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Redhaired Radio by Richard Evans national pastime- [22 words]
Here And Now by Richard Evans blessings- [32 words]
The Martyr by Richard Evans weep when there are no more- [55 words]
Let Us Pray by Richard Evans a revelation of character- [53 words]
Precious Precious by Richard Evans take care of business when you're young- [74 words]
My Momma Make Me Mad by Richard Evans now, now- [64 words]
Yours & Mine by Matthew Mark Gill This belongs to all of Us.. Compliments of God.. ty 4 my niche [115 words]
Your Going Down by Matthew Mark Gill Dedicated to Cowell and Dawny Lets Rock kid.. [77 words]
Words Worth by Terry Collett - [140 words]
With The Grubbs. by Terry Collett - [211 words]
When Not To Gaze. by Terry Collett - [135 words]
Then by Terry Collett - [59 words]
Their Paris. by Terry Collett - [241 words]
The Year Marilyn Monroe Got Herself Murdered. by Terry Collett - [170 words]
The Way It Was Meant To Be by Matthew Mark Gill Happy Birthday Dec 22, :) [111 words]
The Lostness. by Terry Collett - [129 words]
The Girl Who Held Your Hand. by Terry Collett - [170 words]
Stolen Kisses Never Taken. by Terry Collett - [154 words]
Still Born (Poem) by Terry Collett - [120 words]
Showing Dolls by Terry Collett - [202 words]
Out There. (Poem) by Terry Collett - [93 words]
Our Sins by Terry Collett - [136 words]
On The Horizon by Terry Collett - [126 words]
Obliteration by M Q Walters I am what I am...and you are smaller than me [61 words]
Not For Me. by Terry Collett - [202 words]
Mrs Clark's Daughter. by Terry Collett - [185 words]
Misunderstanding by Terry Collett - [121 words]
Miss Arkle's Wart. by Terry Collett - [153 words]
Magical by Annacat - [48 words]
Love Doesn't End With Death. by Terry Collett - [187 words]
Left In The Dark by Terry Collett - [148 words]
Just To Valuable by Matthew Mark Gill :) hello all. [104 words]
Has His Measure. by Terry Collett - [148 words]
Handles by Matthew Mark Gill Peeps everywhere [72 words]
Granddad's Candy by Terry Collett - [206 words]
Finally(Poem) by Terry Collett - [207 words]
Father Can't You See? by Ramona L Rigby A poem where the narrorator pleads for their father to see their pain. [138 words]
Fallen From Grace. by Terry Collett - [212 words]
Evening Out by Terry Collett - [257 words]
Dunne Studying by Terry Collett - [189 words]
Dreambook Snapshots
Dont You Dare (Warning Nc 17) by Matthew Mark Gill Sunny D Stop Do Not Do it.. I love you always have.. Call me or Email me [100 words]
Dead ( Poem) by Terry Collett - [70 words]
Dark Thread. by Terry Collett - [19 words]
Chahtoun K Saray Bandhan Rabtoun Sa Bantay Ha by Sadaf Shahab chahtoun k saray bandhan rabtoun sa bantay ha rabatay na ho payen... [50 words]
Card To My Mother by Lamar Cole - [65 words]
Bring Her Back by Terry Collett - [252 words]
Booze And Mahler And Sex. by Terry Collett - [257 words]
Between Drags by Terry Collett - [119 words]
Behind Closed Doors by Terry Collett - [182 words]
Another Loser by Matthew Mark Gill attn Storymania Managers.. His names Dave or William [62 words]
Anny In The Mall. by Terry Collett - [151 words]
After All That by Terry Collett - [155 words]
A Woman Called. by Terry Collett - [300 words]
A Priceless State by Matthew Mark Gill www.abettercommunity.com It ends now.. Leave ya [email protected] [115 words]

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Dreambook Snapshots
[180 words]
Desi Williams
[March 2011]
All I Need (Songs) Depression, wanting love but not finding it, better things to come. Think Evanescence, Linkin Park, Seether. [168 words]
All I Need 2 (Songs) This is a slightly different version of the first one... no swear words. [166 words]
Baptism Testimony (Essays) - [901 words]
Best Friend And Worst Enemy (Songs) Hard Rock lyrics... country sound... those two don't normally go together, huh? :) not my best work ever... I'm sick today LOL... thanks for the reviews. [154 words]
Black Boots (Poetry) This is to my sis. [94 words]
Can You See Me? (Songs) The title is the beginning of each verse. [62 words]
Cast The First Stone (Essays) - [244 words]
