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An Addict, Not Me
I wrote this on the aftermath of the death of singer Amy Winehouse from a drug over dose on the 23rd July 2011
[272 words]
R Duncan
[November 2012]
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An Addict, Not Me
R Duncan

I didn't choose this life
This is not what I wanted to do
I saw the needle I saw the spoon
I thought, I'll just try a few.
Not once did I stop to think
That's not an easy thing to do
The vein it stood proud
The needle went in the drug soon flowed through.

The world felt just great
A couple more will do
But it was too late
Just another one or maybe two.
I thought that'll do
I wont take no more
It didn't take long
For me to head out the door.
Hey dealer man dealer man
Serve some to me
I'm caught up in madness
I'll never break free.

I love the way I float
I love this feeling as I sleep
If only this sensation
Was a feeling I could keep.

But when the effect of the needle
Begins to wear out
My guts start to scream
My brain start to shout.

I wish I could escape
From this nightmare these dreams
Reality no more
All is not as it seems.

To enjoy, to relish
In this delight
I've spent all my money
To pay for this flight.
I've lost all I had
My self respects gone
No furniture no food
No family, no one.
I've sold my body
I've sold my soul
self destruct
Is now my goal.

I cannot stop this
but this can stop me
I look at death
As a way to be free.

Just one more dodgey spoonful
Will soon do the trick
I'll make up a mixture
I'll make it up thick.

I hope I fall asleep
Then I'll float away
Never again will I suffer
Being an addict for a day.


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July 2011

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