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The Suffering Christian (A Collection)
These are my very first Blank Verse poems, Heroic Couplets, and a Stanza in Heterometric form. The Blank Verse poem possesses some rhyme, and is about being Christian and a selfish sufferer (wanting Christ to return to end your suffering before you have even really helped anyone). The Heroic Couplet is about the Christian struggle with the flesh and how that develops in the life of a believer. The Heterometric Stanza is written about a Christian (in this case me) who is suffering from paranoid schizophrenia and what that is like. All these poems are introspective. I hope that anyone out there finds my work at the least worthy. God bless all.

[528 words]
Michael Harris
African American male. Accepted Christ as savior as I have been born again since August 1st of 2002. I have been writing on and off for about 10 years though I'm pretty determined to keep at it this time.
[August 2012]
[email protected]
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The Suffering Christian (A Collection)
Michael Harris

A Poem for the Schizophrenic: Heterometric Stanza #1

Shattered prism sees the world through slanted angles;
A kaleidoscope of viewpoints, sent to distress:
Suffocating you without surcease, all strangles
And tangles giving rise to feeblemindedness.

Relations under strain; solitary struggle
To meet and greet, form and fasten cordiality;
A love not lost but never found, crosses to juggle
In social spheres; possessed with psyches of fragility.

They accost and aggravate with words of fear,
An awareness of the past appears awarded;
Sifting through old wounds, strength is needed to persevere;
Endure until the end and you will be rewarded.

Seducing speakers seize the mind as their own,
Sent to supremely unsettle, shake, and distemper;
It is the Lord Jesus Christ they wish you to disown,
Allow God to ignite your heart with an ember.

Lurching along as if you are in the Twilight Zone,
Conditioned by a monster capable of chaotic mess;
Seek God and his Grace; Heíll never leave you alone;
Giving whatís needed, sustainment and paths to egress.

The Christian Struggle with the Flesh: Heroic Couplet #1

It happens to even the best of them,
An aspect of a three-fold stratagem,
A shadowed you seeking to sway your soul
Back into hellís embrace and Impís payroll.
The Flesh lusts against the Spiritual side,
It will not rest until Christ is denied.
It joys in things that impact adversely,
Wrestling until you backslid inversely.
Wanting to wallow in sin, waiving chaste
Honesty; flee from these with godly haste!
A life-long struggle sits smack before us,
Fleshly charms are sly and insidious.
Walk in the Light granted to you by God,
Think it not strange when prodded; nay, nor odd.
The Flesh declares, ďAnything but Jesus!
Say no to Christ and be one blasphemous!Ē
To die daily, crucify the Old Man,
Being a facet of this race weíve ran.
So Serve Christ, fret not about phantasms;
Christís will embrace you bridging all chasms.

Don't Be a Selfish Sufferer: Blank Verse #1

Christian Chaos surround, tempests abound,
Life now and again takes an unsure turn.
Faith maintained; blooming seems slow in stemming.
Shadowed age portends an end to it all.
Christ to return, trumpet to sound, being on
Earth will be over with an angel call.
Long indeed for heavenís embrace though all
The while seek His face so that those around
May learn of Godís Grace, and be drawn to the
Savior of the human race; endure worthily for Christ.
Open the Book that God sent down, dust off
Your Bibles; reacquaint yourself with His Word.
Adversity will be availed to abet others.
Terrible trials and tribulations
Always work together for good to them
That love God, to the called according to
His purpose. Let patience have her perfect work
In you. Fret not about Satanic attacks,
Seducing spirits, and spells of fear. The
Enemy can only do what God allows.
Consider those around who are spellbound
In sin and know not that they are hell bound;
Let God translate your nightmare into a
Gracious story and redemptive work;
Use the gifts that God has granted you with.
If not you, then who? You may be burdened
Down, perpetually being denounced by the
Devil; always on the defensive
And know nothing but defeat; donít let that
Be a discouragement. Let God reinforce
You by the Sustainerís power and run
The race that is set before you with patience.
Be not a selfish sufferer; serve well
For the sake of Christ and in the end
Your weights will be translated into an
Endless weight of glory; endure for Christ.



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