Cathartic (Poetry) Contains SI. Is short and choppy in some places for effect. Don't know if it will work. Let me know what you think. [95 words]
Convey (Poetry) It's written to this boy whom I hold very dear. [180 words]
Disappearing Beneath Myself (Songs) It is like "Going Under" by Evanescence. Same tone, anyways. [114 words]
Do It Better (Poetry) Rants to my parents. Again. [212 words]
Fading Away With The Rain (Short Stories) I wrote it based on the cover of "Fallen" by Evanescence. [137 words] [Drama]
Fairy Tale Love (Poetry) Sort of a metaphor and at first it trips you up... You'll see. [95 words]
Feather Flowers (Poetry) I wrote this a long time ago, right after I walked to the library from my therapist's office. [55 words]
Fluttering Crush (Poetry) Description of feelings to a special person in my life, who does not return the gesture :( Look and see if you know what I am. [345 words]
For A Moment (Songs) I want someone to hold me close and tell me I'm special. That's what this is about. [136 words]
Forever Will I Love You (Poetry) Old poem... off the top... <3 yall! [58 words]
Hummingbird (Poetry) I wrote this right after seeing the guy I like... it's also just about a hummingbird, my fave bird, and also my two late grandmothers' favorite bird... [59 words]
I Packed My Bags (Songs) About how my parents don't appreciate me for who I am, and how sometimes, it gets to the point where we never wanna see each other again... [252 words]
In Your Awesome Presence (Songs) It's a work in process... I believe in a Goddess too... but I wrote about the God... tell me whatcha think! Love y'all! [183 words] [Spiritual]
Josh (Haiku) (Poetry) What does Josh mean to me? [10 words]
Just A Little, Baby (Songs) How I'm feeling in the moment... [143 words]
Little Girl In Photographs... (Poetry) Self explanatory, really... [180 words]
Live For Your Own Lyrics (Poetry) I was thinking about this one guy I know that is kind of a loner. We went on a community tour with some of our classmates and he just lit his cigarette and walked over to a big rock several hundred y... [82 words]
Love Prayers (Poetry) It's... well, once you read it, it is self explanatory. [113 words]
Love (An Essay On The Matter) (Essays) Maybe love really does exist for those who aren't as fortunate to have good looks or funny personalities. I have my eye on a few prospects... or their words, anyhow. *wink* Love y'all. [368 words] [Romance]
Make Up Your Mind (Poetry) About a complete dick that fucked up my life and ruined a friendship. Glad he's in prison. [259 words]
Math (Poetry) I wrote this in math one day based on a nearby poster combined w/ feelings of my life. [103 words]
Maybe Someday (Poetry) I don't think it's very good.... It's about someone... you don't know them... I think ;) [63 words]
Nunnada'utsun't'yi - The Trail Place Where They Cried (Short Stories) It is about a white girl and her father during the 1800s having to herd the Cherokee out of Georgia because of the Indian Removal Act. It is also told from the point of view of a young Cherokee girl ... [1,675 words] [History]
Pause (Let Me In) (Songs) It is bout mah mudder and fodder controllin mah life. [148 words]
Poem Letter To My Coping Mechanism (Poetry) I've had too much trouble in my life. I don't need this anymore. I have God, like always, and friends, and family. I don't need it!!! [102 words]
Red Faces (Poetry) Think about it. [57 words]
Redundant Oxymoronic Paradox (Poetry) Nuff said. Thought of it in the shower!!! [93 words]
Ruthie (Haiku) (Poetry) What does Ruthie mean to me? (I love my little sissy!) [11 words]
Sam (Haiku) (Poetry) What does Sam mean to me? [7 words]
Sitting All Alone By Myself (Songs) Just something I thought up... Inspired by my life, my friend Carla's song, and Dizzy Up the Girl, an album by The GooGoo Dolls. Love and peace and blessings to y'all! Stay crazy. [163 words]
Speech Blanket (Poetry) Something I wrote in a sleepy state... and although I was almost "out", yes, I did mean to spell emptiness with a "y"... [21 words]
Stay Away From My Way (Songs) It's a hard rock song... maybe not heavy metal... but definitely hard rock... punk... yeah... it's like a poem and a song... Love y'all and your reviews! Peace!!! [134 words]
