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Dreaming State (Zep-Tepi Part 1)
[1,250 words]
[August 2011]
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Dreaming State (Zep-Tepi Part 1)


for a time
take a (prana) breath…
and look at where the hell you are…
look at your life…
your family…
and where your mind has been last hour…


I want you to imagine…
we orbit unseen stars…
while you visualize...
the absence…
of pollutants like the car…
there are no concreted cities…
and our people dwell in trees…
high-conscious cultures…
trading (powdered gold) across the seas…
conversing with the animals…
no utterance of a word…
(telepathic readings)
are all the creatures heard…
telling legends of star-people…
folks respect the (nature Gods)…
knowing nothing of acidic killer (aliens) in pods…
we over-stand our (genesis)…
from where in God we come…
we learn about sky-cycles…
where life ends…
it has begun…
we over-stand dimensions…
going higher than (3D)…
sensing (angels) and (aliens)…
are (inter-dimensional) entities…
we energize Earth Mother…
through her grid of (dragon lines)…


With our (super-conscious) minds…


not taking life so serious…
we’re taught about the (Nommo)…
from the triple system (Sirius)…
must be controlled for good…
we (meditate) with open eyes…
to elevate world mood…
we build our (stargate) pyramids…
with(pineal)(sonic power)…
aligned to far of systems…
to represent a certain hour…


now you’re


From your dreaming state…
its where you’ve been of late…
your new enhanced imagination…
will help you

you’ll be more inclined to think…
about humanities re-birth…
as you come around to realize…
I’ve just described past/future earth…

The life-force energy of the universe that we breathe into our light body at the same time as filling our physical body with oxygen. Through the violent shock of birth-trauma, humans are forced through fear to breathe shallow, which closes off the memory of how to breathe prana properly and deeply from the diaphragm.

Powdered gold-
Ancient kings knew that monatomic orme-gold when eaten could extend life, affect space-time and raise consciousness. The Dead sea in Israel /Jordan stores it naturally, along with many other priceless substances. This is the real reason for the holy lands, it was never about religion, as whoever controlled Jerusalem and its precious trade routes controlled the gold of the gods.

Telepathic readings-
The ancient humans were connected to earth intimately through the hyper-dimensional interactions of the pineal gland as they were able to communicate with plants and animals quite naturally. But this magic ended with the trauma of the great cataclysm of 13,000 years ago.

Nature gods-
Before religion and science, the earth people worshipped the actions of nature as it was all they knew, and they always personified them, just like Christianity does with the Jesus sun-god today. All religions today are still pagan female/earth worshipping cults.

There are 22 known races from the stars which are visiting planet earth at this time, 3 of them are nefarious. Many are human time-travellers from the future who left from Lemuria to come back at this time to help release the knowledge from earths Akashic-records.Comet Elenin which is due a close visit to earth on September 11 2011 may also be a time capsule/warning from past humans.

First book of the Bible telling of the creation of the solar system and relaying the story of the polar-shift of 11,500 years ago. But this history book has been proved to be a copy of much earlier Sumerian and Babylonian tablets. The genes of Isis. Humans came from many different places.

In the Bible (angels) were very human-like and were responsible for many deaths also. Lucifer was an angel that could take on human form. In the Bible they even eat and sleep. They were also shining and beautiful, as homosexuals in Sodom and Gomorrah wanted to ER! …………you know.

This is the 3rd dimension and is the lowest level where physical beings positive and toxic can exist together. Humans are multi-dimensional and many of the beings who come to earth are inter-dimensional and not necessarily extraterrestrial. The real Jesus was a 9 dimensional being.

The Chinese name for the energy ley-lines that criss-cross the earth containing life-force serpent power. This is why the Druids built their temples on the intersections which are actually mini stargates, and why the Christians knowingly do also. The pyramids were power ancient stations.

The conscious mind is the personality. The sub-conscious operates all internal organs and the brain. The super-conscious is the link to the Great Spirit. The higher mind of man and God.

This is the name of the Sirian star race, according to the Dogon-tribe of Africa. They said these beings were fish/water people and were amphibious, and that they passed knowledge to them about their home triple star system, telling them all about the orbits, weights and masses of their stars. The Dogon tribe also believed Jesus to have been an Nommo, he after all was called fisher of men. But that’s another story, and is probably astrology to do with the constellation of Pisces.

The brightest star in the sky which lies down to the left of the Orion constellation. Ancient Egypt is heavily influenced by this star, as it was worshipped as the goddess Isis. This is the star of Bethlehem. Sirius, was also known as "Sothis" in the Greek and "Sepdet" or "Sopdet" in the Egyptian, and was associated with the life-giving Nile flood from around 5,000 to 6,000 years ago. Hence, the "Star in the East" heralded the birth of the Egyptian Messiah thousands of years before the Christian era.

Free Energy-
Fossil fuels do not need to be burnt, as the technology to tap the earths power for energy has existed for decades, but was suppressed by the oil barons. The Vatican also suppresses this power because the actual use of it would create a shift in consciousness within humans and no one would have the need for brainwashing religions. Nicola Tesla re-invented this technology but he mysteriously died or was actually murdered. Teslas inventions were then weaponised and so we have H.A.A.R.P which was recently used to attack Japan, previously used to attack Kosovo.

This is an ancient technique to help humans plug back into the source of all and clean out their subconscious-mind. It was developed back in pre-history by Shamans to combat and diffuse negative, off-world, hybrid alien D.N.A. Most of your daily thoughts are not your own.

Only when the solar-system is inside the photon-belt like now, can time-travel and earths star-gates be understood and used. Earth has now cycled back to this time of galactic awakening, the star-gates are opening, hence the crop-circles. This is why they are harvesting Orme-gold, as this is the hyper-dimensional fuel that will power inter-dimensional space jumping and mind-travel.

Pineal gland-
The ancient Greeks believed the pineal gland was the connection to the Realms of thought. The great philosopher Descartes called it the (Seat of the Soul). It is located in the exact geometric centre of the brain, just like the Great Pyramid sits in the centre of the planet. The eye of Horus symbol looks exactly like the actual gland in the brain. The pineal gland in the brain is the secret to higher consciousness. This is why mystics through time have always said that heightened sight comes through a 3rd eye in the forehead. Ancient kings used to elongate the soft heads of their children so that this gland would be closer to the front of the skull. In Ica Peru you can see these skulls.

Sonic power-
The ancients built their temples with sacred geometrical-harmonic knowledge. Everything they did, and everything they built was in tune with the fractal patterns of the planet. Today’s buildings are built for spiritual disconnection and vanity, and will disappear, leaving nothing for future humans to find, and then the cycle of forgotten knowledge will start all over again.



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