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A Series Of Shopping Adventures!
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A Series Of Shopping Adventures!
Here's another skit.
And here is the characters.-


[473 words]
Corrina Robertson
[January 2010]
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A Series Of Shopping Adventures!
Corrina Robertson

Linda-So girls,what are we going to buy today?New shoes?New purse?
Teena-No!We're going to buy more than that!
Nicki-Are you sure we have the money for it?
Jesse-I don't know about the rest of you but I have the money!There is not "we".[they laugh.]
Wendy-Hey,I just found out that I am missing a 50,can one of you lend me one.
Linda-Um,uh,ooooh ook new shoes!
Jesse-I don't have it.
Teena-Funny,I lost it too.[weak laugh.]
Nicki-Ask one of them,they were just boasting about how they had it!
Wendy-Come on guys!You guys are being selfish!
Teena-We're not being selfish,we are just taking care of ourselves first.
Wendy-It's called selfishness.
Jesse-Well if you cared about us,you would want us to take care of ourselves first.We would want the same for you.
Wendy-No you don't.That's why you won't give me the 50 dollars.
Teena-Maybe you should have kept up with your money!
Linda-Hey look at these cute shoes!
Nicki-I guess they are cute.....for you of course.
Linda-I wonder how much they are.Hm,$160.That's pocket change!These are so going to go with that dress over there!Don't you think?
Jesse-Yeah,it would be gorgeous.[sarcastically.]
Teena-So I was talking to Andie and he was all like "I want to go out with you,baby."And I was all like "Well you aren't my type!"And he was all like "What do you mean?" And I was like "What do you mean what do I mean?" And he was like "I do not get what you mean Teena!" So I got so upset and just walked away!
Wendy-Teena.....What the HECK are you talking about!?
Teena-I'm talking about Andie.
Nicki-Wait Andie is my boyfriend!Why was he asking you out!?
Teena-I don't know,maybe you should ask him!But at least I refused him.
Jesse-Hey look at that guy over there!
Nicki-What about him?
Jesse-He's hot!Super,mega hot!
Wendy-Ew,that guy!He's ugly!
Jesse-If today is opposite day then he is super ugly,very ugly!
Nicki-See that's your problem,you obsess over boys way too much!
Jesse-Not as much as Teena!
Wendy-Hey guys,where is Linda?
Linda-Guys!I can't get out of this dress.
Nicki-Why did you get into it?
Wendy-I know,it's a size 2 and you're a size 9!
Linda-I am not!*coughs 9 1/2*
Teena-You look like an overstuffed muffin in it!
Linda-Forget what I look like in it!Just get me out of this dress guys!
Nicki-Fine![Nicki and Wendy try to pull it off of her,they finally get it off of her.]
Linda-Thanks guys!
Wendy-I should have charged you 50 dollars for it!
Linda-Whatever!So I guess I'll be getting this dress!It goes great with these shoes.
Jesse-sighs*What size are the shoes?
Linda-They're a size 10.
Teena-What!You're a size 5!
Jesse-Linda,why do you always buy these clothes that never fit you?
Linda-Because they match and they look perfect together.
Nicki-Well these shoes and this dress.....Not for you Linda!The only part that it flatters is your chest and that's because it's so tight that it's pushing them up!What little you have.
Linda-What?And like you are so well endowed yourself.
Nicki-Well no,no wait,yes!
Wendy-You guys are just so immature.And I HAVE to claim you guys.
Teena-Don't worry,we're sorry we have to claim you too.

The end!It's a fun little trip on shopping.


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