Such a service
Will be granted.
You will never be forgotten!
It is nearing six
And we will drop you
By the beach
Out of the water
You must go
And live long enough to
Kill those
Who would willingly kill
Your kindred!
Drop the planks!
The drop is here!
There is no turning back,
You have nothing
And nowhere to go!
You must fight for
Your lives��

The back of the boat
Fell into the dark water,
Into nothingness.
Explosions began to hit the water,
Erupting into gentle sprays
Which showered down
Upon each and every one
Of us.
Someone must have been
Mourning those who fell
Beside me.

Everyone began to
Dodge those hurtling
Which sliced through the air,
Ready to destroy
Whatever they chose
To strike.

Everything slowed down,
I couldn�t move
I could see everyone falling,
Into the darkness,
And the abyss of the water.
I rushed ahead
As fast as I could
Admist the horror and the chaos.
I was pushed from
And in I tumbled
Head first
Into the cold and foreboding
I was surrounded
By nothing but water.

I ripped at my gear
My fingers crept
And wriggled
Searching for buckle.
Where the hell
Was the buckle?
I could feel
My heart screaming.
I was dying
I knew it.
My fingers triumphed
I was released
And fighting for the air.

Breaking the surface,
I looked about,
There was nothing
But bodies
Struggling to shore,
Or just there.
Lying there,
Bullets flew past
Striking everyone
And everything.

I did the only thing
I knew to,
I ran to shore.
My legs ached,
As they churned the water
Beneath me.
The man beside me fell
I forced myself
To press on.
There was no option
Should I not find the shore,
There would be no comfort
For me.
Neither would there be

I rushed onto the shore,
I had reached salvation,
Or had I?
I dove behind the
Nearest metal bunker.
The rust fell off beneath
My hands as I peered
Out onto the sand.
There lay men,
I had known,
Dead or dying,
Or worse yet,
Pressing on,
Up the long shore
Only to attempt
To take the Germans.

All around me
The air was cut
By tiny shards of metal,
Sent hurtling towards a human target
Only to leave
What it would touch
In death�s icy grip.

The man beside me began to speak
So behind the bunker
Once again
Refuge was taken.
I pressed my head
Against the metal,
Trying to press
The screams of the anguished,
The cries of the dying,
The prayers of those around me.
Down to me fell
Shards of rust,
Seemingly like
Tears of Blood shed by the
Great Goddess,
To foreshadow my fate,
I was undyingly certain
Today, I would perish.

The man beside me
Attempted to gain my attention,
�Are you there, son?
Are you there?
Can you understand me?
Do you need of some
Or are you ready
To pursue your dreams
Of glory and gain Normandy
And all of France!!�

Unwanted glory
And uneeded pain
Was the price of being
A youth in the great
Called America.
How I wished
I could be who
I had been.
Nothing more then a boy,
Not a man,
But a boy with strong desires
To be a man.
How wrong could
I have been?
And now the price
For my stupidity
Was paid by all
Those who laid around me.

I pressed my eyes closed,
Trying to push away
All of the sounds
Of the death
And destruction.
Trying to stop
The cries of pain
And the pleas
Mercy from different gods.

I felt a
Most gentle
Coming from my boot.
It carefully pulled
Towards the sea
And then away.
When I looked
To the unknown omen,
There lay
The man,
Who called himself general.
He lay there,
Bathed in blood,
Long since gone,
Struck down
By the Germans�
Mighty sword.
Beyond him,
There lay
Many more like him.

Woe unto Poseidon!
 For your kingdom
Is bathed with the blood
Of another�s citizens.
For your citizens die,
Just as we.
For your glorious sea of blue
Has been turned
To that of a malicious red.

I turned myself
Back to the commander
Who gave orders next to me.
�Now men!
You and I
Both know most
Of us will not survive
This very beach attack!
But press on!
For you shall meet salvation
Should you perish,
Or the greatest of all
Great glories
Should you live to tell
The Tale of Normandy!�

Deep inside
Nearest to my heart,
Sat a darkness,
And looming.
Plain as day,
Or rather night,
Could I feel the darkness
All throughout my soul.
But still,
I must.
For should I die,
It would mean that another would not.
For should I die,
More likely would
I take the bullet
Of one who was not meant to die.

Choosing first
I pushed away from my refuge.
It was my duty to be
The first to reach
The Germans.
Nothing would gleam
More in my breast
Then my purple heart.

Forward I moved,
Faster then I knew
I could.
Silent prayers
And wisps from the medics
�He�s gone,�
Rang above the
Screams of the
German gunners.
Weighed down
Was my body by my pack,
But not my spirit.
I would be the one
To destroy
Those who sought
To destroy

Shutting my eyes,
I envisioned glory,
My wife,
My young,
Young wife.
How I wished
I could clasp her
Once again.
How I wished
I could be with her.

Pain ripped through
My body.
Almost as if
My soul,
Had been pierced.
To the ground,
I fell crumpled.
�Medic! Medic!�
Came the call
From far away.
�Another man
Lies fallen.
Help him
If you can.
For it is your duty
To save the fallen
And raise the wounded!�

I felt myself
Writhe from the pain.
�Please God,
Save me,
Just let me pass away.
Don�t let me
Feel the pain.
I cannot bear it
Any longer��
Drawing my hand
Away from the wound,
It was coated with
The red wine of life.

Shutting my eyes,
I felt the world drift away.
There was no
More buzzing,
No more silent prayers,
Or screams of anguish.
Only I.
I felt something run across
My forehead.
Possibly the medic,
Possibly the sweat
Forming the ruts
I would never achieve
With age.

A voice
Somewhere between
The battle and I
�He is gone�
There is nothing
Which we can do.�
And then I was
Surrounded by nothingness.


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© 2001 Ashley Burdett
April 2001

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