Surreal Awakening (Songs) My first song on here, but definitely not my first song. Think Travis, Simple Plan. Please review. [86 words]
Synonymous Confusion... Thanks For The Help! (Poetry) It is just a jumble of my thoughts at this moment. [96 words]
The Garden Of Edenia - Intro (Novels) It has bisexuality, self harm, and Wiccan terminology. Be careful! [663 words]
The Garden Of Edenia--Chapter Eight--Bus (Novels) - [297 words]
The Garden Of Edenia--Chapter Eleven--Donor (Novels) - [652 words]
The Garden Of Edenia--Chapter Fifteen--Grandfather (Novels) - [410 words]
The Garden Of Edenia--Chapter Five--Dyke (Novels) - [217 words]
The Garden Of Edenia--Chapter Four--Secrets (Novels) - [176 words]
The Garden Of Edenia--Chapter Fourteen--Accident (Novels) - [340 words]
The Garden Of Edenia--Chapter Nine--Edie (Novels) - [527 words]
The Garden Of Edenia--Chapter One--Class (Novels) - [181 words]
The Garden Of Edenia--Chapter Seven--Ritual (Novels) - [216 words]
The Garden Of Edenia--Chapter Six--Cut (Novels) - [329 words]
The Garden Of Edenia--Chapter Sixteen--Kiss (Novels) - [180 words]
The Garden Of Edenia--Chapter Ten--Mind (Novels) - [420 words]
The Garden Of Edenia--Chapter Thirteen--Song (Novels) - [933 words]
The Garden Of Edenia--Chapter Three--Discovery (Novels) - [201 words]
The Garden Of Edenia--Chapter Twelve--Mom (Novels) - [249 words]
The Garden Of Edenia--Chapter Two--Group (Novels) - [465 words]
The Opposites Of Love (Poetry) Another old poem...I don't think it's very good... <3 yall... [48 words]
Throw Me Away (Like You Did Before) (Songs) It's about a guy I never had. :) [158 words]
Val (Haiku) (Poetry) Who is Val to me? [3 words]
Whatcha Doin'? (Songs) It's sorta Emcee, sorta punk rock. Those don't really coincide, do they? Oh WELL!!! [149 words]
When I Need You Most (Songs) I wrote this on an especially depressed day. A little suicidal, though I'm not, thank God/dess. [188 words]
Where Are We Now? (Songs) Sort of a poem song... wait. all songs are poems LOL... about how trapped I feel sometimes. I'm sick a lot, but my parents never believe me, and I'm trapped in what they believe. [193 words]
Where Does She Go From Here? (Short Stories) It's about my life thus far... in a way. [477 words] [Self-Help]
White Hawk (Poetry) What does my white hawk mean to me? I can't finish it until the bird flies here and lets me know he won't poop on me. [37 words]
Why, Oh Why? (Poetry) A compilation of new and old poems I've written... some are more songs... hope you enjoy... please review... love y'all! [175 words]
Yesterday And Tonight (Poetry) Something old w/ a lil something new... [50 words]
(Especially) Without You (Poetry) slam poem ish bout a friend... or what I want to be MORE than... [170 words]
Dreambook Snapshots
Desi Williams

My mother gave me several photos
of when I was a little girl
Captured in those snapshots
is a different time, a different world
Looking at those pictures
I kind of struggle to see
The underlying connection
Between that little girl and me
There's so much innocence,
So much light shining from her face
Now that years and mistakes create a timeline chasm,
It feels like everything has been erased.
I'm surprised the boxes of documented memories
Didn't self-combust or turn to dust
When life turned upside down for me
And decided the easy path would be unjust
Apparently I haven't karmically earned
An existence of quiet and ease
There's some kind of god or higher power
I have to appeal to, have to appease
Could I show them one of those pictures
From when I was a little girl
And attempt to explain my confusion
About the annihailation of her world
Maybe those divine beings would understand my sorrow
For the loss of such simple beauty
To somehow return even a small portion of such radiance
Might possibly be my inherent duty
The first of many I must perform
To reach my ultimate destiny
Though how I'll manage it
I honestly don't know
Guess that little girl will have to see.


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November 2011

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