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The Favorite.
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The Favorite.
There are a couple of characters.-


This is a skit.And it's about these three siblings in which the parents are partial over.
They treat one better than the other and one worse than the other.Typical.
[465 words]
Corrina Robertson
[January 2010]
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The Favorite.
Corrina Robertson

[All of them are just now coming from school.Mom and Dad are in the kitchen.]

Mom:Hi Dan!
Dad:Hi Dan!
Dan:Hi mom,hi dad.
Drake:Aren't you going to say hi to me?
Donna:And me?!
Mom:Oh yeah.Hi.
Dad:Yeah what your mom said.Dan,the application that you filled out for college came back and I think you should open it.I gauruntee that you made it,you're the brains of the family![He gives Dan the envolope.]
Donna:Oh and me and Drake are stupid!
Mom:Now we didn't say that,did we?We just meant that Dan is great academically and we are sure that he was accepted to Harvard.
Drake:Sure mom,try to cover it up but we all know that you and dad love Dan the most.I got accepted to AU.Isn't that good enough.You guys didn't celebrate it!You were too busy celebrating Dan's birthday!
Dad:We love you all the same!
Donna:Sure!And I'm the president.I got my grade card today.Not that anyone cares.
Dan:Well if you all are through talking,can I open my envelope?
Mom:Yes son!Go ahead!
Drake:Oh boy.[Dan opens it and looks in awe as it says that he is not acpeted.]
Dad:What does it say?
Dan:This just isn't right!It says that they didn't accept me.
Mom:Well I am sure that there must be a mistake!
Donna:Haha!Dan didn't get accepted to Harvard,are you going to go up to your room and cry now?
Dan:Shut up!I can't believe this!All my hard work!
Drake:What hard work?You have people do your homework.
Dad:Wait a second.You have people do your homework for you?!
Dan:Well it's because I don't have time and.....
Mom:I don't care what it's for!It's wrong.That's cheating.Go to your room!Now!
Dan:But mom!
Mom:Donna?Drake?You guys know how much we love you.What did you make on your grade card Donna?
Donna:What do you care?I made all A's but thta shouldn't matter to you.Shouldn't you be focused on Dan and ho whe DIDN'T get accepted to Harvard.
Drake:I don't want to hear it!Every time!IT doesn't matter what he does,he gets the silver spoon in his mouth.You guys treat him like he's the prince and like me and Donna are the slaves!It's sickening because Dan is just a fake.You won't believe the things that he has said about you guys behind both of your backs![they drop their mouths.]Yes,that's right!Mommy's and Daddy's little boy has trashed talked both of you!Mom,remember when you didn't let him go to his friends' party because he had homework?
Drake:Not only did he sneak out but he told everyone how much of a terrible mom you were and how you never treated him good.
Mom:But I have been a great mother to him!
Donna:And dad,remember when you told him that he was grounded for getting in detention?
Donna:He told everyone at school how much he couldn't stand you!
Drake:Yes!Mommy's and Daddy's little boy is not as good as you think!Is he still your favorite now?[They look at each other.]

The moral of this story is that sometimes being partial comes back to bite you in the behind and sometimes it hurts.


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